How to deal with your mistress (rival), knowing herZodiac sign

How to deal with your mistress (rival), knowing her Zodiac sign

Love, though beautiful, strong feeling, but sometimes
she brings suffering and pain. It often happens that a relationship
between man and woman fail, feelings cool down and two
a person whose hearts were beating very recently in unison become
strangers for each other. This is often caused by men.
treason If some women turn a blind eye to adultery and continue
live as if nothing had happened, others are struggling for
your happiness and loved one. What to do if your partner
did a lover appear? How can I get rid of it?
Take a look at astrology to answer these scrupulous

If the mistress was Aries woman

If a dear man has a woman who has got himself into his mistress,
will have to work hard to get rid of it. After all, Aries
extremely resourceful and cunning.

Mistress – Aries, as a rule, puts a very
reliable and thoughtful networks, so that a man, hitting them, is no longer
I could get out.

Aries woman does not scare threats. She will boldly look into the eyes
lawful wife, if necessary, and list to her all his
dignity, which coveted someone else’s spouse. Therefore it is important to be
patient and not act rashly. Worth learning as much as possible
about her husband’s mistress and explore its flaws. Man must see in
comparing that his spouse is much better than the one with which he
changes. No tantrums, scandals, just a silent study.
adversary and visual, but not intrusive comparison, blow to the weak
places of the enemy.

How to deal with Taurus mistress

Mistress – Taurus is a softer, more vulnerable and tender creation than
Aries. If the Taurus decided to become part of such an adventure, then she
in love. She is not interested in short links. She will certainly want
finally discourage her man from his wife and take her place. If a
the man has coveted a female calf, being unfree means
he lacks tenderness, affection, care, gentleness in relations with
wife, and everyday life puts pressure on his psyche.

A woman is recommended to be distracted from worldly concerns,
decisions everyday affairs and give her husband so much affection, attention and
love how much he had ever seen.

On the conscience of Taurus can and should push. Let her feel
that the wife gave her husband what the lover could not and would not be able to give:
home, family, children, comfort, comfort, support. It’s important to try
spend as much time with your husband as possible, travel with him to
nature, constantly reminding about the good that the spouses have.

How to beat a twin mistress

Fight with the mistress, which is representative of this
sign, you can use the rendezvous with her relatives. Worth learning more about
family women. Does she herself have a spouse, parents, etc. Worth
become close with someone of whom the twin trusts or whom
considers a loved one.

This should be done for the reason that female twins
extremely dependent on the opinions of those whom they love and appreciate and
listen to their words.

They never make a decision without consulting their loved ones.
and not getting their encouragement.

How to beat a Cancer Mistress

Suffering wife can advise conflicts in public.
It is not necessary to make humiliating scenes of jealousy and throw
stones mean-spirited woman. Instead, it is better, for example, to come to cancer
to work and talk to her publicly, reminding her of her low status
mistresses. In this case, there must be witnesses. Cancer must be
humiliated and offended by strangers.

Methods for eliminating the lion-mistress

To eliminate Leo, you need to show her that a woman
deeply indifferent to her unfaithful spouse that she is nothing important and
I didn’t lose much, but I was glad that I had become free and
got rid of a partner. Complete indifference and moral calm
will touch the lion.

After all, a female Leo will play with a new victim only until
as long as she feels that her games give the strongest

If a обманутая женщина не будет страдать, то любовница вскоре
take a step back and even be disappointed.

If the mistress – Virgo

The only way to deal with the Virgin is to minimize contact.
men with a foreign woman. This will most likely be pretty
not so easy. After all, it is impossible to control your beloved husband 24 hours in
day. But you need to try, for example, to move to another city or
leave for a while.

Between the mistress of the Virgin and the wrong man should be
distance, because only time and distance can cool down
девы и угомонить ее

Libra’s weak spot

The weak spot of the scale is self-esteem.

Therefore, deceived wife is recommended to make
dignity mistress was hurt.

For example, it will be useful to search in the husband’s personal phone
correspondence, also the files that they send to each other and
keep it all secret, without hysteria and scandals.

Intimate photos and correspondence can be downloaded to the Internet for
a wide range of users.

If the husband of the husband is a woman – Scorpio

Scorpio is a powerful enemy. Fight him hard.

The best method to fight with Scorpio – the lesson
by myself.

Deceived wife should pay attention to their appearance:
become more attractive, sexy, self-confident, daring,
relaxed. In order for Scorpio to be eliminated, he must make sure that
that he has no chance.

How to eliminate a mistress – Sagittarius

Sagittarius – freedom-loving creatures. They are not interested in family
life, they are more in love with free relationships.

Mistress – Sagittarius must be shown that now the whole
responsibility for the husband and his family falls on the shoulders

If a у обманутой женщины есть дети, то ей можно сделать так,
so that they communicate with an insidious woman. Connect costs and
relatives of the husband, if the wife has a good relationship with them. Mistress
should feel that they are being asked too much, that on her
freedom and personal space someone claims.

Methods of dealing with Capricorn

Capricorns are prudent and intelligent. Most often they accept the role
mistresses, pursuing certain goals (rich lover,
material security, career growth). Feelings are few
are interested in.

To eliminate Capricorn, a woman should minimize
or even limit the material resources of the husband, control him
expenses, make sure that the mistress does not receive from him
material values ​​and goods.

Aquarius as a mistress

Aquarius wants to be a full-fledged mistress, the only madam
chosen man, and she is committed to this.

To eliminate Aquarius, it is worthwhile to convince her that
a man, though he changes, he will never abandon his family, which is
his lover is another toy, a whim, no more

It is important to show her your legal spouse status and his

How to kill a mistress-fish

For Pisces, as well as for Cancer, public opinion and
self-esteem. The fish craves the approval of the people
respect and is afraid of losing credibility.

The fish should be publicly disgraced so that its friends and
relatives knew about the status of mistress, whom she
is content.

Every woman wants to be happy and struggles for
your happiness But sometimes it’s better to let the traitor go and start a new one.
a life. After all, the one who betrayed once will do it

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