How to count calories

It seems that you do not eat anything, but you still get fat?
Just nothing: in the evening a bit of chips and a mug of beer, salty
nuts, a cup of coffee, a sandwich without a sandwich— And you’ve already done
daily calories per day – 2000 kcal.


You ate only two bagels, drank 1 cup of coffee and got 250
kcal What is equal to:

  • 20 g raw smoked ham – 68 kcal;
  • 3 pieces of melon (200 g) – 48 kcal;
  • a piece of bread (30 g) – 75 kcal;
  • 10 g of oil with 50% cholesterol – 40 kcal;
  • чашке кофе — 0 kcal

Итого: 231 kcal

В обеденный перерыв вы решили сэкономить время
и перекусили гамбургером или чизбургером, набрав сразу 600 kcal BUT
after all could:

  • drink a glass of champagne – 65 kcal;
  • eat 100 grams of radish – 20 kcal;
  • a piece of lamb (120 g) – 281 kcal;
  • steamed green beans (200 g) – 60 kcal;
  • a piece of watermelon (200 g) – 48 kcal;
  • выпить стакан кока-колы — 60 kcal

Итого: 534 kcal

чизбургерOf course,
Such a menu will be more expensive, but how much fun! BUT ведь
when you are on a diet, pleasure becomes necessary.
In general, do not deny yourself anything except … hamburgers.

If you ate a plate of french fries (100 g), then earned 400
kcal … And deprived themselves of a five-course meal:

  • 100 g of black radish – 20 kcal;
  • fillet of lean fish (180 g) – 126 kcal;
  • boiled potatoes (100 g) – 80 kcal;
  • pineapple (100 g) – 49 kcal;
  • 10 g of oil – 70 kcal;
  • кусочек хлеба (30 г) — 75 kcal

Итого: 420 kcal

Boiled potatoes or steamed contains little
calories. Every day, of course, is not recommended, but sometimes …
The main thing – do not overdo it with butter – there are some calories in
to excess!

You can, of course, eat pizza – mediocre and get 500
kcal In this case, lunch is desirable to exclude, because such
appetizing pizza will replace:

  • 120 grams of beef – 240 kcal;
  • 250 g of spinach – 72 kcal;
  • 10 g sour cream – 34 kcal;
  • tomato – 20 kcal;
  • 2 мандарина (140 г) — 68 kcal

Tomatoes are better eaten “without everything” or in their own juice, and
sour cream, of course in the same proportions, two times less
calorie than butter. Both can be replaced with a white sauce.
Tasty and not so dangerous for the figure!

бутербродIn return
Pizza can offer a pretty grilled ham sandwich and
cheese (also 500 kcal) or lunch with grilled steak:

  • 100 g of radish – 20 kcal;
  • grilled steak (120 g) – 240 kcal;
  • mashed zucchini (250 g) – 75 kcal;
  • 10 g sour cream 34 kcal;
  • мандарин — 70 kcal

It is worth recalling that a good piece of bread and butter contains 150
kcal, and if you decide to add more pieces of 6
smoked sausage, you have already eaten 1000 kcal! BUT это для
women are almost half the daily calories, and for men –
third. And here is the time to remind: do not die of hunger,
observing a low-calorie diet, do not deny yourself anything, but
adhere to some rules:

– You need to choose for yourself a set of calories, which was
would be lower than the one at which you were fat. So, 3000-3500 kcal for
women are very many. But do not overdo it. It is impossible with such
высококалорийной пищи перейти на диету, содержащую 1000 kcal You
Hold on for a month or two, and then get depressed, start eating
and … gain all your lost kilos.

– Let it be a diet of 2500 kcal per day. Lot. But less
than you ate before. And if you stick to it, the result
secured. You будете худеть и потеряете в конце концов все свои
overweight. Do not forget that being able to follow a diet is
important, but being able to get off of it is even more important.

pancake with jam contain 240 kcal, which is equal to six fat-free

If you do not deny yourself a pancake, eat them as
main dish, and for dessert choose fruit or vegetable

A package of chips (100 g) – 557 kcal, which is equal to this menu:

  • 300 g of boiled cod – 210 kcal;
  • 200 g mashed zucchini – 60 kcal;
  • 100 grams of grated cheese – 150 kcal;
  • яблоко (100 г) — 68 kcal

Итого: 488 kcal

Do not eat chips before dinner. This is not a snack, but a whole lunch!


  • a glass of red wine – 70 kcal;
  • natural yogurt – 60 kcal;
  • 2 mandarins (140 g) – 68 kcal;
  • a glass of coca-cola – 80 kcal;
  • крутое яйцо — 76 kcal

At the same time a glass of wine is about 4 pieces of sugar, and calories,
that are found in yogurt and mandarins are very useful for
your body. Here, and calcium, and vitamins, but without empty
calories of coca-cola or wine your body will be completely cost.

BUT вот совсем уж, кажется, безобидная вещь: пакетик жареных
nuts (20 g) – 109 kcal!

Instead, one could eat whole nonfat yogurt with
raspberries. No worse, and 10 less calories.

Consider that nuts are generally destructive for your waist. Better
once again have dinner with an excellent piece of steam lean fish – those
109 kcal!

If you definitely need to eat something, let it be
hard boiled egg. Perfectly satisfies hunger and contains only 76

мандаринкиQuite good
In this case, tangerines: 2 things – it’s 68 kcal, but for health there is no
nothing better

By the way, remember the chocolate. Milk chocolate bar is 526

A true full three-course dinner:

  • a couple of pieces of grain bread – 50 kcal;
  • 100 grams of steak – 200 kcal;
  • 300 g of steam green beans – 90 kcal;
  • 100 grams of cheese – 150 kcal;
  • и, конечно, два мандарина — 68 kcal

Итого: 558 kcal

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