How to curb your appetite? Is there any effectivefacilities?

How to curb your appetite? Is there any effective facilities?

Excessive appetite is usually one of
most insurmountable obstacles in the process of getting rid of excess
weight. That is why losing weight turns into real torture
when each new attack of hunger adversely affects
mental state and self-esteem, gradually undermining determination
go till the end. In order to control such sensations,
it is necessary to make a proper diet and adhere to the exact
meal schedule.

The daily menu should go products that can spur
metabolism, as well as ensure a uniform supply of the body
energy and protect against hunger attacks. In some cases, has
meaning to use special pills that reduce appetite.
So what is it? Why does it arise? How its effective
to control?

It is worth knowing that appetite primarily refers to
psychological needs.

It can be provoked by a wide variety of sensory,
cognitive, social and emotional stimuli. TO
For example, most large stores always smell good. BUT
why? Because such an atmosphere stimulates impulsive purchases.
and additional expenses.

BUTппетит мешает думать логично и трезво оценивать причины
and the consequences of their actions.

It should not be confused with the feeling of hunger, which, in its essence,
is a physiological response. In other words, desire
buy and eat a cheesecake or a chocolate bar does not indicate at all
that a person is hungry or his body needs some kind of
certain products.

Excessive appetite – this is exactly the condition that just
manifested in the rampant desire to absorb much more
the amount of different foods than is needed by the body and constantly
have a snack. The reasons for this phenomenon are several.

Scientists believe that the most dangerous is
dependence on the use of various sweets and pastry
products containing an excessive amount of simple

Such products are not able to satisfy hunger for a long time, and only
provoke sharp fluctuations in blood glucose levels. One more
the cause of too much appetite and sudden bouts of hunger can
be breaking the diet. Excessively long intervals between
food tricks or refusal, for example, from breakfast,
provoke the need for overeating for lunch or dinner.

In addition, some ailments can affect the appetite.
conditions such as thyroid problems, depression or


How to reduce your appetite?

To curb your appetite, you need to include in your daily diet.
products that can restrain him. First of all, it
яйца, содержащие не только ценный белок и холин,
но также богатые фосфором, цинком, витаминами BUT, Е В12. Protein in
In this case, it helps to achieve a feeling of fullness and long-term protection.
from bouts of hunger.

A sufficient amount in the diet helps to prevent
eating unhealthy snacks throughout the day and gives you the opportunity
hold out until dinner without unnecessary snacks. Recommended
also cottage cheese, rich in tryptophan. It is this amino acid
necessary in the process of synthesis of serotonin, providing
relaxing and calming effect on the body.

В свою очередь, хлеб и макаронные изделия из цельного
зерна, овсянка и коричневый рис
содержат немалое
the amount of complex carbohydrates that are slowly digested and
способны надолго избавить from bouts of hunger.

Сложные углеводы, как и белок, богаты энергией.
TOроме того, в продуктах из цельного зерна есть много
water soluble fiber that can fill the stomach, and
provide a feeling of fullness. The same can be said about
pectins contained in some fruits and vegetables – especially
touches apples.

Грецкие орехи и миндаль не только помогут
to deal with bouts of hunger, but also contribute to the diet in
a form of valuable fats and amino acids.

BUT вот свежий имбирь, в свою очередь, окажет
warming effect, reduce appetite and normalize the process
digestion. Besides all this, nutritionists recommend regularly
drink the right amount of water that not only fills
the stomach, but also restores the work of the digestive system.
It often happens that people confuse thirst with hunger and
instead of providing your body with a new batch
liquids, feverishly looking for some kind of light snack.

Drug support and dietary supplements

Таблетки «от  аппетита» лучше всего использовать
only after consultation with a specialist. TOак и любые
pharmaceuticals they have a number of limitations
and contraindications.

TOак правило, подобные средства содержат экстракты, полученные из
some exotic plants and chromium. This substance, in its
queue able to normalize lipid metabolism in the body and
beneficial effect on carbohydrate balance, resulting in
there is a noticeable decrease in appetite and craving for sweet dishes.
That is why preparations containing chromium are very often
recommended during weight loss and problems with excess

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