How many calories in pomegranate?

Pomegranate is a tasty and healthy fruit. He is a berry, but it does not prevent people from classifying it as fruit. The fruit is consumed in fresh form, but in the domestic market has great popularity and pomegranate juice. And the chefs prepare an aromatic sauce from this fruit, called narsharab. We suggest you find out how many calories are in garnet, consider the beneficial properties and chemical composition fetus.

Chemical composition and nutritional value of pomegranate

What is the nutritional value of pomegranate in 100 grams? In the fruit no fat, the protein content is estimated at 0.9 g, and carbohydrates – in 13.9 g. The concentration of fiber in garnet is high – 5 grams. And this – a little less than a quarter of the daily need for it. Pomegranate juice on 10-20% consists of sugar (depending on the sweetness of the fruit), another 9% – These are acids: malic and citric.

Even 1 garnet contains a large amount of iron. This trace element is useful to consume with low hemoglobin, anemia. In turn, potassium and magnesium regulate the work of the circulatory systems that increase the elasticity of vessel walls and support heart muscle, and B vitamins normalize the state of the nervous systems and improve skin condition. Among other beneficial substances contained in pomegranate, you should highlight folic acid, calcium, vitamins C and P.


Calories pomegranate per 100 grams

Women trying to lose weight with diets are paying great attention to the calorie intake of foods consumed. The energy value of pomegranate, like most other fruits, low Slightly more calories contains natural fruit juice. The most nutritious product made from it, is pomegranate sauce. Light the calorie content of the fruit in detail.

Fresh peeled

Different varieties of pomegranate differ in taste and calorie content. But on The Russian market is represented by only one type of fruit, energy whose value ranges from 50 to 55 kilocalories per 100 grams. We recommend to consider the average: 52 kcal, related to pre-peeled fruit.

The mass of a small fruit (1 pc) is 250 grams. The energy value of this fruit reaches 130 calories. A large pomegranate can weigh up to 500 grams. So, in 1 piece large size can contain up to 260 kcal. If you are sitting on diet, eat no more than 1 small pomegranate per day (or half large fruit). This amount will be enough to improve metabolism and cause the body to start burning fat deposits

In pomegranate juice

Getting pomegranate juice at home is not difficult even case you don’t have a juicer. Mash your hands with ripe fruit. in the peel so that the grains burst. Then cut off part of the peel and squeeze the juice. Pomegranates with grains are considered useful. dark burgundy color. Yes, and obtained when squeezing juice more sweet and fragrant.

The benefits of pomegranate juice can not be overemphasized. He is wide used in medicine for millennia. Boost hemoglobin, strengthening the immune system, beneficial effects on heart, liver, kidneys, stomach, virus protection, vessel cleaning, excretion of toxins from the body is a small part of its beneficial properties. Calorie rich in minerals and enzymes pomegranate juice is estimated by nutritionists at 64 kcal per 100 milliliters (or 640 kcal per 1 liter).

In pomegranate sauce

The method of obtaining pomegranate sauce is quite simple: fruits cleaned from the peel and partitions. Squeezed out of pure grains the juice, which then thickens and boils down, after which 20% remains its initial volume. Lemon juice is added to evaporated juice, sugar, coriander seeds, basil, laurel, cinnamon and pepper. Pomegranate Narsharab sauce is a thick dark liquid. Him энергетическая ценность достигает 270 килокалорий на 100 grams. The caloric content of the narsharab sauce is 270 kcal per 100 grams product.

Fruit Benefit for Health < / h2>

The vitamins, micro and macronutrients that make up the pomegranate are good for our body. Therefore, this fruit is a panacea for many troubles. Let’s consider its properties and peculiarities of its influence on the organism:

  1. Vitamin C, which is high in pomegranate, strengthens the immune system and protects you from colds. < / li>
  2. Vitamin P strengthens the walls of blood vessels and makes them more elastic. In addition, regular consumption of pomegranate reduces blood pressure, so the fruit is recommended for people suffering from hypertension. < / Li>
  3. Vitamin B6 has a beneficial effect on the nervous system, helps to cope with stress. < / li>
  4. Tannins that make up the fruit have disinfectant properties, neutralize tuberculosis, dysentery and E. coli. < / li>
  5. Tannin present in pomegranate has a “knitting effect” on the digestive system, therefore pomegranate is useful in diarrhea. < / li>
  6. Iron increases hemoglobin levels. This элемент необходим людям, страдающим от малокровия.
  7. Fresh pomegranate juice cleanses the body of toxins, normalizes metabolic processes, thereby starting the process of burning fat deposits. Antioxidants normalize the functioning of the stomach and increase appetite. On the calorie pomegranate for weight loss should not pay attention. < / Li>
  8. This экзотический плод можно принимать для смягчения кашля и вывода слизи из бронхов.
  9. The fruit is also useful for men: by improving blood circulation, it prevents the development of erectile dysfunction. < / li>
  10. Pomegranate is the best way to prevent stomach cancer. In addition, ellatoganine protects women from breast tumors. < / Li>
  11. Fruits are recommended to be taken for people rehabilitating after surgery. They restore strength. < / Li>
  12. Children who consume pomegranate juice, according to recent research, are more savvy than their peers. < / li>
  13. Pomegranate is useful for people suffering from atherosclerosis, malaria and general depletion of the body. The substances in it help to cope with these ailments. < / Li> < / ol>

    For the female body < / h3>

    Pomegranate is very useful for the fair sex:

    • The female hormone estrogen contained in pomegranate, facilitates the manifestation of menopause in the fair sex, and prevents the development of depression. < / li>
    • If you want to get pregnant – drink a glass of juice in the first week and a half of the menstrual cycle. Due to this, hormone production by the ovaries is normalized. < / Li>
    • Fruits or juice (in small quantities) should be consumed during pregnancy, as there is often iron deficiency in the mother’s body. < / li> < / ul>

      Pomegranate damage to the body < / h2>

      The consumption of pomegranate in some cases may be fraught with latent danger, therefore, it is not recommended to exceed the permissible rate:

      1. Concentrated pomegranate juice has a negative effect on tooth enamel due to the acids present in it. For this reason, we recommend diluting the drink with water, and then rinsing the mouth after drinking. < / Li>
      2. A pomegranate with stones contains citric acid. It irritates the gastric mucosa, so the fruit should not be carried away by people suffering from gastritis, pancreatitis, or high acidity. < / Li>
      3. The bones themselves cannot be consumed in gastritis, ulcers and enteritis. < / li>
      4. It is undesirable to eat and peel: it contains substances harmful to the body – pelletierin, isoopletierin. < / li>
      5. Pomegranate, like some other fruits, can increase allergic manifestations. < / li>
      6. When hemorrhoids or cracks in the anus, consuming fruits can cause a burning sensation. Not the best way pomegranate affects people suffering from chronic constipation. < / Li> < / ol> |

        How many pomegranates can you eat per day? < / h2>

        In order not to harm the body and not provoke the development of hypervitaminosis, adults can eat no more than 250 grams of pomegranate per day, children – a maximum of 150 grams. Nutritionists recommend limiting the amount of juice consumed. 300 milliliters per day is an indicator that should not be exceeded. It is advisable to dilute the concentrated juice with purified water, adhering to a ratio of 1 to 1.


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