How to breathe during childbirth to easepain and faster to see the baby? How to breathe in labor -learn!

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Proper breathing during labor can create
a real miracle!

The cervix will open much faster, and the baby will not
suffer from the fact that he lacks oxygen, and most importantly attempts
will be stronger.

How to breathe during childbirth: why it is important

Why do you need to control your breathing at the time of labor? Why
slow exhalation is able to calm, and a deep breath strengthens

The uterus is a powerful enough muscle. At the time of birth
its reduction contributes to the opening of the neck,
expands the channel through which the baby will pass.

When a woman in labor starts screaming, she is very tense,
as a result, the muscles of the perineum contract. The pain is severe
increases, and on the neck, gaps are formed, which in the period
passing the child will only increase.

Thanks to proper breathing, the muscles will relax. Neck
can easily and painlessly stretch.

But even if the breath is correct, completely
Get rid of the pain, of course, will not work. But still, if
control the process, the pain may not be
so strong.

After the start of the attempt, the pain will begin to recede, and the woman in labor will want
relax. But it will not be enough to use force alone.
uterus. We’ll have to resort to using the abdominals and diaphragm.
If you hold your breath after a powerful breath, the pressure on the fetus
will increase, and the process of his birth will accelerate.

How to breathe during childbirth: phases of childbirth and their

In each period of labor there must be a certain type of breathing –
after all, the breath that was at the beginning of the contractions is unlikely to help
you when contractions increase. There are several phases of labor,
каждой из которых свои features.

The first phase is latent.

The first contractions, as a rule, are quite easy – many of them do not even
notice, and if they pay attention, then continue to engage in something
that During this period, the breath can not pay attention.

But a little later, when the cervix begins to open, contractions
become tangible – from this point you need to apply anesthetic
breath. Pains are repeated at different intervals.

Doctors conditionally call breath at this moment – swing on
the waves. If you feel that the fight is coming, do
deep breath in with the nose, and after that a long breath out, but with lips.
Because of this, the body can be saturated with oxygen, and the woman
may feel tingling in fingertips. Do not be afraid
as it is normal.

The second phase is active.

In the active phase of the contraction will be felt more often, the pressure on the bottom
will increase – all because the cervix dilates, and the head
baby begins to sink to the bottom. Previous breathing type
Unfortunately, it will not help any more – breathing will come to help mom
at the very peak of contractions. When the fight has just begun, breathe too,
as in the first phase, after it reaches its peak, start
apply short breathing, otherwise “dog-like”, opening his mouth. In the end
contractions need to go back to deep and slow breathing.

At this stage, the role of the husband is important, he can massage your stomach
and the lower back, and in the intervals when there are no contractions, you will be
Divert. No need to wait for new pain and pinch it
negative impact on the baby, and you.

It is very important to adopt the correct posture. For example, lean your hands
about something and lean forward slightly, or stand on
fours. The abdominal muscles will be able to unload, and the pain is slightly

Most doctors are convinced that you should not scream during
contractions. At the moment of crying, the breath is likely to get lost. But it happens
and so that the cry of many women in labor becomes a little easier,
In this case, we can recall the saying: “if it is impossible, but very
you want something you can. ” Therefore, if you want, shout, but correctly –
take a deep breath, and on an exhalation shout.

The third phase is transitional.

The transition phase occurs before the attempts, the head to this
the moment has already gone down, but the neck is not yet open to the end.
At this very moment the contractions are strong and painful, I really want to
tighter, but it can not be done – may break
влагалища или uterus.

What to do in this case? It is important that breathing is frequent.
and superficial, mouth open, tongue sticking out is not necessary, since
may want water, and you can not drink. This will direct all
force on the abdominal muscles. Be sure to change your position – stand up
on all fours, and the pelvis slightly lift up. Maybe you
feel that the transition phase can be accelerated, sit on
fours and knees wide apart.

The fourth phase – expulsion of the fetus

The pain is completely gone, but it depends on you how soon the baby
be born, so you have to make maximum efforts.
Common mistake of most women – all efforts
sent to the eyes and head, but not in the crotch. From such
action baby can not be born, but in the eyes burst

It is important to push right. Before the upcoming fight you need
to get a lot of air, to press your chin tightly to your chest
try to hug your knees – when you try to exhale the air
the end. For one fight, you need to do this action three times.

As soon as the head appears, you need to go to the surface
breath and not in any way to push. The doctor will turn the baby to
on the next attempt he could be born.

After some time, the afterbirth will be born – it will have to be slightly
to push out

As you can see, the process of delivery can be made a little easier – you need
just breathe properly and also remember that nature knows everything
itself, and you must not oppose it. Just relax and
listen to your body and sensations.

How to breathe during childbirth: whether to train

In order to breathe properly at the moment of delivery, it is necessary
to train in advance every day, it is enough to pay
This lesson is 15 minutes a day. Oxygen gymnastics can
do both separately and combine it with physical

Remember that sudden breathing can trigger
dizziness, do not panic. Just cover your nose and mouth
so as to form a mask. After that you need
Inhale and exhale several times and everything will return to normal.

During birth, voluntary breathing can also aggravate everything,
as well as extend the generic activity. Try to control
inhale and exhale, be sure to count and do not be distracted by strangers
affairs In order to learn how to breathe, you can sign up
on courses future moms, there will talk in detail about how to behave
on childbirth, how to breathe or not breathe.

How to breathe during childbirth: step by step instructions

Many pregnant women have a fear of coming
by birth. But painless birth, as we know, does not exist. but
You can make them easier and faster. If you learn correctly
breathe during childbirth, the appearance of the long-awaited baby will not
so painful.

First, the woman in labor will feel a pulsation in the lower abdomen, this
There are beginning fights. It is very important to relax and try.
gather strength. In order to escape from the excitement you need
concentrate all your attention on breathing, you need to breathe deeply
and slowly. Can be considered on inspiration up to 5 and on exhalation in the opposite
okay And you need to exhale a little slower than inhale.

When the neck has opened 4-5 centimeters, the contractions will become more
frequent and long. The interval between their contractions will be about 5
minutes, and the fights themselves will last about 20 seconds.

During this period, the woman will not be able to do any business
концентрировать внимание на чем-that But you need to try
distract as much as possible. Deep, slow breathing, can no longer
help, you need to move on to the next technique.

Breathe like a dog – take a shallow breath and exhale.

After the uterus has fully opened, the amniotic fluid
come out, the baby will begin to move through the birth canal. The woman in labor
there is a strong desire to strain, make attempts and push out
baby But it is impossible to do this, because it is necessary that the baby pass by
all the birth canal, and push it only need at the end. Midwife
necessarily tell you how to behave. Listen to her advice and
it is necessary to fulfill them. If it’s not time to push
but I really want to do this, apply the breathing technique
�”Like a dog”. This method will allow you to endure. After
the time to push will come, you need to do the following:

1. Take a very deep breath.

2. Hold your breath and start to push.

3. Be sure to push down, try to press
air flow to your belly. Attempts are somewhat reminiscent
at the time of constipation. Therefore, many midwives say that the baby needs
not to give birth, but to “expel”.

4. In no case do not need to strain and start to push
the face. The entire effect of such actions will be zero.

5. After strong straining slowly exhale, the body is so
way he can relax before the next attempts.

After головка появиться, потуги прекращаются. In the second
since it is necessary to work out when the midwife asks, this happens in
moment of release of the shoulders. If you listen carefully to the doctor and
doing everything right, the birth of the head occurs in just
several attempts.

The birth of a baby is a tremulous and wonderful moment in the life of any
men and women. Nature took care of the future in advance
maternity by creating a woman’s body and preparing it for the opportunity
give birth to. You only need a little help in the birth of a small
little man.

Do gymnastics, learn to breathe correctly, exercise
and communicate with the unborn baby. Only in this way will your birth be quick.
and easy!

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