High intensity interval training forslimming

aerobic exercise is a necessary component of healthy
lifestyle, as well as an effective tool in the fight against unnecessary

But newcomers, who start their studies with great enthusiasm
sport, over time, wasting all his enthusiasm, “thanks”
monotonous and boring nature of the loads.

High intensity interval training is brand new.
революционный подход в вопросах slimming, который путем внедрения
cycling over activity in your regular workouts
allows you to squeeze out of them the maximum result for a shorter
time interval.

Другими словами, интервальная тренировка для slimming – это
exercise program that provides for alternating load
high and low level of intensity and allows for 20
Minute cut to burn the same amount of calories as at 60
minutes of moderate intensity.

Also a good discovery is that high intensity
interval training continues to encourage increased consumption
calories for another 24 – 48 hours after its completion.


The basics of high-intensity interval training for

Important discovery

In 2006, an interesting study was published on
effects of high intensity interval load on level
fat oxidation. It analyzed eight women with
healthy weight, which received 10 cycles of interval training:
four minutes of work on a stationary bike at a fast pace and 2
minutes of rest. The researchers tracked the oxygen peak of women
muscle glycogen levels and fatty acid transport during
and after exercise.

As a result, they found that after seven 60-minute
high intensity workouts for two weeks
research rate of fat oxidation increased by as much as

Types of training

Interval training is of three types:

  • Routine interval training includes alternating
    short stages of increased activity, which are replaced by periods
    low intensity.
  • High Intensity – use short flash work in
    high pace, which are replaced by moderate training stages
    intensity. In both of these methods, the time of the active phase and phase
    rest is fixed and calculated for maximum consumption
  • Fartlek is a Swedish method of obtaining interval load,
    which is based on the level of stress exercising as
    will prompt him at what point it is necessary to switch the training mode.
    For example, a runner runs a sprint until he can physically
    do it, then it moves at its usual pace and
    stabilizes breathing to go back to the quickest possible



Interval training has many health benefits.
due to the increased intensity of the load. You burn
more calories because the pulse rises higher plus you
use more energy to complete powerful surges
activity, and switching between modes teaches your body
use anaerobic systems more efficiently.

Moderate-intensity rest intervals teach your muscles
get rid of waste more efficiently resulting in
reduce pain and cramps. And the last – high-intensity
interval training helps to increase the number of
produced oxygen, which allows you to more of it
deliver to the muscles without feeling short of breath.

All these undeniable benefits will help you follow better.
вашей запланированной программе для slimming, а значит быстрее
achieve your goal.

How it works?

High intensity workouts force your body to constantly
switch between aerobic and anaerobic activities.

During the moderate phase, your body works in aerobic
conditions using oxygen for energy. But as soon as
you dramatically increase the intensity for a short period
time, your body needs much more energy than it can
take from supplemental oxygen so your body
switches to anaerobic mode, using as energy
carbohydrate and fat stores.

Anaerobic regimen can not last very long: the pace of training
falls and comes back to aerobic activity. This gives
the body is able to recover and get rid of metabolic
waste your muscles before the time comes for a new speed train



Another factor that sets high intensity
interval training method is the recovery period. AT
In conventional interval training, there is a big difference between
intervals, so even after very intense loads
recovery is quite easy. For example, a runner is running
sprint and then just walks or even completely
it stops.

AT высокоинтенсивной интервальной тренировке вы используете
active recovery which means that you will
move at a moderate pace during the “rest” phase. It means,
what after the sprint, you continue to work at your usual pace until
it’s time for a new leap.

It prevents the body from full recovery and keeps
heart rate higher, allowing you to significantly increase
количество израсходованных calories.


Of course, high intensity interval training method
involves some risk. To reduce it is not worth it
to train in this way more than twice a week,
keeping at least one day of rest between sessions.
Begin to engage gradually, eventually lengthening the intense
intervals with increasing fitness.

To control the heart rate, use
пульсометр, whatбы убедиться, what ваша ЧСС никогда не поднимается
higher than the maximum (heart rate max = 220 – your age). If you are new
or have chronic diseases, consult a doctor
before the start of any intense interval training.

Программа интервальной тренировки для slimming

0. Начинайте с разминки на велосипеде или ходьбы в
for 5 – 10 minutes with a heart rate of 60
– 75% of your maximum. If you are new в интервальном
training, then start with short periods of high activity of 30

1. Освободите некоторое пространство и подготовьте 3 или
5 kg dumbbells. ATыполните каждый из пяти интервалов
sequentially, and then repeat the cycle a total of 2 – 3
times Start with squats. Убедитесь, what ваши колени и пальцы
stop forward when you squat. Glancing
вниз, whatбы контролировать расположение стоп, выполните 10 – 15
squats. Then jump rope for 30 seconds.
at the fastest, but convenient pace for you. After lower your
pulse level of a 30 second walk in place.

2. ATозьмите в руки гантели, ноги на ширине плеч. ATыполняя
10 to 15 repetitions, bend your arms on the biceps,
Push the dumbbells up for the shoulders and push the dumbbells from behind the head for
triceps. This is followed by a 30 second run on the spot in
maximum and 30 seconds alternate rises on a step platform in
moderate pace.

3. Следующий интервал начинайте с отжиманий. Focusing
kneel or place your palms on high ground, do 8 – 10
repetitions, and then go to 30 seconds of jumps on
rope. Walking in place for 30 seconds will allow you
reduce heart rate.

4. Удерживая гантели, слегка наклонитесь вперед и
Begin to perform 10 to 15 consecutive baffles of both dumbbells.
torso until elbows are bent
directed upwards. Then jump left and right for 30
секунд, whatбы увеличить heart rate. For
recovery follow the step platform with moderate
интенсивностью в течение еще 30-ти seconds


5. For последнего интервала лягте на тренировочный
mat. Slowly, feeling the tension of the abdominal muscles,
lift straight legs up to the ceiling, tearing the buttocks off the floor.
Then proceed to 30 seconds of intense jumping with turns.
body, holding his hands parallel to the floor.

ATозьмите 60 – 90 секундный период восстановления, whatбы снизить
heart rate. When you’re ready, try
perform a few more cycles, starting with the first one.

Interval training exercises – program for

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