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Вт, 13 дек 2016 Автор: Ирина Тарусова

School carefree time quickly flies by. And now, ringing
the last call, inviting to the celebration of the completion of childhood.

Large first-grader bows are replaced by miniature and
delicate bows of graduates. How to create a hairstyle for the last
bell with bows or bows to stand out among
peers and please everyone with its young beauty?

The choice can be huge! The main thing – to decide on
long hair, hairstyle and accessories – miniature bows
or voluminous bows.

Many girls from their early years of needlework and can boast
his works, including, and personally created bows
and bows for hair. They can be attached with studs, stealth,
rubber bands on the hoop. Often they are made from very unusual in color and
texture of fabrics. Yes, and the current stores are filled with a variety of
hair accessories in the form of bows, bows, flowers,
bows-butterflies. Like some? Take – do not hesitate!
Hair can be chosen very easily! Even the simplest hairstyle
instantly transform if it is decorated with a beautiful bow.


Причёски на последний звонок, с бантами (a photo) почти детскими
by the look

This hairstyle is suitable for girls whose hair is medium or
long Well, when the bang allows you to weave a braid out of it. For
a slight “mess” on your head, pre-curl your hair,
any convenient way. Lightly spray with varnish. Distribute
hair hands, not combing. Separate the three strands and begin to weave
braid, alternately adding on each side the right amount
hair. Do not seek special tightening and accuracy. Weave
Spit easy, releasing her “links”, giving them the opportunity to be more
voluminous. Select the direction of the spit as desired. Can do
braid on one side where your bang usually goes. Secure the edges
braids invisible. Pin a beautiful bow.

Hairstyle in the form of a bundle with braids is also very simple in execution.
Stir the length of washed and flushed hair to give
im easy volume. Separate three strands in the temporal zones. Get started
weave braids.

You can do them by dropping each strand under the bottom of the braid (not
up, as usual, we used to weave). Releasing the “links” of the braid,
It creates a very beautiful volume. Pay attention to this if
want to somehow diversify hair. If the usual braid,
the usual braids, the hair still does not lose its charm.
Fix one braid temporarily until you braid it to the end
the second.

Можно фиксировать кончики косичек резинками в цвет hair. Then
Do not have to “mask” gum. Then, take both braids into one
tail at the back of the neck or at the base of the neck. Get started прокручивать волосы в
tail, as if braiding them in a harness, as long as the tail is not
fit on the gum that fixes it. Pin the received
�”Bun” studs to the head. A beautiful bow will be great
the completion of a gentle hairstyle!

Разнообразие причёсок на последний звонок (a photo), с

Bow and harnesses

How to ignore hairstyles for the last call with bows in
in the form of gorgeous flowers? They will give the young image of a girl graduate
even greater tenderness and grace, especially the choice of colors and hairstyles
too huge.

Comb smooth hair. Curl the tips slightly on the curler if
they have no natural waviness. It will give
extra “lightness” your hair. At the temples, highlight
one strand. Twist each strand, twisting around its axis,
to create a peculiar harness. You can make a harness from two parts,
previously twisting each, and then, interweaving them, a friend with
a friend. Secure both strands together. Perhaps closer to one
side or in the middle (on the back of the head). Pin your bow-flower.
Hairstyle is ready!

Bow and headband

If your bow-flower is fixed with a hairpin or stealth, then you
will need to think about how to transfer it to the bandage to
proceed to the next hairstyle. Or make a bandage,
which will help in creating this hairstyle, and then pin to her
bow with the desired side. Hair is very simple and beautiful.

Give clean and dried hair light airiness. May with
using hair all over. If your hair is straight, then you can
Curl any way you want. Наденьте повязку поверх hair.
Visually separate the upper part of the hair to create a hairstyle.
Lower hair will remain lying loose on the shoulders. Get started
twist strands of hair around the dressing, threading each strand and
stretching it. Spread the result. Let it
looks careless, it doesn’t matter. The result will be a beautiful hairstyle
greek goddess Pin the bow-flower to the desired place or
scroll the bandage so that the flower is where it will be
look most beautiful.

Amazing hairstyles for the last call with
bows butterflies

For many years, girls decorate their hairstyles with special
bows, in the form of “male” butterflies. They are very comfortable and are beautiful.
Especially if their patterns and patterns stand out for their sophistication and
unusual solution. Such bow ties can be embroidered with beads.
and bugles, holographic threads and lurex. They are very
Look beautiful in hair styling on young ladies.

Perhaps the easiest hairstyle for the last call with a bow
(a photo) под бабочку — это та, что собирает волосы на затылке. They
can be curled into light curls or remain straight.
The main thing in this hairstyle is to fix the accessory well, so that
during the day he did not “fly away” anywhere.

Причёски на последний звонок с бантом (a photo) — варианты
with butterfly

This hairstyle will be good on straight hair. She’s easy to
performance. You need to find the right bow in the shape of a butterfly to
он не был слишком маленьким и мог «удерживать» пряди hair.

Comb your hair. Securely fasten the bow on the back of the head. Grab
�“Temporal” strand of hair on one side, comb it and throw it behind
the opposite side of the bow. With a strand of hair from the second side,
do the same. Hair is fixed behind the bow,
crosswise. Secure them invisible, so it was imperceptible.
Hair looks very elegant and youthful.

The following hairstyle something reminds, all known,
�”Malvinka”, but it is more refined. Pre, before her
create, wash your hair, dry your hair, spray with varnish or
apply styling mousse. Curl your hair into light curls.
Comb curls optional. You can distribute them with your fingers and
leave a light volume.

Separate the hair at the crown from the rest. Make the root
thick lapped using a special brush. Style your hair
so as not to disturb the volume effect. Pin the clip to the main
hair closer to the back of the head. Attach a bow. Diversify hairstyle
can be rare and thin braids, braided, on top of the rest
части hair. Hairstyle is ready!

Of all the proposed variety, it is easy to choose the one you like.
hairstyle on the last bell with bows, flowers, butterflies, and to be
maybe come up with a new one.

Young ladies love to experiment and are always happy
воплощать в жизнь новые «шедевры» из hair. Important to look at that
the holiday is gentle and feminine perfectly!

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