How to apply ointment Aurobin from hemorrhoids

Hemorrhoidal bumps appear in many people of different ages. The causes of the disease are a sedentary lifestyle, infection and damage to the anal passage, abuse alcoholic drinks, unhealthy diet, pregnancy. Availability pathology causes many unpleasant symptoms: pain, feeling irritation, burning, itching, bleeding. Helps to cope with disease ointment “Aurobin” from hemorrhoids. This tool is prescribed for the fourth and third stages of the disease, when the nodes fall out of rectum and subject to frequent damage.


Drug description

The drug is indicated in the treatment of any inflammatory processes of the perianal area, with eczema, hemorrhoids, dermatitis, anal fissures, fistulas of the anus. A drug �”Aurobin” has several analogues from other manufacturers: �”Bisacodil”, “Vazoket”, “Heparoid”, “Laxatin”, “Olestezin”, �”Proktozan”. These ointments are similar in treatment, but their structural composition is different. �”Aurobin” is prescribed by a doctor after examining the patient and identifying the causes hemorrhoids.


Composition and release form

The composition of the ointment “Aurobin” includes several active ingredients that determine the beneficial effect of the drug. Medicinal hemorrhoids remedy relieves inflammation, irritation, pain relief, promotes healing of damage to the tissues of the anus. Active ingredients:

  • Prednisolone capronate. Substance possesses antiallergic exposure, helps to reduce inflammation in hemorrhoids. Increases the tone of the vascular walls, reduces their permeability. This is especially эффективно при типе сосудистого hemorrhoids.
  • Lidocaine. Component of anesthetic action. Relieves pain after application, removes burning sensation.
  • Dikspantenol. The main property of a substance is tissue regeneration. Anal passage, healing of damaged mucous membranes.
  • Triclosan Antiseptic component with a wide spectrum of action. Fights bacteria, fungi.

The ointment also contains excipients, such as glycerol, cetyl alcohol, propylene glycol, polysorbate 60, liquid paraffin and others. The drug is available in aluminum tubes. (quantity – 20 grams), sold in cardboard boxes. Colour – white or almost white, no smell.

Instructions for use

The use of ointment “Aurobin” for hemorrhoids prescribed by a doctor, he determines the duration of treatment to achieve effective result. Use of the drug from the start of therapy should be Regular, strictly according to the instructions of a specialist. According to instructions for use ointment “Aurobin”, you need to use it in the following way:

  1. Before applying the medicine, thoroughly clean the area. anus with soap;
  2. Squeeze out an amount equal to a pea;
  3. When applied topically, carefully apply the ointment to hemorrhoidal bumps (2 to 4 times a day, for 5-7 days);
  4. With internal bumps of hemorrhoids enter the drug in the anus (the course of treatment is 5-7 days, 2-4 times a day).

The ointment is indicated for children, adults and elderly. Doctors usually shorten the child’s standard period treatment.

Contraindications and side effects < / h2>

Ointment of local action for hemorrhoids is contraindicated in children under 1 year old, people with hypersensitivity to active or auxiliary components, when using other lidocaine agents, and also if skin lesions caused by infections, bacteria, fungi are present. Possible side effects:

  • dryness, thinning of tissues, increased burning, impaired wound healing; < / li>
  • hypersensitivity; < / li>
  • with prolonged use: hypopigmentation, folliculitis, hirsutism, atrophy, rashes, contact dermatitis, fungal infection; < / li>
  • when applied to surfaces larger than necessary for the treatment of hemorrhoids: hyperglycemia, increased intracranial pressure, hypokalemia, hypertension; < / li>
  • bradycardia. < / li> < / ul>

    Use during pregnancy and lactation < / h2>

    The effect of the drug on the body of pregnant women has not been studied. In the first trimester, it is recommended not to use Aurobina. Use in the later stages of gestation requires the assignment of the perceived risk to the unborn child and the benefit to the mother. During lactation, the drug can not be used, since lidocaine with corticosteroids penetrates the milk. If “Aurobin” is necessary for therapy, breastfeeding is terminated.

    Special instructions < / h2>

    The active components are able to suppress the adrenal function of the child, so the drug does not recommend treatment of children for more than 5 days. Achieving a therapeutic effect is achieved through the use of minimal doses as directed by a physician. The abolition of the drug occurs during infectious infections, as a wet environment from the use of “Aurobin” contributes to the development and spread of fungi and bacteria. Apply the ointment is required carefully, to avoid contact with the eyes, on the periorbital area.


    Where to buy (price) < / h2>

    The price of Aurobin ointment differs from hemorrhoids depending on the city, the location of the pharmacy and its pricing policy. In Russia, the drug costs from 250 to 370 rubles.


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