Have dinner and lose weight! What should be dinner forlosing weight?

kakim-dolzhen-bit-uzhin-dlya-pohudeniyaThe myth is that
the last meal should be after 6 or 7 pm, long time ago
dispelled by all the nutritionists of the world.

First, few people can fight every day
own body and fall asleep on an empty stomach. Secondly,
those who are used to doing fitness in the evening, do not eat
after training (after 1-2 hours) is really impossible.
It is necessary to seek a compromise, namely, to choose for themselves those options.
dinners that do not harm the figure and even help you lose weight.

First you need to understand exactly what products you need to eat.
in the evening and how to cook them. After all, even raw and, for example,
boiled carrots vary in calories from each other.

Your main goal is to fill the stomach, but not
overeat. Therefore, the process of cooking dinner you need to come up with
mind Below you will find tips, tips and easy dinner recipes.
for weight loss.

What about dinner?

The most suitable option for a full, but low-calorie dinner
– this is soup and salad. Of course, the definition of “soup” does not fall
rich borscht, kharcho and other similar dishes that are
nutritional can immediately replace the first and second.

Prefer light soup on a vegetable, chicken or
lean beef broth without pasta, potatoes or
croup. On the contrary, chop fresh vegetables into the pan, add
more greens and onions. Get tasty and very nutritious.
Add to this a portion of green salad with dressing from a spoon
olive oil, lemon juice or wine vinegar. That’s
It was a light but hearty dinner.

In addition, scientists have long proved that those who regularly eat
soups, as a result, consume less calories and get rid of excess
much faster. Lean meat with vegetables

If you do not follow a vegetarian diet, then excellent
dinner can be boiled or steamed meat. Speech
again not about pork or lamb ribs. But, for example.
100 gr. lean ground beef contain 185 kcal, and the same
The number of turkey – only 95.

You can boil the whole piece or make delicious stuffing
meatballs with greens. Add to them a portion of salad and dinner is ready.
Conveniently, the preparation of healthy food will take no more than 20.

And what’s for dessert?

Of course, sweets, sweets and flours are best avoided.
Dinner cake or cookies does not fit into the framework of a single diet.

If it’s hard for you to give up sweet, try cooking
fresh fruit salad. Any suitable: melon slices, watermelon,
apples or citrus. And if you add 50 grams to the meal. nonfat
cheese or a handful of nuts, you get a full meal with
enough fiber, protein and carbohydrates.

Based on these recommendations, you can create your own
рецепты легкого ужина for weight loss. Take care to eat
there was as much protein and fiber as possible, fewer calories and “empty”

Having dinner and losing weight: tips

  • Say no to carbohydrates. The perfect dinner should contain both
    можно меньшее количество carbohydrates. Therefore, it is better to forget in the evening
    about any pasta and potatoes.
  • Do not starve during the day. This advice is recommended to follow.
    all the nutritionists of the world. The logic here is simple: if you are starving during the day,
    in the evening you risk literally lashing out on food. And by this
    take a step back from the goal of getting rid of excess
  • Strictly adhere to the established caloric intake.
    Most people start losing weight by reducing their diet to
    1200-1600 kcal per day. This means at least 3 meals.
    400 kcal each and 2 snacks of 100 kcal. In other words, your dinner
    should fit into the established energy calorie of 400
    units and do not exceed it.
  • Watch for portion sizes. Nutritionists recommend not to exceed
    the following standards: one meal should consist of 100-150 grams.
    meat or fish, a glass of boiled vegetables and half a glass of a side dish.
    This is maximum. A serving of fruit is one medium sized fruit if
    we are talking about apples, pears or citrus, or 2-3 pieces
    apricots, plums or strawberries.

Reduce portion sizes, as well as adhere to principles
diet food is hard enough, especially if you are used to
there is a lot, at any time and what you want at the moment. But
over time, you get used to the amount of food and the desired result –
getting rid of extra pounds will not take long.

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