How not to get better during pregnancy !?

seriously believe that during pregnancy you can eat,
listening only to your own hunger, right?

And no! You only need about 300
extra calories throughout the day to keep healthy
Growth and development of your future baby.

Moreover, too much weight gain can be harmful.
for you and your baby.

Such women tend to give birth to more full babies,
who are more likely to become obese and in
further life. And according to a study published in 2012
year in the specialized medical journal “The Lancet”, such
children may also be more likely to develop asthma, allergies,
diseases of the cardiovascular system and even oncology.

As for the future mother, the excess of her weight can lead
or aggravate back and leg pain, varicose veins,
heartburn, hemorrhoids and the condition of unhealthy joints. Overweight
increases the risk of developing hypertension and diabetes, both diseases of
which make pregnancy more difficult to manage,
creating a risk for your child.

The harder you are, the greater the likelihood that during childbirth
there will be a need to use special tongs, vacuum or
a cesarean section will be required.

In addition, too much weight of women during childbirth, as well as in
six months after, creates a much higher risk
development of obesity over the next ten years, leading to
such significant health problems as diabetes, high
blood pressure and heart disease so the question is our
today’s article “how not to get better during pregnancy,” as
never relevant!

How much weight do you need to gain during pregnancy?

First of all, the final figure depends on the body mass index
women (BMI) before pregnancy, which is calculated
based on her height and weight data. Results usually
correspond to the following values:

One child pregnancy:

  • If weight before pregnancy is within the normal range, you need to
    additionally gain another 12 – 17 kilograms according to the following
    the schedule: the first trimester 1-2 kg, the second and third trimesters of 1 kg
    every two weeks.
  • If the weight was insufficient, then you need to add more order
    14 – 20 kilograms according to the following principle: the first trimester 1-2 kg,
    in the second and third, 2 kg every three weeks.
  • If a woman was overweight before pregnancy is necessary
    an increase of only 7 – 12 kilograms. The chart is as follows: first
    trimester usually 1-2 kg, for the second and third trimester 1
    kg every three weeks.
  • With obesity before pregnancy, you need to get 5 – 9 pounds.
    The first trimester is still the same 1-2 kg, during the second and third
    trimesters 1 kg every month.


If there are twins:

  • Initial weight falls within the normal range – you should get
    an increase in 18 – 26 kg.
  • If weight before pregnancy was overweight, you need to
    additionally 15 – 24 kg.
  • Obesity before pregnancy – you need to gain 12 – 20 kg.

Try to keep your body weight growing slowly and evenly, but not
grieve too much if in some week you don’t get better
the graphics. Growth bursts are perfectly acceptable when you type
a few pounds in a short time but then
the situation should level off again as planned.

Also, if in the end you don’t want to get too big
weight, never try to lose weight during pregnancy.

5 points how not to get better during pregnancy

As we wrote above, optimal weight gain
a pregnant woman depends on her initial weight, level of activity
and metabolism. But on average, weight gain of 12 kg is recommended.
with overweight or obesity, 17 kg at normal, 20 kg for those
who is underweight. Not get better above the norm will help you
following strategies:

Do not eat for two. This old concept has long been
inappropriate and must be dispelled – such an opinion
adheres to a famous american specialist in the field
public health Anna Maria Siega-Reese. Starting from
second trimester, pregnant women should consume
additionally about 300 – 400 calories per day, in the form of a sandwich,
a glass of milk and pieces of fruit, which will be quite enough.

On the other hand, discard the useless calories. Accent
done exactly on the “useless” (or empty). To do this, replace
regular skimmed milk, dried fruits, for example, dried apricots,
fresh fruit slices, baked potato fries, red
varieties of white meat (chicken).


Analyze your diet. Weight gain by 5 kg based on
junk food, sugary drinks and long stay
on the couch bears much more harm than the same weight,
derived from a healthy diet.

Discard store juices, tea with sugar and sweet drinks.
in favor of the use of ordinary water. Do not rub chips and other
snacks that contain only empty calories without vitamins and
minerals. Eat fruit, vegetables, foods from whole grains
(oat bran) and healthy fats, such as nuts, olive oil
and avocado.

Planning daily activity. For most pregnant women
women a sufficient level of motor activity is
prerequisite. It can be walking with a dog, running,
swimming or aerobics. However, it is worthwhile to beware of action,
which can lead to injuries – trampoline or diving,
the last one can cause decompression sickness
mother and fetus during the rapid rise to the surface.

You can also visit perinatal yoga classes (special
program for pregnant women) and add a small amount
activities in your daily life (walking in the park or
work, use of stairs instead of elevators, etc.). Monitor
your stress. To avoid senseless chewing with the purpose
reduce internal anxiety, stress and not get better
use special relaxing yoga poses or close your eyes
and listen to soothing music. Or seize up with stress
using healthy snacks, choosing foods with a minimum
fat and sugar content.

Keep records. Use popular applications on the computer or
iPhones to help you determine the optimal amount of weight,
which you must recruit every week. Your results
write to an electronic journal so that you can later
show them to your gynecologist.

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