Herpes during pregnancy

Herpes during pregnancy
Sun, Oct 30, 2016

Herpes is a viral infection, the causative agent of which is
herpes simplex virus of several types. About herpes, many people
They know not only by hearsay. According to statistics, only 5% of the population
The earths have sustained immunity to this disease. Deceit
virus is that it can be present in human
body for years, not showing itself, and when weakening
The body’s defenses are manifested by various unpleasant
phenomena that depend on the type of virus.

Unfortunately, due to hormonal changes in the body
pregnant, his immune defense is reduced, so the woman
It turns out to be vulnerable to a number of hidden diseases, including
including herpes. In pregnant women, herpes infection is more common.
of all manifested as a cold on the lips in the form of a fever
(labial herpes), or in the form of genital herpes, which
sexually transmitted and is more dangerous for the child.

Causes of herpes during pregnancy

As we have said, most people are carriers of the virus.
herpes Pregnant woman at risk of contracting the virus
herpes in the absence of antibodies in her blood that can
protect her body and the body of the baby, that is, if she had not previously
had this disease before pregnancy. In case earlier
she has already experienced herpes, then in the period of gestation
baby’s illness she may worsen.

As a rule, the causes of exacerbations include
hypothermia, stress, overwork and various infectious
Diseases in the form of flu, sore throats, ARVI.

Symptoms of herpes during pregnancy

Depending on the clinical manifestations, genital herpes
happens typical and atypical. Its incubation period lasts from 3
up to 9 days. As a rule, the disease is manifested by fever,
headache, muscle pain, nausea.

External sign of labial herpes are herpetic
bubbles that appear on the lips. As a rule, they are preceded by
itching or discomfort in the lips, accompanied by malaise and
a slight increase in temperature, as well as swelling and
sore lips. Over time, herpetic vesicles explode,
clear liquid flows out of them. In their place are formed

Genital herpes can be recognized by appearing on the vulva,
vagina, cervix, urethra numerous
small bubbles with liquid, as well as redness and swelling
affected area. Over time, the bubbles burst to form
ulcers that can heal from 2 to 4 weeks. Rash of bubbles and
the formation of ulcers is complemented by itching, pain, burning, heaviness below

Urinary lesion is characteristic of the primary episode of the disease.
systems that may manifest themselves in different ways, ranging from
slight pain and burning during urination until urine retention,
edema and significant pain in the urethra. Their cause
are extensive herpetic ulcers affecting the bladder and

What is dangerous herpes during pregnancy

Herpes virus can be very dangerous during pregnancy.
primary infection of the woman, as in the case of its penetration
miscarriage may occur through the placenta into the baby’s body (especially
this is typical for the first trimester of pregnancy). Besides,
the virus can cause the development of various malformations
of the fetus in the form of damage to the central nervous system, serious
congenital brain defects, visual impairment, hearing and various
abnormalities in the development of the fetus. If a woman becomes infected with the herpes virus
in the third trimester of pregnancy, it may end
stillbirth or birth of a baby with brain damage.

If a woman before pregnancy already had herpes or was
carrier of the virus, it has antibodies in the body that
protect your baby from the harmful effects of the virus.

With genital herpes, which worsened shortly before giving birth,
usually, caesarean section is chosen as the delivery method,
so that the child does not become infected, moving along the infected generic
ways. However, a natural delivery is also possible, for
the virus is neutralized by taking certain
drugs prescribed by the doctor.

Treatment of herpes during pregnancy

If a pregnant woman has previously experienced herpes, then
she needs to inform the obstetrician-gynecologist about this,
watching her pregnancy. When signs of exacerbation appear
diseases, the future mother should immediately consult a doctor,
since the sooner she is given treatment, the greater the chances
on a successful outcome.

Today there is no medicine that can
completely destroy the virus and guarantee full complete
recovery. However, a pregnant woman who has HSV
or antibodies to herpes, can undergo a course of treatment that promotes
the birth of a healthy baby. For this, future mom is prescribed
drugs that inhibit herpes and increase its immunity. Assign
such drugs can only be a doctor.

From medicines who are usually prescribed to a pregnant woman with
herpes, you can mention the drug Panavir, which is used
internally and externally. In some cases it is allowed to use
antiherpetic ointment acyclovir, which needs to be lubricated foci
rashes. Also used oxolinic, alpizarinovuyu,
tebrofen, tetracycline or erythromycin ointment.

For lubrication of herpes rashes also apply a solution
interferon and vitamin E, promoting rapid healing of wounds.
If immunity is insufficient, the treatment is complementary.

Instructions for some drugs indicate that they are
should not be used by pregnant women. In this case, the woman should
trust your doctor, who prescribes her treatment,
Guided by the fact that harm from an uncured infection is
stronger than the harm from taking certain drugs.

For the treatment of herpes can be applied and folk remedies
lubricating rashes with fir oil, chamomile cream or ointment
calendula A highly plentiful hot drink in the form of tea with
honey or viburnum.


Alyona 03/27/2016 I came to the first appointment with herpes on the lip.
The gynecologist reassured me, the baby is protected and he has this disease
will not be. Now I am especially careful, for 6 months I have never
herpes was not. Olenka 03/27/2016 Herpes is different, well,
that i don’t know what it is. Has read the article from the net
curiosity. Feminine opinion – just super. You can find answers to
all questions !!! Vlada 03/27/2016 I did not give herpes
value, but it turns out that the gynecologist also needs to report this.
Thanks to the author, tomorrow I am going to the reception, I will consult on this.
about Luisa 03/27/2016 My mom always had herpes, and we
sister is not passed on. Mom will just freeze, right on the lip
a flower appears and heals for at least a week. LetTo 03/27/2016
I never thought that herpes was so dangerous, I liked the article.
I will be more accurate now. To be honest, I do not like mass
events and large crowds.

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