Household magic: how to guess on the wallfor hours

This is one of the simple, but fairly truthful.
divination, which will help predict future events. For his
you only need one item – a mechanical watch with
arrows. Ideally, if this clock is old, but you can
ordinary, only mandatory condition that they have

Divination Rules

In the place where you will guess, the lights should be turned off and lit.
a few candles (the number does not matter, you can take any).

Lay a white cloth on the table and place the clock.

Remove from them the front case and small arrow. Leave
just great.

Close your eyes and start turning the arrow in the opposite direction,
mentally counting to twelve. Then stop and look at

At what number you stopped the arrow – it will tell you about
the future. If the arrow has not stopped between two digits –
choose the smaller one.


Numeral 1 – год спокойствия и стабильности.
No changes are expected of you, neither good nor bad.
Numeral 2 – если вы будете несерьезно относиться к
your own health, you expect a protracted illness. Numeral
– у вас много планов, которые вы хотите воплотить.
However, relying solely on luck is not worth it. You must
make every effort, and then everything that is conceived, necessarily
come true. Numeral 4 – вам нужно быть крайне
prudent, cautious and concentrated. Can not lose
reason and sobriety of mind. You can be trapped by various
troubles ranging from a banal wallet loss to a big
betrayal. Numeral 5 – вас ждет небывалый
financial success and unexpected enrichment. And all this thanks
your incredible effort. Good luck on your side, so nothing
do not be afraid. Numeral 6 – встречайте свои неприятности
with your head held high and do not lose your dignity. And then
even the biggest problems that are most likely already waiting
you, you will be absolutely scared. Numeral 7 – в
Overall, the year will not be easy, but you’re still on your way to a career
success and financial stability. Numeral 8
frustrations and quarrels in love. Waiting for you or a very large scandal with
parting or treason of the second half or complete loss
understanding, which will lead to a gap. Numeral
– вначале вас ждут одни неприятности, причем это будет
touch all walks of life. But soon all problems will recede, and
the light band will start. Numeral 10 – вас ждет
fateful meeting. Perhaps it will be a new strong love or
same reliable friend. About this higher forces are silent. Numeral
– вам просто невероятно начнет везти. All affairs will be
get along, peace will be in the soul, and a good mood is just
will not let you go. Numeral 12 – вас ждут
significant changes, that’s just what – is unknown. Can be
both bad and good changes that will affect your
familiar life

Such divination can be carried out as independently,
and in the company of friends. It not only helps to look into the future,
but also easily diversifies leisure.

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