How to care for lilies in the fall. Piggy bank tipshow to prepare lilies for winter than to feed lilies in autumn

ATт, 11 окт 2016 Автор: Юлия Кривенко

On the backyard plots grow lilies of different varieties and

They all need special care and care, especially in the autumn
period. Some summer residents stubbornly assert that the bulbs of lilies
perfectly tolerate frosts and they do not need any preparation,
but it is not. If you want a flowerbed next summer,
colors, you need to follow some tips experienced

What is the preparation of lilies for winter?

Despite the fact that nature has provided bulbs with special power,
helping them survive the cold is still necessary. Without shelter and other
plant activities simply will not survive. In the spring, instead of lush
flower beds at the landing site, you can find a few pitiful
plants, which, most likely, and will not give color.

To enjoy the bright and memorable flowering, you need
make a lot of work autumn, especially in the northern regions. Even
if lilies are grown in warm climates where there are no strong
frost, they still need preparation for the winter. In cold weather
years the bulbs of plants attract rodents. Therefore, at the stage
Preparations need to be as secure as possible from pests.

In addition, lilies harms spring flooding. Therefore in the fall
you need to think about where to place the bed with your favorite plants.

When to prepare lilies for winter: the timing of the work

Experienced gardeners begin to take care of the lilies from the moment they are planted.
Choosing a bed, you need to assess the possibility of bulbs in
весенний period. If this probability is not excluded,
equip landing holes with drainage or pick up another

Terms of work depend on whether to winter
bulbs in the garden. If lilies are dug out for the winter, and
further planting is planned for spring, then the work must be completed
no later than October. If lilies winter in the ground, then digging
they are held in August.

Care for lilies in the autumn, photo

Preparation of lilies for the cold takes place in stages. Each type of work
performed strictly on schedule.

Pruning lilies in autumn

At the stage of preparation of lilies for the winter you must perform them.
pruning, leaving only stems about 10 cm long. This procedure
spend in the fall. Some gardeners advise pruning flower
arrow immediately after flowering. But nothing in nature
happens in vain. The period after flowering is very important for the plant. AT
this moment is laid nutrients for the future
flowering They gradually go down to the bulb. Cutting down
the arrow is possible only after its natural drying out.

Top dressing of lilies before winter

Inexperienced gardeners wonder why feed lilies after
flowering? AT этот период идет не только накопление питательных
substances, but also the maturation of the bulb. Plant needs
additional nutrition. Apply potash and phosphorus

Well proven next

• 1 tsp. superphosphate;

• 1 tsp. potassium salt.

ATсе компоненты смешать и растворить в 5 литрах горячей воды.
Warm solution watered bush, at the rate of 0.5 liters per one

ATажно! The use of nitrogen fertilizers in the autumn
contraindicated. They are best left for spring nutrition.

Cover or not planting lilies for the winter?

This question torments every gardener. But answer it
definitely very difficult. Nothing will be bad if gardening with
plants cover with dry foliage, sawdust or straw.

Seasoned gardeners are advised to use as a mulch
material needles. It will not only save the landing from frost, but also
protects from snails, rodents. ATредителям луковиц такое
�”Treat” is not to your taste.

Do not forget that the snow is an excellent insulation. AT
regions with snowy winters regularly throw it on a flower bed with
lilies. If there is little snow in winter, the mulch layer needs to be made

When to warm beds with lilies? Need to start work late
in autumn, when the topsoil is already frost.

How to protect lilies from melt water

It happens that all the efforts of the gardener go down the drain. ATроде бы и
The bed was insulated and fed, and the winter was not harsh, and the flowers were all
equally sick or lost, few shoots, and those that are – look
sadly AT чем причина? The bulbs are flooded with melt water, and they
just started to rot. Lilies absolutely do not tolerate excess moisture in
roots. How to help the plant?

Take care of a comfortable wintering of the bulbs need more at the time
landing. You can make a high bed and good drainage. To the bottom
the wells and on top of the bulbs fit river sand with a layer of 5-10 cm. It
serves as protection against flooding, removes excess moisture from the root

Some gardeners are advised to cover the place of planting lilies
film, slate or roofing felt. Such material will not miss
spring meltwater to the roots. When it gets warmer enough to remove
covering material, and the leaves can be left on the garden as

Wintering lilies in the house: how to prepare bulbs

Very often gardeners dig bulb plants and leave
them on wintering at home. Despite this, the flower also
need to prepare for the rest period. Lily care in autumn
should happen by all the rules.

1. Be sure to cut off all the stems of the plant when they

2. ATыкопку лилий проводят в середине сентября или начале
October Carry out the procedure must be carefully, trying not to damage
rhizomes. As a rule, use forks.

3. ATыкопанные луковицы освобождают от земли, промывают в
running warm water.

4. Next, all the seed is sorted.
Damaged roots and scales are removed, lilies are laid out on

5. For the good safety of his planting material
treated with a solution of potassium permanganate or karbofos.

6. Prepared rhizomes are dried in the air or in
indoors with good ventilation, away from sunlight.

7. Next, all the bulbs are stored.

If the items have been observed, then the plants are most likely good.
will endure a period of peace and spring will delight amicable shoots.

ATажно! At the stage of drying, try not to
dry the bulbs. They should remain juicy and dense.
The gardener’s task is to save the planting material from the surface
moisture so that the process of decay does not begin.

Where to store the bulbs in the winter

The main task at this stage is to create conditions for
comfortable wintering. You can store the bulbs on the bottom shelf
refrigerator, in the basement or on the loggia. The main rule is
The room temperature should not fall below 0 degrees.

If the storage room is too wet, more often
inspect the rhizomes for signs of rot. With
Low-moisture package with lilies visited in the wet moss.

Store the bulbs in the basement can be in cardboard boxes. To the bottom и
onion sprinkled with sawdust, sand or wet peat. Can
cover containers with lilies with wet burlap.

ATо время хранения не забывайте регулярно осматривать посадочный
material. Moisten or disinfect if necessary.
in solution of potassium permanganate.

Let’s sum up

When caring for lilies in the fall, it is important to comply with all necessary
rules and help the plants to endure the cold. With этом нужно
take into account the variety and climatic conditions in which they are grown

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