How to clean and wash a suede bag?

bags look very aesthetically pleasing and many want to have them in their
collections, but they are deterred from buying the fear that suede is fast
lose its original appearance and cease to be soft and
silky. Do not be afraid of this, because suede can always
tidy at home. How to clean suede

Suede – very delicate material, which is very fast
dirty and salted. This is due to the nature of its
buildings, after all, suede has a very fleecy surface,
velvet, tender.

The smallest particles are hammered into the intervals between the nap
pollution, which leads to draining of the pile, from which it loses
its kind. But any suede can be cleaned, and this will go

How to clean suede bag?

Suede bags are considered by many to be impractical because they quickly
lose sight. But this is not entirely true – they really lose sight,
but it is easy to restore with the help of simple household chemistry.

Visible dirt is removed with a soft flannel or brush, and
if suede stuck together and began to shine, then you need to arrange
handbag a good bath! Steaming is performed over the pan with
boiling water, after which the straightened pile is wiped with flannel.
Such manipulations need to be repeated several times if contamination

  • With a strong fat coating, when the surface of the bag is literally
    glitters, it is necessary to dissolve the soda in the milk (in a glass of heated
    milk mixed with a teaspoon of soda). This solution is treated
    places with the most severe pollution.
  • You can also apply the following composition: half a glass of water
    take a quarter cup of vinegar and rub it with the composition of the pollution,
    then dry them with flannel and then wipe the entire bag, dry
    hair dryer
  • Very often, natural suede is stained after
    how it gets water, for example, after the rain. Remove these spots
    You can, if you clean the bag with baby powder, comb through with a brush and
    hold over the steam.
  • If suede is dark, it can be cleaned with coffee cake, rubbing
    suede him just with your hands, and then brushing him with a brush.

Do not wash your suede bag, in any case, before
wash it, make sure it is artificial. Wash
artificial suede can be at a temperature of 40 degrees, but
it must be cleaned very carefully, without applying different
solvents. The best tool for cleaning artificial suede
– This is a common soap solution of water and liquid soap or means.
for dish washing. After this cleaning it is necessary as it should
rinse the bag so as not to form stains. Thereafter
bag must be dried with towels, after drying in those places
where there are whitish patches, rub or clean with a dry brush.

Gloss with natural suede perfectly removes and solution with ammonia
with alcohol – a teaspoon is taken on four tablespoons of water
ammonia (10%), moistened with a cotton swab moistened in solution
all polluted places, after which the suede is dried

Slight pollution from any kind of suede
erased with the usual office eraser (take white).

There are special tools for cleaning suede surfaces –
these are various sprays that dissolve greasy stains and
restored pile location. Buy Care Products
suede can be in shoe stores – suede cleaning products
shoes can help your bag. If your bag is very expensive,
it is best to contact the dry cleaners, where she will be given due

Before washing your suede bag or cleaning it, do not
forget to pull different things out of the most hidden pockets!

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