Holiday hit – a brilliant New Yearmanicure

Дизайн новогоднего manicureа может быть разнообразным настолько,
as far as fantasy allows. He has no strict rules in
regarding the choice of color lacquer and decor. If in everyday life
an abundance of sparkles on the nails is not welcome, then in the New Year’s image
They fit perfectly. The undisputed leader of the winter holidays
является золотой manicure. This color is recommended not only
designers, but also astrologers, as he is protected by the symbol
coming year Yellow Earth Pig. In addition, golden nails
Fits perfectly in a festive look, look beautiful on the background
garlands, salutes and bengal lights. No less attractive
имеет серебряный manicure, вызывающий ассоциацию с серебряными
decorations, festive tinsel and snow.

Spangles can be used in the form of varnish with glitter or dry,
small or large, of any color and shape. If at creation
праздничного manicureа сложно выбрать цвет блесток, можно
combine several favorite colors.

Glitter styling

The easiest way to glitter nails is to use
glitter. За много лет своего существования такой manicure не только
not lost its popularity, but, on the contrary, with each season
becoming increasingly in demand. Glitters can be used in
as a base coat or for drawing individual

На сегодняшний день известно множество видов manicureного
glitter. There are several classifications of it. For example,
considering its size, it is distinguished:

  • Dust. Very small sparkling particles (glitter dust), similar
    on acrylic dust, which are rubbed into the nails covered with color
    varnish. The great advantage of using dust is that
    adjust the saturation of nails shine. Такой manicure выглядит
    spectacular and festive, but not catchy.
  • Sand bellion. It is a small ball-like grains,
    which are larger than pollen, but smaller rhinestones. Spangles can be any
  • Rhinestones. Common material in nail art. Suitable for
    создания как повседневного, так и праздничного manicureа. More often
    not colored, but colorless stones are used.
  • Fishnet sparkles. This decor will add originality to any
    manicureу. They can be carved, figured, in the form of stars,
    signs of the zodiac, geometric shapes or in the form of holographic
    волокон для создания эффектного manicureа омбре.

To work with small particles using a brush, sparkles
Larger spread with tweezers or a special stick. Dry
the gloss is applied to a wet coat of varnish to make it better

Glitter mixed with varnish is much easier to use, but its
It is also recommended to finish with a layer of fixer.

Color selection

  • Light shades. Нежно и женственно смотрится светлый manicure,
    supplemented with glittering star dust. You can embody such a design
    в виде французского manicureа, заменив белый лак для улыбки
    glitter Such design will harmoniously fit into any
    image, both everyday and festive. Design fit
    girls who prefer the classic french but want it
    modify slightly.
  • Nude Nudes include: beige, solid, pripylennye and
    powder tones, as well as others that have a natural look.
    Смотрится нюдовый manicure оригинально и благородно. Given the fashion
    на все натуральное и естественное, нюдовый manicure является трендом
    of the season. On a transparent top you can place in a chaotic order.
    glitter or make arbitrary strokes and brilliant highlights.
  • Dark tones. Manicure made with dark colors also
    Universal, as light neyl-art. Its popularity does not depend on
    time of year and style of clothes. Black, burgundy, brown,
    purple or marsala-colored coating always looks noble and
    emphasizes a sense of style. Более эффектный вид темный manicure
    has on short neat nails. Such a design is always possible
    add gold, silver glitter or pick up sparkles to match
  • Яркие colors. Bright nail art, of course, is more suitable for
    весенне-летнего сезона, но при создании новогоднего manicureа, тоже
    You can use bright varnishes. For example, голубой, бирюзовый,
    purple. BUT желтый manicure, вообще может стать хитом новогодних
    holidays, as he is protected by the symbol of 2019 – Yellow
    Pig. The main thing is not to be afraid of experiments and take into account the compatibility
    the selected tone with the color of the festive attire.
  • Red. Red lacquer has long become an ageless classic.
    nail art. Для создания праздничного manicureа дизайнеры предлагаю
    a huge selection of shades of red: coral, scarlet, cherry and
    others. You can combine one of the tones of red with glitter
    contrasting shade. For any holiday fit spectacular
    красно-черный manicure.
  • Pink. Романтичный и женственный розовый manicure нравится
    to many. Но, чтобы он не превратился в manicure для Барби, сочетать
    it should be very careful with glitter. Pink goes well with
    a large number of colors, and this property can be used
    при создании праздничного manicureа. BUT geometric pattern
    блестками заставит однотонный розовый manicure заиграть
    in a new way.
  • Blue. Blue lacquer is one of the most suitable for
    создания новогоднего nail art. Deep, rich color is excellent
    complement the New Year’s image. Against its background, it looks beautiful red,
    green and white sparkling decor. For example, снежинки или елочки,
    made with small glitter or large rhinestones and sparkles.
  • Gray. For a long time, gray was considered dull and not festive.
    color. But thanks to its variability and good compatibility with
    other colors, attitudes have changed. Luxurious view has
    серый manicure с синим или голубым сверкающим акцентом.
  • Green. Green varnish with glitter is more suitable for others.
    New Year’s image. It is associated with a sparkling New Year
    Christmas tree and combined with almost any New Year’s image.

Сияние и блеск manicureа отлично впишется в праздничный образ,
make it brighter and more attractive.

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