Homemade pita – recipe for yeastleaven

Today I will show you how homemade pita is prepared. The recipe is very
simple and fast. The preparation of eight cakes will take about
half an hour. And it’s nice to eat warm homemade bread.

Last time we had a homemade yeast-free pita. Recipe with
I like yeast more. Pete is softer and more textured.
more like a shop, only tastier.

pit15 Помните, что пита на дрожжевой leaven не должна быть
ruddy, the color should remain white, then the porous structure,
formed in the fermentation process, will remain.


pit1 – a pound of flour – 1 tsp of salt – 1 tsp of sugar –
0.75 tsp. Yeast – 2.5 tbsp. spoons of oil – 300 ml of water


Dissolve the yeast in warm water. Wait for the foam to appear.
pit3 In a bowl for kneading pour flour, sugar, salt.
Knead using a mixer or hands for 5 minutes.

pit4 In the process of mixing, with the mixer turned on, pour
warm water, fermented yeast and at the very end – vegetable
butter. pit2 Stir for another ten minutes, until the dough becomes
homogeneous. pit7 Shape a ball and place it in a clean bowl.
pit6 Cover with foil and let the dough rise. pit8 Half an hour later the dough came. pit5 Press it and leave for a second time to lift. pit16 Without adding flour, form a ball. Divide it by 4
parts. pit11 Now each part is divided in half and from each
roll the ball. pit10 Roll the balls into a circle with a diameter of 13-15 cm.
pit9 The oven should warm up to 250 degrees.
Place the pita in the oven. 4 minutes after the start of baking
cakes will begin to swell. Hold for 2 minutes and remove.
pit14 Cover the finished homemade pita with a towel so that they
they were not weathered and remained soft. pit13 You can cut the pita in half with culinary scissors.
It is convenient to fill this pocket with salad, vegetables, meat or
come up with your recipe. pit12

In the east, falafel – chickpea patties are often put in pita
spicy white sauce is added. Very tasty, especially when all
homemade. Enjoy your meal.

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