How to conquer a man, knowing his signzodiac

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Every woman dreams
be happy, find a soul mate, harmoniously arrange your
a life. But not always the relationship with the opposite sex
fold as easily as I would like. Women often ask
questions how to conquer a beloved man, how to make him
was betrayed and selflessly loved?

In these and many other cases women come to the rescue
Astrology, which contains answers to many questions.
Understanding astrology, knowing about the features that have
знаки zodiac, можно покорить сердце даже самого капризного и
demanding men. Therefore, if Cupid’s arrows pierced
female heart, lady, first of all, you should find out what
знака zodiac ее возлюбленный.

How to conquer Aries

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

The process of conquering Aries, as a rule, gives women a lot

Men-Ovny are distinguished by the fact that a sense of youth
них сохраняется на всю a life.

For this reason, there should be a lady next to them with the same
attitude, love of life and vigor peculiar
young people. Aries are very impressionable, especially for women.
beauty Astrologers do not advise women to show a ram how she is
puts himself in order (makes hair, dyed, etc.). Aries
will appreciate and admire the already created image, and the process of its creation
push him away. Aries are also owners. To conquer
Aries, it is recommended to show him that he is the only one and
unique Aries должен чувствовать, что он владеет ситуацией,
that he is the only god, king and lord of everything and everyone.

Secrets of the Conquest of Taurus

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Taurus must see and feel that the partner shares with him
his interests and tastes that they are on the same woman

Spiritual unity, the opportunity to talk to a woman in
any moment, a sense of calm next to her – the most important
Taurus requirements.

Therefore, a woman is recommended to be interested in the life of the calf,
share his views and interests with him and do it all sincerely.
After all, Taurus immediately feels false and withdraws. Hold with
A lot of time is extremely important for its conquest. Woman
must show that he knows the male calf well and is his
spiritual copy. If Taurus, for example, likes every weekend
do horse riding, then women should also learn
horse riding.

What to attract and hook Gemini

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

First of all, a woman needs to take care of herself, watch out
behind the figure, be neat and attractive.

Gemini are great aesthetes, and extremely important to them.
the look of a woman. But good looks, however, are not
is the most important condition for the conquest of men of this sign

Woman должна иметь богатое внутреннее содержание, обладая
bright appearance. The twins admire the ladies who have
strong, strong-willed character, can express and prove their
point of view, those with whom you can always stay in a pleasant
mental stress. Boring housewife spending the days away
watching television, obviously has no chance of conquering
Twins. It is important for a twin to show that a woman can be a soul
the company, get along well with his friends, quickly start
new acquaintances and maintain the interest of others. Wherein
it is important for her to remember that a woman is still a gentle creature,
which sometimes can afford to be funny
sensitive and touching.

How to conquer a Cancer man

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Cancers are the opposite of twins. Women can
to conquer them by showing themselves beautiful mistresses, wonderful
cooks, kind keepers of the hearth.

It is worth pampering Cancer delicious homemade food,
organize his life or make it more comfortable and homely
atmosphere at work.

Then Cancer will be conquered. After all, it is important for him to know that with a woman he
he will feel comfortable and calm, he values ​​above all
harmony in the house and thrift.

How to conquer Leo

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Lions love ears, so you can conquer them without much difficulty
using sweet, beautiful speech. Woman должна уметь правильно
communicate with Leo: make him feel that he is the most
beautiful, stunning and unique in her life. Important
emphasize the virtues of a lion when dealing with him.

Lions are also partial to female whispers,
diminutive words, tremulous

If a woman bends down and quietly whispers Leo will say in his ear
anything pleasant or provoking, the lion will lie at her feet.

What to hook Virgo

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

A virgin should never guess that his
trying to conquer. Woman, находящаяся рядом с ним, должна быть
humble, docile, quiet, at the same time understanding, empathizing,
able to give freedom when it maiden is necessary.

It is not necessary to share with your male Virgin
past adventures.

Let him think that before him nothing and never

How to fall in love with a man-Libra

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Scales, unlike Lviv, love the eyes, so conquer them
It will be easiest for beauties to whom they are not indifferent. Scales –
very attentive and observant creatures. They will certainly appreciate
everything in the woman’s appearance, starting with the condition of the hair and the hair,
ending with the shape of the nails. They have a delicate taste.

Scales must see next to a well-groomed woman,
who knows how to dress well and looks in any situation

They should not appear in shapeless pants and with a horse tail
on the head. Even at home Libra must admire appearance.
Any excess weight, old, grandmother’s cowards and dresses. Only
everything is fashionable, stylish and well-chosen. Libra also likes
women’s perfume. They prefer to feel on the lady of the flower

Scorpions Weaknesses

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Perhaps everyone knows about the weak point of all Scorpios – excessive
sensuality and the need for carnal pleasures.

Scorpios are crazy about self-confident, risky
women who know how to love and enjoy
a man

To conquer искушенного скорпиона, следует знать хотя бы
several erotic games, do not be shy of your body and love
to give pleasure to a man.

How to seduce Sagittarius

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Sagittarius – a man has a great sense of humor. Therefore he
will certainly appreciate the woman who will admire him
sense of humor and joke with him.

Sagittarius fit everything with humor, they love the ladies with
thinking outside the box, those who know how to turn bad weather into

Easy, mobile, cheerful and energetic woman – the best gift
for the archer.

How to attract the attention of Capricorn

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

To fill the thoughts of ibex, you need to respect his personal
space, to understand that he is a free person and to give him
the opportunity to be alone with them.

Capricorn loves the woman who feels it delicately
mood and knows how to adapt to it.

Such a woman is near at the right moment and
disengages when he feels the need of a partner
alone Woman Козерога также должна быть самодостаточной
personality, more often an introvert.

How to slay Aquarius

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Aquarius, as fire, is afraid of courageous, strong women,
accustomed to solve all the problems on their own. To conquer
representative of this sign, you must allow it to be strong,

Woman должна смириться с тем, что для Водолея она –
always weaker sex.

Tenderness, sensitivity, kindness, appeasability, vulnerability – all these
traits like Aquarius. They are pleased when a woman asks them about
help when she asks for advice, is interested in their opinion. They
run away from those who make their own decisions, takes on
all responsibility in the relationship.

How to conquer a man-fish

How to conquer a man, knowing his sign zodiac

Fish, on the contrary, love enterprising, courageous, determined women,
who are not afraid to look the problem in the eye and solve it. A fish
appreciates women’s independence and resourcefulness in everyday

For Pisces, the ideal relationship is when both partners
are equal.

If a woman, besides all the above qualities, also
possesses charm and appearance, she will firmly settle in
his heart

Male heart is not so hard to conquer, knowing weakness
men A weakness will always tell the wise astrology, which
will send a woman on the right path to gain the attention of a loved one

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