How to cook pollock fillet to fishturned out juicy. How to cook pollock fillet in a pan,oven, multicooker

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Fish dishes should be in the diet of each person.

Pollock fillet, unfortunately, is not popular.

All due to the fact that the meat of this fish is somewhat dry and does not have
pronounced taste.

But these features are more dignity than a disadvantage, because
using different marinades you can give a taste and aroma to the side
based on personal preference.

How to cook pollock fillets – basic principles

Pollock – inexpensive and affordable fish. It can be fried, put out.
or bake in the oven. From the meat of this fish is prepared a variety of dishes:
pies, chops, meatballs, salads, first and second courses.

Вы можете использовать для preparations уже готовое филе, или
disassemble the carcass. The fish is completely thawed,
better to do it in the fridge or in cold water.

If you are cooking pollock fillet soup or soup, cook the fish for
low heat, adding to the water peeled whole vegetables, roots and
greenery. Be sure to remove the foam.

Pollock fillets are fried in a mixture of oils. It can be fried in
batter, breaded flour or bread crumbs. Fry fish to
golden brown, several minutes on each side.

In the oven, pollock fillets are cooked mainly with sauces. Before
send the fish in the oven, it is pre-fried to
�“Seal” the juice inside the fish.

Pollock fillet can be cooked with vegetables, in this case
get a full meal.

We have compiled proven recipes for you, how to cook fillets
pollock to make it not only tasty, but also

Recipe 1. How to cook fillet of pollock in a pan


one large carcass of pollock;


milk – 50 g;

vegetable oil;

onions – two heads;

table salt;


black pepper.

Способ preparations

1. My fish carcass, clean it from the scales, cut off the tail and
fins. Separate the fillet from the ridge and select small bones.
Cut the pollock fillet into portions.

2. Clean the carrots from the rind, wash and three on a coarse grater.
Peeled onions shred with thin feathers.

3. Each piece of pollock we spice up the spices and roll the fish into
flour from all sides.

4. Heat the oil in a frying pan and fry the pollock in it
up to ruddy on both sides.

5. Lay the onion over the pollock. Next layer evenly
Fold carrot chips.

6. Pour into the pan milk, pepper, salt and simmer the fish on
low heat forty minutes. Served with rice cereal or

Recipe 2. How to cook a fillet of pollock with beets under
sour cream-dill sauce


four fresh-frozen carcasses of pollock without a head;

ground black pepper;

three baked beets;


large onion head;

100 g of hard cheese;

juice of half a lemon;

half a bunch of dill;

400 g sour cream;

50 ml of drinking water.

Способ preparations

1. Wash carcasses under running water, scrape the scales off with a knife and
remove the black film from the inside. Отрежьте хвост и fins. Throughout
cut the length of the carcass from the back, bringing the knife to
bones. Then hold the knife along the carcass, pressing the knife to the ridge.
Separate the fillet from the bone. Stocking off the skin.

2. Cut the fillet into five pieces.
centimeters. Salt the fish, sprinkle with lemon juice and leave on
Ten minutes. Transfer the pollock morsels to heat resistant form.

3. Peel and shred the bulb. Lay out
on top of the fish in an even layer.

4. Wash the beets with a brush, pat dry with a napkin and wrap in
foil. Bake for 1 hour. 20 minutes at 180
C. Remove the baked beets, cool and peel.
Cut it into thin circles.

5. Pepper and salt sour cream, mix it with chopped
Dill greens. Pour in drinking water and mix. Fill up
sour fish sauce with beets and put the form in the oven for 20
minutes Bake at 200 C. Coarsely rub the cheese. Take the form out
ovens, top with plenty of cheese and bake for another minute
five. Serve with vegetable salad or pickles.

Recipe 3. How to cook pollock fillet in a slow cooker


pollock fillet – 600 g;

vegetable oil;

hard cheese – 200 g;


mayonnaise and sour cream – 60 ml;

three small tomatoes.

Способ preparations

1. Wash the pollock fillet and dry it with napkins, trying
as much as possible to remove excess moisture. Grate the fillet with spices from two
sides and cut into small pieces.

2. Wash the tomatoes, wipe them with napkins and chop

3. In a separate bowl, combine the cream with mayonnaise. Cheese
cut into thin slices.

4. Turn on the multicooker in the “Baking” mode. Set the time
preparations на 20 minutes

5. Pour some oil into the bowl. Lay out рыбу и хорошенько
Smear it with mayonnaise-cream sauce. Lay out сверху кружки
Tomatoes and cover all with slices of cheese. Close the unit cover and
Cook until beep.

Recipe 4. How to cook fillet of pollock with spicy cream sauce
from olives


pollock fillet – six pieces of 250 g each;


salt kitchen;


Заправка from olives

black pitted black olives – one and a half glasses;

olive oil – a quarter cup;

anchovy fillets – 6 pcs .;

lemon juice – 30 ml;

capers – 75 g;

purple basil – bunch;

garlic – 2 cloves.

Cream sauce

заправка from olives — 200 г;

butter – 30 g;

fish broth – 100 ml;

flour – 30 g;

thick cream – 50 ml.

Cпособ preparations

1. Put olives, basil, anchovies, garlic into the blender tank
and capers. Crush everything, add lemon juice and pour in olive
oil, stirring constantly, until uniform. Transfer received
mix in a jar, tightly close the lid and place in

2. Melt butter on a hot pan, add flour
и обжарьте ее на протяжении двух minutes Pour in the broth, not
stop stirring. Then add the cream, mix, salt
и выложите заправку from olives. Heat the sauce for three.

3. Муку перемешайте с saltю и перцем. Bring in this mixture
fillet slices and fry the fish in hot oil until golden.
Lay out минтай на тарелку, полейте его горячим соусом и подавайте
with boiled potatoes or fried buds colored

Recipe 5. Pollock fillet fish cake


400 g of pollock fillet;

3 g of black and white pepper;

four eggs;

salt kitchen;

100 g butter;

bunch of dill;

100 g of flour;

250 grams of hard cheese;

200 g low-fat cottage cheese;


bunch of green onions.

Способ preparations

1. Wash and dry the pollock fillets with napkins. Cut fish
in small pieces. Put the fish in a deep plate, salt and
pour lemon juice. Sprinkle with finely chopped greens.
dill Stir and leave to marinate.

2. Separate yolks from proteins. Последние отправить в fridge.
Beat the yolks slightly, add soft butter, cottage cheese and flour.
Pepper and salt. Rinse green onions and chop it finely.
Combine it with dough and knead well.

3. Remove the whites from the fridge and whip them to a strong foam.
Coarsely grate half of the cheese. Combine pickled fish with cheese
and introduce whipped whites. Gently mix everything.

4. Put the dough in a greased split form. Over the top
him spread out a mass of fish and level. Cut the remaining cheese
thin slices and spread them over the fish mass.

5. The oven разогреть до 200 С. Выпекать торт 35 minutes The oven
turn off and leave the cake in it for another quarter of an hour. Share on
dish, cut into portions and serve.

Recipe 6. How to cook fillets of pollock in the oven


walnuts – 100 g;


pollock – 600 g;

vegetable oil – 75 ml;

pickled cucumbers – two pcs .;

butter – 30 g;

sour cream – 100 ml;

greens – a bunch.

Способ preparations

1. Putting nuts, herbs and pickled cucumbers in a container
blender and grind well. Add to this mixture spices and
sour cream. Stir until smooth.

2. Pollock clean scales, cut off the fins and tail. Separate
from the ridge of fillet and we remove from it the stocking skin. Remove the tweezers
small bones. The resulting fillet is mine. Rub the fish with spices.
Cut portions and fry in butter until golden brown.

3. Lubricate the form for baking a piece of butter.
We spread on the bottom of the pieces of fish fillets and pour it with sauce.

4. Send the pollock fillet into the oven for 20 minutes. We bake at
температуре 200 С. Подаем с салатом или гарниром из vegetables.

Recipe 7. Pollock fillet “Spicy”


two pollock carcasses;

drinking water;

two medium onions;

красный жгучий pepper;

two mugs of lemon;



Способ preparations

1. Thaw the fish, clean it of scales. Cut off the tails and
fins. Clean the inside of the black film. Separate the fillet from the ridge,
снимите чулком кожу и выберите small bones. Wash the fish
cut it into slices and lay into a plate in layers, sprinkling each
saltю и поливая соком лимона. Marinate the pollock fillet for half an hour.

2. Semicircles shred the peeled onion.

3. Lay out в небольшую чашку майонез, добавьте красный жгучий
перец, salt и выдавите в него сок лимона. Pour into the mixture
slightly boiled water and mix thoroughly. Should get
not too liquid sauce.

4. Put the marinated fillet into the pan in a thick layer.
Over the top минтая разложите луковые кольца. Water evenly
mayonnaise mixture. Cover and place for half an hour
the oven. Cook at 200 C. Then open the lid and
поставьте в духовку еще на пять minutes Serve with potato or
rice garnish.

How to Cook Pollock Fillets – Tricks and Tips

  • When choosing pollock pay attention to the color of the meat. It should
    be white, without pink or yellowish shade.

  • In addition to parsley and dill, you can use anise,
    celery, estargon and mint.

  • Do not freeze pollock fillets again!

  • To eliminate the specific smell of fish, sprinkle the pollock fillets
    соком лимона и оставьте на сорок minutes

  • Fry the fillet is better in a mixture of butter and vegetable oils.

  • Pollock fillet will be juicy and tender if cooked in
    Tomato, cream or any other sauce.

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