How to cook chum in a slow cooker? Selectionrecipes of baked, stewed, steam chum in a slow cooker

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Chum salmon is a noble fish with excellent taste.

In addition, it is also a very useful product.

This is a fairly lean fish, rich in vitamins and protein.

It is very suitable for feeding children and the elderly, for those
who for some reason is on a diet.

At the same time, it is important to cook the ketu correctly and properly. For this
perfect multicooker, which makes it possible to bake,
boil, stew, fry, steam food.

Basic principles of cooking chum in a slow cooker

Ketu in a slow cooker or baked, pre-giving it
any shell – flour, crackers. Or stew with different sauces
– in sour cream, tomato, milk. A good chum steamed as well

Modes for cooking chum in a slow cooker – stewing, baking,
Fry mode can be used previously.

Preparing chum does not involve difficulties. Usually fish
enough to wash if it’s a whole carcass. There are no scales on it
therefore, you do not need to scrape fish.

Then you need to divide the carcass into suitable pieces. If you want to
fillet, carefully separate the meat from the bones, carefully removing the skin. It is better
do this when the fish are frostbitten.

If the fillets do not need to be separated, simply cut the fish into pieces.
1-3 cm thick depending on which ones are needed.

You can use the ready fillet of chum.

Often, before the main cooking phase, the fish are marinated in
or another sauce.

Cooking time of chum salmon in a slow cooker – from half an hour to an hour.

Can be baked at the same time, steamed or extinguished fish
and a side dish in the form of vegetables.

Steamed chum steak in a slow cooker

Steamed fish is the most useful. Someone such a dish can
seem tasteless, but in reality it is a matter of habit. With
Cooking for a couple reveals the true taste of the product. And suitable
seasoning will only enrich it. You can cook fish with vegetables in
as a side dish.


• 1 pound chum

• A pinch of salt

• Freshly ground black pepper

• Lemon

• A pair of small carrots

• Handful of broccoli

• On request – any other vegetables.

• Vegetable oil.

Cooking method

Prepare fish – wash, divide into steaks

Withсолить их с двух сторон, посыпать перцем, дать полежать мину

Put on the grid for cooking a couple.

Sprinkle with lemon juice or put sliced ​​on top.
lemon circles.

Next to place the vegetables, drizzle all the oil.

Turn on steaming mode for 30 minutes.

Serve fish with vegetables or with a favorite sauce.

Baked in a foil chum in a slow cooker

Chum salmon is a fish very rich in liquid. To not lose her
juiciness and tenderness, the best fish bake. In the slow cooker you can
bake and in foil – like in the oven.


• 1 pound chum — тушка или стейки готовые

• A tomato

• Onion

• Lemon

• Salt to taste

• Withправа для рыбы (если с лимонной кислотой, то лимон не

• Withмерно 100 граммов сливочного масла

• A sprig of dill or a pinch of dried.

Cooking method

Prepare the fish, thaw, wash, divide into steaks.

Cut the peeled onions into rings.

Wash the tomatoes, also cut into slices.

Lemon is also finely chopped, prewashing, bones
to remove.

By the number of fish pieces prepare foil. Size – so you can
free to wrap the fish.

On each piece of foil we put on the steak, salt, sprinkle

Put a lemon, onion, a circle of tomato, plastic oil on top.
Wrap it up.

When all the pieces are laid out, put the foil in

Set the Baking mode and leave for 40 minutes.

Serve a la carte.

Baked with cheese chum in a slow cooker

Many people like fish fillets under cheese coat. Cheese Sauce and
cream will make the fish even more juicy, the dish is obtained in moderation
satisfying and at the same time easy.


• Keta weighing a kilogram

• 150 grams of hard cheese

• A glass of cream

• One egg

• One large tomato

• Teaspoon sesame seed

• Pinch of nutmeg

• Salt, black pepper.

Cooking method

Wash the fish and cook fillets from it.

For what we carefully cut off the spine, separate from

We remove the skin from the halves, although it can be left with the skin.
The fish will be a little tougher, but it is better to keep the shape.

Cut into pieces.

Grate cheese, pour cream, egg, salt, add
pepper and nutmeg.

Lightly beat a lot so that the egg is distributed evenly.

Then you need to put the fish in a multicooker bowl, if a lot, then
first one layer.

Pour the mixture, on top of the second layer.

Sprinkle with sesame seeds.

Turn on the slow cooker for 40 minutes on Baking mode.

Chum salmon in a slow cooker with mushroom sauce

In fact, here the mushroom sauce is not done separately, but
obtained in the cooking process. By the way, if you cut the fish
smaller, and take some more water, then this dish can be consumed
like sumptuous fish soup. And so this is a great hot dish, to
which is suitable potatoes or rice for garnish.


• Chicken fillet weighing half a kilo

• Large onion head

• 3 large champignon

• Average carrot

• 100 grams of sour cream

• Half a cup of water

• Salt, spices to taste

• Bay leaf

• A teaspoon of vegetable oil.

Cooking method

Fish divided into suitable pieces, pre-washed and
thawed out.

Sprinkle each piece with salt, seasoning on both sides.

Put fish in a crock-pot, add bay leaf to it

Onions cut into cubes.

Carrot chop straws.

Mushrooms finely chopped.

Stew vegetables and mushrooms in a pan with a spoonful of butter until light
rosy – you can do without it, just put everything on top
fish raw, pour out the oil. With quenching will be more fragrant and
rich, without – more dietary.

Put sour cream, add water.

In fire mode, enough 50 minutes to get
surprisingly fragrant tasty dish.

Baked with potato keta in a slow cooker

This dish is quite satisfying – can serve as a full meal.
thanks to the potato. However, sour cream is not used here,
cream, a large amount of fat, so keta with potatoes
it turns out pretty easy.


• 1 pound chum — филе или тушка

• 4 large potatoes

• Large onion

• Tablespoon butter

• Salt, black pepper to taste

• Half a cup of water

• A spoon of flour.

Cooking method

Ketu wash, if desired, make a fillet from the carcass, but you can
cook and with bones.

Split into small pieces, roll in flour, put in a bowl

Peel the potatoes and cut them into slices or straws.

Bulb shank semirings.

Put the onions on the fish and put a layer of potatoes on top.

Salt, sprinkle with spices.

Pour in the broth and top arrange the oil chips.

Set Baking mode and hold for 50 minutes.

You can use the Stewing mode – then the dish will not be baked, and
get stewed.

Chum salmon in a slow cooker in tomato sauce

Fish in tomato is a pleasant combination, for many it is even more
taste, than a fish under one sour cream or cream. Onions and carrots
complement the dish, and unusual seasonings spice up.


• Chicken carcass about a kilogram of weight

• Two large bulbs

• Two carrots

• Two spoons of tomato paste or 3 ketchup, tomato sauce

• Oil for frying – two spoons

• Salt to taste

• Ground black pepper

• Red Hot Pepper

• Pinch of sugar

• A piece of ginger root – optional for special spice.

Cooking method

Wash the fish, cut into small pieces, salt, sprinkle
two kinds of pepper, mix and leave to marinate.

Finely chop the onion, grate the carrot.

Pour oil into the bowl of the slow cooker, put onions with carrots and
Enable Cooking mode.

Vegetables should podzolotitsya.

When this happens, add sugar and put a tomato. To give
warm up for another five minutes.

Meanwhile, grate the ginger, put in the sauce.

Immerse the fish in the tomato-vegetable mixture, if it is too thick –
add a few spoons of water.

Cook for 30 minutes in Stew mode.

Finnish chum soup in a slow cooker

Finnish soup, or Finnish soup – a dish that is becoming
more popular. This is a great hot nourishing stew.
cool season. This ear is delicious and cold, and
it is easy to prepare. The slow cooker makes cooking easier.


• Chicken carcass – you can take the fish with your head or additionally
purchase a set of fish heads, bones, skin

• 2 large potatoes

• Carrot

• Onion

• A glass of cream

• Nutmeg, black pepper – on a pinch

• Salt to taste

• Bay leaf

• Pepper allspice

• Water

• Oil for frying.

Cooking method

Wash Ketu, separate meat from bones, remove skin.

Cut the fillet into pieces and set aside.

Bones, skin, head pour two glasses of water and cook
half an hour.

Strain the broth.

Peel potatoes and cut into cubes.

Carrot chop sticks or dice.

Finely chop the onion.

Pour some oil into the bowl of the multicooker and, adding onions and
carrots, turn on for 10 minutes on the mode Fry – to vegetables

Put to them pieces of fish, potatoes, bay leaf, add
spices, salt.

Pour the cream, fish broth.

The soup should be quite thick, but not like a stew.

If necessary, dilute with water.

Включить на режим Суп или Тушение на half an hour.

Secrets and tricks of cooking chum in a slow cooker

  • Chum contains a little fat and a lot of water. Therefore, the main thing with
    cooking this type of fish – do not overdry it.

  • Chum salmon is quite tender and juicy, preferably all these qualities in her
    save. Therefore, do not fry it just like that in oil. It is better
    stew or bake.

  • If you want a fried fish, it is better to dip it in a batter. Or make
    a coat of flour, crackers, raw eggs.

  • With подаче к рыбе неплохо подойдут овощи — свежие огурец,
    tomato, pepper. Of the more satisfying side dishes perfect rice.

  • Many people are afraid to cook fish in a slow cooker due to the fact that
    there will be a smell. For this достаточно поставить вымытую мультиварку
    for 10 minutes on Multipar mode, Steam cleaning, pouring a glass into the bowl
    water with a slice of lemon or lemon juice.

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