How to choose abdominal massagers for weight loss?The principle of their work

Today on store shelves provided
Lots of body massagers to help improve appearance.
and remove the extra centimeters from the problem areas. Particularly popular
enjoy massagers for the abdomen. What types of such devices
exist and what they can do, you can learn from this

How to choose abdominal massagers for weight loss? The principle of their work


  • The purpose and effectiveness of massage devices for
  • Device types
  • Recommendations for use
  • Contraindications to use
  • Browse popular models

The purpose and effectiveness of massage devices for

Such a device is intended to reduce the volume in the field.
belly и улучшения внешнего вида за счёт прямого воздействия на
problem area. Massager is able to reduce the thickness of the subcutaneous
fat, strengthen your abdominal muscles, speed up metabolic processes and
tighten skin Also, this device improves blood circulation.

Such a device, although designed to reduce weight and
reduce centimeters in waist to achieve the desired
result should be used in conjunction with good nutrition and
physical exertion.

Device types

To date, there are many different massage
устройств для похудения в области belly, которые подходят для
use at home or salon procedures. There are manual and

The first are the simplest massagers and are presented in
the form of brushes, mittens, tapes or vacuum devices for massage.
Great for improving skin appearance and enhancing

The advantages include low cost and the ability to
self-application in the absence of skills. The main disadvantage
such a massager is that he is not capable of significantly
убирать объём в области belly, а также во время использования
may often appear unpleasant and painful sensations.

Electrical devices, in turn, refer to more
expensive massagers and work from the network, battery or ordinary
batteries. The kit of such devices may include additional
nozzles that affect the abdomen with different intensities.
To this type of massage devices include the following
Popular appliances:

  • Vibrating massager Often, such devices
    produced in the form of belts, which due to vibration affect
    subcutaneous fat, thereby destroying it, and also contribute to
    muscle contraction and bring them to tone. In some models
    additionally there is a heating function, which in turn creates
    effect of the sauna and allows you to quickly remove excess
    centimeters from the waist.

It’s very easy to use such a device;
put it on the problem area and select the desired program.

The advantages of this massager include convenience and
ease of use, mobility and high efficiency.
The disadvantages of such a device is the impossibility of its
use in some cases for medical reasons.

  • Myostimulator This massager due to
    electrical impulse affects the muscles that causes them
    reduction. The most popular miostimulyator is so
    called “butterfly.” The device is powered by conventional batteries, and
    The stimulator itself is in the center of the silicone pad, which
    attached to the stomach or other part of the body. It has several modes


To use this device you need only
attach it to the selected area and enable the desired program.
Pads adhere well to the body and are suitable for repeated
of use.

The main advantage of this massager is the ability to
корректирования belly во время отдыха или занятий другими делами.
The disadvantage is the inefficiency of the device in the presence of
large amounts of subcutaneous fat.

  • Therapeutic Massager. Such devices also
    могут применяться для снижения жировых отложений в области belly.
    They have a comfortable handle, and some models are equipped with special
    lamp with ion radiation, which, in turn, accelerates the process
    fat destruction.

To work with such a device, you need to take a comfortable position.
приложить массажёр к проблемному участку belly, включить программу
and do massage movements.

The advantages of this massager include high efficiency.
even with a large amount of body fat, and also
что прибор повышает эластичность кожных покровов в области belly.
The main disadvantage является достаточно большой вес массажёра и частое
bruising on the treated areas.

Recommendations for use

The rules for using any massage device must be
clearly spelled out in the instructions, which must be followed not
only to achieve the best result, but also for
warnings of various undesirable effects. However there is
a few general recommendations and following them will help to remove
сантиметры в области belly значительно быстрее.

Ручные массажёры желательно использовать после
pre-peeling or scrubbing on heated skin (not
prevent you from taking a bath or a hot shower), you can also
use oils or slimming products. This approach will help
achieve results much faster. Experts recommend
Massage in the evening a few hours before bedtime and
not earlier than 1.5 hours after meals.

Электростимуляторы желательно применять
daily sessions of 15-20 minutes, and work with myostimulyator
spend an average of half an hour.

Contraindications to use

All massage devices are contraindicated during pregnancy.
Also massagers with vibration should not be used for varicose veins.
varicose veins, high blood pressure, thrombosis and other
diseases of the heart and blood vessels. People with a pacemaker also
It is strictly forbidden to use such devices.

Перед покупкой и применением массажного устройства для belly
should first consult with your doctor.

Browse popular models

Below are the most popular and effective massagers on
this year.

Vibrating massager

OptiFitAldia MG-37

This 135 W massager is great for home use.
uses, has 8 different belts, 5 speeds and 6 programs.
Designed for weight up to 120 kg. All belts are made of hypoallergenic.

One use within 20 minutes will help replace
full training in the gym. Has a display on which
displays the number of calories burned, as well as time and speed
selected program. Powerful enough device that when
regular use will help to quickly remove excess centimeters and
adjust the silhouette.

The disadvantages include the inability to adjust the rack
and a high price (about 17,000 rubles).

OptiFitAldia MG-37

VibraTone Belt

A very popular 12 W massager that helps
избавиться от подкожного жира в области belly, а также
helps to improve metabolic processes in the body. Has 5
modes of operation with different levels of vibration, well recommended
yourself as an additional tool for weight loss.

The advantages include the possibility of use in any
time in and any place, as well as the reasonable price of such a device (1
000 rubles). The main disadvantage is the limitation in volume
belts – only 110 cm.

VibraTone Belt


Beurer EM 41

A fairly popular stimulant that you can use is not
not only for weight loss, but also to improve overall well-being. It has
4 special pads that attach themselves to the required
body area, 30 programs, as well as the possibility of independent
создания режима work.

The main advantages of such a massager are its mobility.
and effectiveness when applied on a regular basis. TO
disadvantages include the price (about 4,000 rubles) and
the need for periodic replacement of linings.

Beurer EM 41

Divinext XFT 1002

The famous wireless butterfly stimulator. Helps to improve
тонус мышц belly, состояние кожных покровов и уменьшить объёмы.
Such a device can be used both during rest and when
playing sports. It has 6 программ, а также несколько различных
intensity modes.

TO достоинствам следует отнести компактный размер, невысокую
the cost of a massager (about 500 rubles) and the possibility of using it for
any part of the body. The main disadvantage is a short time.
работы и частая замена batteries.

Divinext XFT 1002

Therapeutic Massagers


With the help of this massager, you can replace the massage procedures in
beauty salon. It has мощность 15 Вт и работает от сети. In stock
2 modes of operation with different levels of vibration, and special
ion lamp accelerates the process of reducing the volume. Device
perfectly helps to remove subcutaneous fat, improve skin elasticity during
the process of losing weight and improve metabolic processes.

TO достоинствам следует отнести высокую эффективность прибора в
fight against extra pounds. The main disadvantage is a big
massager weight (1.7 kg), which often complicates the process
of use. The price is about 3,000 rubles.



It has 3 режима работы (вибрация, прогревание инфракрасным
radiation, massage with warming). The kit also includes 4
additional tips for different types of massage. Device
copes with subcutaneous fat, improves the appearance of skin
покровов и укрепляет мышцы belly.

TO достоинствам следует отнести качественный массаж проблемных
zones, adjustable knob, heating function. Disadvantage is
large weight of the device (950 g). The price is about 2 500


Существует множество массажёров для похудения в области belly
for every taste and wallet, but it should be understood that the effect of their
applications can be achieved only by doing parallel regular
physical activities and observing some restrictions in products
power supply.

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