Hazel (hazel) – healing properties andmedical use

Sun, 10 Jul 2016

Hazel (hazel) – a general description

Hazel (hazel) – usually a shrub not higher than 3-7 meters
family of birch. Trees are less common. Russian
The name of the tree is due to the shape of the leaves. Really leaves
Filberls resemble bream fish: rather large and broadly oval.
The upper surface of the leaves is dark green, the bottom is more

Male flowers in the form of earrings on short sprigs appear more
in the fall. Having successfully wintered, in the spring they bloom before
appearance of foliage. Female flowers of hazel are like buds. The fruit
Hazel is a well-known brownish-yellow nut,
wrapped in a green plyus in the form of a bell.

The hazelnut fruit is not only a delicacy and raw material.
confectionery industry. They are used both by painters and
perfumers. Thin, flexible and very durable shrub trunks
used for weaving baskets and making hoops for barrels.
Rods, cut from hazel, are not inferior to bamboo.

Since the earliest times magistral properties have been attributed to Leshchina. After all, the vine for
the search for water, treasures and ores was made from hazel.

Hazel – species and places of growth

Hazel grows usually in the undergrowth of deciduous and even mixed
forests. You can meet her throughout the European part of Russia, on
the territory of the Caucasus and Ukraine.

Hazel – medicinal properties

The most important thing is that hazel not only contributes to the treatment of
kind of disease, but also an excellent preventive
means. Hazelnuts can prevent atherosclerosis. But after all
This disease – the leader among diseases of the cardiovascular system.
Its terrible consequences are heart and brain infarction.

Hazel has properties that are comparable in strength to
hamamelis used in the treatment of periphalebitis, varicose veins
varicose veins, capillary hemorrhages, trophic ulcers of the leg,

Treatment of prostate enlargement also contributes

Hazel – dosage forms

As a medicinal raw material, leaves, bark and
hazelnut nuts. Nuts reach full maturity in the fall when they and
collected directly in the bells-pluses. Dry them in a dryer or in
ovens at a temperature of 60-70 ° C. Leaves and bark are usually harvested in May.
They must be dried in the air under a canopy. Beneficial features
leaves and nuts save only one year, and bark – 2 years. Kernels
Hazelnuts are used in a ground form. In addition, from nuts
get butter. From the leaves and bark of hazel make decoctions and tinctures.
Even out of the nutshell and the plus ones make broths.

Hazel Recipes

The crushed kernels of nuts are soaked for eight hours in water.
The swollen mass is ground and brought to a boil. Then you can
add cream, honey and salt to taste. Triple daily intake
2 tbsp will help in the treatment of anemia and lung disease.

Get rid of colitis, fever, hemoptysis, and urolithiasis
The disease will help a mixture of 200 grams of kernels of nuts with 200 ml of water.
Should take 50 ml three times a day. Half an hour after
reception must eat.

If 25 grams of fresh hazel bark pour 250 ml boiling water and
insist four hours, then filtered infusion, taken three times a
50 ml a day before meals, will help with trophic ulcers of the leg,
varicose veins, capillary hemorrhages and

Nut oil is used to enhance hair growth. For this
it is simply rubbed into the scalp. It will also help in getting rid of
ascaris and epilepsy. For this достаточно трехкратного приёма в
день 2 tbsp Place a burn for better healing can be lubricated
peanut butter with chicken egg protein.

Nuts should be included in your diet for diabetics,
atherosclerosis of vessels and arterial hypertension. Nursing
mothers eating hazel nuts in food will increase lactation. The nuts
Hazel leaves contain paclitaxel – an anti-cancer agent, therefore
used as a means of cancer prevention

Hazel – contraindications

The nuts лещины могут спровоцировать аллергические кожные реакции.
You can not use them with psoriasis. If you eat more nuts
50 grams per day, this can cause frontal headache
parts of the head and intestinal surge.

Tinctures and decoctions of leaves and bark can increase arterial
pressure. Individual intolerance to hazelnuts and
drugs from it.


Ulyana 04/27/2016 Never could have imagined that the name
this plant is hazel, derived from the similarity of its leaves with fish
bream!))) I am not a fisherman far away, and such associations never enter my head
come))) But I used the hazelnut oil to restore
hair, and very satisfied. Tatyana 04/27/2016 I understand that
just eating hazel nuts is good
профилактическим средством от различных diseases. Since i
I love nuts in general, but now I’ll put pressure on those. Of course with
considering the maximum allowable rate. Vlada 04/27/2016 I heard about
that with the help of the hazel bark can be prevented many
diseases. Especially, it concerns cardiovascular diseases.
This is a very good tool, because it is better to do prevention than
then treat the disease itself. Valeria 04/27/2016 I always wanted
try to look for some treasure using hazel branches.
About the fact that they are looking for water, I know, and even she never saw how
it happens. Fortunately, I have no problems with water, but
the contents of the treasure, I would be very useful)) Katya 04/27/2016 Yes,
Hazel bark helps very well against varicose veins. Yes
and other diseases treats with success. But about the fact that you can not eat
more than 50 grams of nuts per day, I did not know. By the way, I remember that
somehow I ate a lot of nuts and my head really hurt.

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