How many calories in pork

Pork – tender and tasty meat, most often consumed in stewed, fried, smoked or boiled. Based on product rich broths are obtained, which serve as the basis for preparation soups, borscht, soup, pickle. Pork is used for cooking meat (popular and combined product – pork minced meat mixed with beef or chicken). Smoked ham, bacon, Sausage has high energy value and pleasant taste. The greatest benefit has the lean meat cooked on grilled, boiled or baked in the oven. How many calories in pork different types and popular dishes?

Calories of pork per 100 grams

Pork meat must be present in the diet. Someone consumes fatty product fried in butter. Someone more like stewed lean pork. And the people following the regime diet food, often eat a boiled product. Calorie content boiled pork is the lowest. People who do not consume pork, with the exception of vegetarians, a little. Exclude this product from nutritionists do not recommend the nutrition menu, despite the fact that contains a lot of calories. It contains a lot of nutrients – micro and macro elements, proteins, vitamins of group B. There is many ways to cook meat, tell you about the most popular among them.

The most common method of processing meat is roasting. For zhirki take young fillet with thin fatty layers. To not harm the body, consume the product in a limited quantity: calorie fried pork is high.

How many calories in pork

Baked in the oven is usually pork tenderloin, spatula or ham. with spices, vegetables, fruits, mustard, juice, wine. Meat wrapped in foil, placed on a baking sheet and baked with vegetables in the sleeve. This dish will not be too high in calories. From use of mayonnaise and cheese is best abandoned. Roasting time depends on the size and thickness of the pieces of meat.

If the pork stew, you get tender and soft meat. And for this type of processing, and suitable for dehydration, and neck, and ham, and paddle – it all depends on your preference. Pork is stewed in wines, soy or sweet-sour sauce, low-fat sour cream, beer, water. You can add cereals, vegetables, potatoes, nuts, mushrooms in the dish and many other products. To get even softer and more tasty dish, you can pre-marinate the product, and before stewing fry with the addition of a small amount of fat.

Kind of pork or dish Calorie content на 100 гр, ккал
Low-fat pork 250
Fat Pork 460
Ham 261
Paddle 257
Neck 272
Fench 630
Balyk 286
Goulash 333
Boiled pork 233
Cutting 142
Smoked pork 319
Fromбивная из свинины в кляре 251
Brisket 518
Grilled Pork 290
Steamed pork 260
Minced pork 263
Fromварная свинина жирная 350
Boiled pork without fat 270
Boiled pork with bacon 451
Pork stew 230-350
Stewed with vegetables 132
Stewed with champignons 112
Fried pork (without bacon) 303
In sweet and sour sauce 172
Baked pork with vegetables in the oven 150
Lard 787
Shish kebab (low-fat, fat) 240-320
Minced pork cutlets with fat 466
Steamed lean meat cutlets 316
Fried pork cutlets breaded 355
Manti 180
Bitties 205
Roast 235
Steak 462

Composition and nutritional value < / h2>

This type of meat contains a large amount of B vitamins. Their capacity is 1.5 times higher than in beef. High capacity and nicotinic acid (vitamin PP). In the meat there are such micro-and macronutrients as potassium (263 mg), sodium (53 mg), calcium (7 mg), phosphorus (150 mg) and iron (1.7 mg).

Another advantage of pork is its high protein content. Per 100 grams of lean meat accounts for 17 grams of this substance, per 100 grams of fat – 12 grams. Therefore, the product is recommended for children and athletes whose body needs “building materials”, which is protein. Components BZHU. There are no carbohydrates in pork at all, the fat content in a non-fat product is 25% of the total mass, and in the fat one 49%. The main concentration of calories is in fat, easily separated from the fillet.


Useful properties of pork < / h2>

The most healthy pork is lean. The fatty product can be made less harmful and high in calories by cutting off the layers of fat and cooking it on the grill, boiling on water or steamed. With such cooking methods, the maximum amount of useful substances is preserved.

the main ценность продукта – большое содержание легкоусваиваемых белков (до 18%) от общей массы. This element plays an important role in the development of muscle tissue, the creation of new blood cells and organs, the production of antibodies, hormones, and digestive enzymes.

As part of the product, all the B vitamins are represented. B2 is responsible for the synthesis of nerve cells, hormones, the formation of red blood cells, mucous membrane cells and skin. In the production of hormones, the proper functioning of the nervous system, the renewal of organs involved B3. Vitamin B5 is important for the functioning of the circulatory, immune, hormonal systems. B8 normalizes the bowels, reduces cholesterol, reduces blood pressure. B12 is necessary for the health of the liver, nervous system, it takes an active part in the synthesis of new cells.

Pig pulp is rich in vitamin D. The main function of the element is the construction of bone tissue by assimilating magnesium and calcium. Vitamin D ответственен за рост новых клеток, выработку гормонов, силу иммунной системы и ЦНС. Vitamin Е полезен для людей, планирующих завести ребенка, он замедляет процессы клеточного старения организма, понижает концентрацию сахара в крови, способствует укреплению иммунной системы.

The iron contained in the product eliminates anemia, zinc stabilizes the production of enzymes and hormones, copper participates in the synthesis of red blood bodies, manganese improves reproductive functions, and selenium is a powerful natural antioxidant. Calcium is the main element of bone tissue, magnesium is important for the metabolism process, sodium stabilizes the nervous system, potassium is responsible for the alkaline balance of the blood. Phosphorus is involved in energy metabolism.

In clinical nutrition should be preferred lean pork containing less calories and fat. Consume of lean varieties is useful for gastritis with high acidity of the stomach, anemia, impaired kidney and metabolic process.

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