Heartburn – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Sat, Mar 26, 2016

Изжога представляет собой ощущение жжения,
which is observed mainly in the lower esophagus. Often
heartburn manifests itself in people who have a disrupted stomach
or suffer from gastritis with increased acidity of the stomach.
Usually, heartburn occurs immediately after a meal. If a person
uses potato, bread, pasta on an ongoing basis
products, fish, meat, sugar, as well as other acidic foods,
the problem can catch up at any minute. And vegetable food, on the contrary,
promotes alkalization of the stomach.

Heartburn – Causes

Heartburn can manifest itself for many reasons. Here you can safely
include the use of fatty foods, alcoholic beverages, various
kind of sweets, smoking, as well as all sorts of violations in the work
stomach. Also cause heartburn can serve
wrong diet, overeating or malnutrition, poisoning. Other
words of the reasons can be very diverse. Man may even
and do not guess which way to expect trouble. By the way
chocolate is also one of the causes of such

Often женщины используют всевозможные способы похудения,
нарушая при этом работоспособность своего stomach. In the end, they
start to wonder for what reasons there is discomfort.

The use of certain drugs can also
lead to impaired functionality of the lower esophageal
sphincter These drugs include drugs,
designed to lower blood pressure, various
heart remedies.

Heartburn – Symptoms

Symptoms of heartburn manifest as burning in the chest. Like
sensation may also occur in areas of epigastria, spreading
up. Burning can also be given to the throat, arms, back, jaw.
This feeling is very similar to the pain that occurs during
heart attack. Therefore, when severe pain manifests itself
Breast should immediately seek medical attention.

Heartburn predominantly appears within an hour after
eating food, while it tends to increase when
tilts the body forward or horizontal when occurs
straining, with an act of defecation. The pain can be somewhat reduced
if you change the position of the body or by drinking some water.

Heartburn – Diagnosis

In some cases, heartburn can be so severe that
differential diagnosis will be required. To confirm that
heartburn occurs immediately, burning sensations disappear
relatively quickly after taking antacids.

In order to determine the cause of heartburn, as well as
for the appointment of the correct treatment, a special study is conducted
acidity of gastric juice and the functioning of the lower food

Изжога – treatment

Treatment of burning is based on curing the main disease,
which contributed to the occurrence of heartburn. Simultaneously
used drugs that can neutralize
gastric acid. Antacids are used to treat heartburn.
which can very well extinguish acid without contributing
растягиванию stomach. Can also be used enveloping
means adsorbents.

Так как существует множество различных симптомов, treatment должен
it is the doctor who is prescribed, and medication should be taken
under his supervision.

As for the prevention of heartburn, in this case the main thing is not
overeat, and do not abuse alcoholic beverages. Not
you need to get involved in carbonated drinks and beer, as the gases
contribute to the occurrence of heartburn. Especially important to exclude
курение, которое раздражает слизистую оболочку stomach.


Aleksandra 11.02.2016 I rarely have heartburn, noticed that from
tomatoes or borsch with tomato paste. But I don’t eat tomatoes either
I can, I really love them, so I allow myself sometimes. Not всегда,
but most often the heartburn then begins. But I have always in
first aid kit home Motilak, he is good, quickly and efficiently.
Therefore, once a week you can afford your favorite soup)))

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