Homeopathy – a universal method of losing weight

When traditional methods of weight control do not help,
there is a question about alternative medicine. Homeopathy lately
time is becoming increasingly popular. And homeopaths
used for the correction of natural weight highly diluted
substances of animal, plant and mineral origin.

Homeopathy - a universal method of losing weight


  • The essence and principle of homeopathy for weight loss
  • 15 homeopathic slimming products and their
  • Homeopathic Slimming Drops
  • Duration of homeopathic medicines
  • Homeopathy as a way to lose weight (video)

The essence and principle of homeopathy for weight loss

Homeopathy works on the principle of “such a cured
like. ” That is, the symptoms caused by any substance, this
the same substance can be cured.

In homeopathy, it is common to divide people according to constitutional
types. There are only three of them and each of them recommended their own way to
weight loss:

  • Oxygen people. This is slender
    men and women who are always in great shape. Have them
    accelerated metabolism, and they do not get better, so that neither ate.
    Homeopaths associate accelerated metabolism in such people with
    an excess of oxygen in the blood. Representatives of this group more often
    complain about the shortage of weight, and not on its excess. To such people
    homeopaths recommend rejecting coffee-containing beverages,
    which accelerate metabolic processes. We also recommend to read.
    article “How to quickly gain weight?”.
  • Печеночные люди. People with slow motion
    metabolism, the tendency to be overweight. This is a terrible sweet tooth (than
    can you replace the sweet and flour?). Such a pathological craving for
    sweet homeopaths are associated with poor liver functionality.
    Low liver activity affects the rate of exchange
    processes and quality of food digestion. For example, liver
    such people are difficult to cope with fatty, spicy, smoked food.
    There is an accumulation of toxins and overweight. By
    According to homeopaths, the way out is to take drugs
    increase hepatic activity, as well as the means of accelerating the exchange
  • Carbon people. Representative of this
    groups are extremely inclined to corpulence. Have them медленный обмен веществ, что
    over time leads to weight gain. Their body needs fatty
    tissue. Carbon people are strongly advised not to starve or
    stick to lean diets. Homeopaths recommend such people
    to direct all forces to accelerate metabolism, for which to take
    preparations which include Glauber’s salt. Also to them
    It is recommended to take homeopathic medicines with active
    component of calcium carbonate.

Each person is an individual and homeopathic remedies for
weight loss, which helped a girl lose weight, can not have
no effect on the body is different. Byэтому рекомендуется
consult a homeopath before taking the course
will help you find what is right for you.

15 homeopathic slimming products and their

Homeopathic preparations do not act miraculously,
literally “dissolving” fat. They only stimulate the metabolism
which is already important.

About 180 active ingredients are used in homeopathy,
aimed at losing weight, among the most effective and popular
can highlight:

  1. Calcarea Carbonica or carbonate
    , который получают из раковин устриц. Displays
    Excess fluid from the body. The drug is prescribed to people with
    classic obesity, slow metabolism, and
    patients suffering from various digestive problems;
  2. Natrum muriaticum или хлорид натрия.
    The drug is prescribed to those who have excess weight in the area
    hips and buttocks. Byмогает также при депрессии и анемии. Byказан
    people who cannot live without fatty foods;
  3. Lycopodium или плаун булавовидный.
    It has a laxative effect. Byказан людям с зависимостью от
    sweet, suffering from flatulence and constipation. Recommended for
    slow digestion;
  4. Nux Vomica или чилибуха рвотная.
    Reduces the feeling of hunger (other ways that reduce appetite).
    Recommended for sedentary people dependent on
    spicy and fatty foods, coffee and alcohol;
  5. Antimonium Crudum or Three Sulfur
    Strengthens the nervous system, relieves symptoms
    stress that accompany the process of losing weight. Byказан полным
  6. Ignatia amara или
    чилибуха игнация
    The drug reduces the feeling of hunger.
    Byказан при расстройствах пищеварения;
  7. Sulfur или сера. Drug removes
    excess fluid from the body. It has an absorbable
  8. Carduusmarianus
    или расторопша пятнистая
    It has a laxative effect. Byказан также пациентам,
    suffering from hemorrhoids and liver disease;
  9. Phosphoricumacidum
    или фосфорная кислота
    Byказан для облегчения симптомов метеоризма, ускоряет обмен
  10. Bariumcarbonicum
    Нейтральный углекислый
    . Displays излишки жидкости из
  11. Anacárdium или Анака́рдиум. Byказан
    with heartburn and indigestion, removes excess fluid from
  12. Chelidonium или чистотел большой.
    It is a powerful laxative, shown people with unhealthy
    addiction to meat;
  13. Ammonium carbonicum or ammonium
    Displays излишки жидкости, показан
    sweet tooth;
  14. Taraxacum или одуванчик. Laxative
    the drug is indicated for disorders in the gastrointestinal
  15. Сalciumcarbonicum или
    кальциум карбоникум
    . Byказан при
    slow metabolism, removes excess fluid.

Homeopathic medicines offer a number of benefits to those who
wants to lose weight:

  • Treatment of overweight with such drugs is absolutely safe.
    even for pregnant women;
  • No side effects observed;
  • Can be combined with taking other drugs;
  • Целенаправленно влияют на ускорение обмена substances;
  • Favorable effect on the digestive processes;
  • Eliminate cravings for sweets;
  • Strengthen the nervous system;
  • Normalize lipid metabolism;
  • Eliminate the irritability that often accompanies attempts
    lose weight

The use of natural drugs for weight loss does not cancel
exercise, healthy living and proper
power supply.

Homeopathic Slimming Drops

Modern drugs for weight loss are available in various
forms. Homeopathy in this regard is also not inferior. Among the most
популярных гомеопатичексих капель для похудения can highlight:

  • Капли ФЭТ-Х – российский
    homeopathic medicine. It is a source of chromium picolinate and
    group B vitamins. Blocks cravings for sweets, stabilizes jumps
    blood sugar levels quickly regenerates muscles after
    physical exertion. Byказаны тем, кто занимается спортом для
    weight loss. FET-X have a pleasant “candy” taste thanks to
    artificial sweeteners;
  • «Нова Фигура». As part of drops
    only herbal ingredients: licorice extract, rhubarb,
    hawthorn, lily of the valley, birch leaves, horsetail conifer. Byмогают
    deal with hunger, speed up the metabolism and
    digestive processes;
  • Fire Fit. Drops suppress appetite
    accelerate metabolism, remove toxins, toxins and excess liquid from
    organism. As part of drops: плоды гуарани, экстракт кактуса,
    lemon extract and L-carnitine.
  • Swiss homeopathic drops
    The basis of the component – structured talaya
    water extracted from mountain glaciers. Melt water promotes
    очищению и омоложению organism. Also drops contain
    vitamin-mineral complex, activates metabolic processes and
    extracts of alpine plants (bluish saxifrage and cloves
    alpine), which reduce appetite and promote rapid
    fat splitting;
  • RestorHCG. In its composition contain:
    human chorionic gonadotropin (HCG), five-leaf ginseng, arginine,
    bubble fucus, levarnitin, ornithine, glutamic acid,
    leucine, vitamin B12, magnesium phosphate, sodium phosphate. Almost all
    components of the drops are aimed at burning fat.

Even though homeopathy is considered harmless, before
any use of drugs, you must consult with
a specialist.

Duration of homeopathic medicines

The duration of treatment depends on the individual characteristics.
organism. Some slimming can take more than a year,
someone extra weight will take a couple of months. Byмимо приема
homeopathic remedies recommended to stick
proper daily routine – do not eat after 18:00, engage
sports and give up fatty and sweet food.

Homeopathy as a way to lose weight (video)

About the benefits of homeopathy and precautions, as well as about
what is still not recommended to use homeopathic
drugs, as described in the video.

There are cases when diets and sports do not help
lose those extra pounds. Homeopathy has a huge arsenal
means of struggle with excess weight. Peculiar and individual approach
To the solution of the problem provides a guaranteed result.
in almost 80% of cases. To choose your homeopathic
funds need to consult a homeopathic physician.

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