Hairstyles for graduation for grade 4: we say goodbye toelementary school. Hairdo Ideas for Grade 4 Graduation forgirls

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Заканчивая начальную школу girls мечтают выглядеть, как их
favorite princesses or just like their own moms. For parents,
this is also a very important time associated with the choice of attire,
hairstyles for the daughter, a festive event. And in order to
facilitate the task, it is recommended to view this article with the most
Fashionable and beautiful hairstyles for class 4 at the prom.

Hairstyles for prom in 4 class for long hair

It is easier for long-haired girls to come up with a festive hairstyle,
which would ideally be combined with matched outfits. One of
The simplest options are fine curls.

Important! Should not be used for children’s hair,
various curling irons, as they have a negative impact on
hair structure.

To create a resilient, and most importantly super resistant curls,
We recommend using the following method. For the night before
event, you need to braid a lot of thin braids, with
no more than one centimeter thick. Pigtails plaited wet
hair. If a child has naughty hair, then it should be applied to
palm a little mousa hair gel. In the morning, pigtails are unraveled.
They can be slightly combed. Curls can be left fluffed,
By decorating with beautiful hairpins, tiara, and you can also create more
complex hairstyle

Hollywood curls

If there is a desire to create a hairstyle for prom for grade 4
with luxurious Hollywood waves, it should be slightly wet strands
curl hair using foam rollers or paper curlers
papillotok. To create luxurious curls should be done
next steps:

– slightly damp hair should be gently combed, not
I hurt them;

– then apply a little bit of styling to the strands, for

– after which strands are separated and wound on curlers,
papilotki (the second option is better because the child will be able to them
sleep well);

– in the morning, the curlers unwind carefully, strands neatly
combed, created a basal volume, using a small

– the hairstyle can be fixed with a small amount of varnish for

– then you should pin a beautiful hairpin or put on your hair

Hair bow

Another popular hairstyle for prom for grade 4:

– in order to create a simple bow, you should
pre-apply on the entire length of hair styling agent;

– after which you should make a high tail and fix it with
help of transparent silicone rubber;

– further the tail is folded into two parts, so that the bow
about ten centimeters remained;

– the free ends of the hair are displayed on the side of the forehead;

– after which the hair is divided into two parts, loose ends
thrown back and fixed with beautiful

– the sides of the bow are straightened, fixed with
laying means;

– loose ends can be slightly curled and secure

Pigtails and braids

Weaving various harnesses, small braids, openwork braids on
Today are the most popular hairstyles
for graduation for grade 4.

For active girls who will definitely dance and frolic
at the festival, the best option would be circular weaving or
weaving diagonally. In order to give hair festive
You can weave a satin ribbon in your hair or you can decorate it
design, with the help of studs with pearl beads, beautiful
маленькими pins Also volumetric will look beautiful
French braids that can be intertwined with each other and
create an interesting hairstyle.

This method is suitable not only for those who have long hair,
but also to owners of medium length.

If the mother does not own the technique of complex weaving of various
flagella and spikelets, ordinary silicone ones will come to the rescue
Elastics from which you can create a very beautiful hairstyle. Important,
so that the rezinochki were exactly transparent or matched the color
волос girls.

And so in order to create two original, lush,
Holiday braids need to do the following:

– first you need to comb your hair well and
divide them into two equal parts, parted in the middle;

– then slaughter the non-working side with a hairpin to
hair did not interfere during weaving. After the need to allocate at the forehead
a small strand and tighten it with a rubber band;

– after you need to perform the same tail, departing from
the first is a short distance. Next comes back to the first.
tail and divide it into two equal parts, separated by strands
hair should be missed under the lower tail;

– this creates a semblance of a French braid. After that,
how all tails are done, the remaining hair is necessary
braid with reverse braid, i.e. braid strands
laid on the bottom, not on top, as usual;

– at the end of weaving it is necessary to carefully stretch the strands
hair, as the resulting tails, and by the pigtails. The
most creating volume and hiding gum behind the hair. In this case,
the better you get to stretch your hair, the richer will look

This hairstyle can also be supplemented with colored ribbons or
beautiful hairpins. Spit can be joined together to form
thereby a festive wreath.

Also in this way you can create another hairstyle. For her
transparent silicone elastic bands will be required. Pre on
hair is recommended to apply any styling agent. Further
hair going in a high ponytail. Если у girls не
thick hair, then on the tail, you can perform bouffant. After that,
how the tail was assembled, it is necessary to tighten the other gum, a little
departing from the first gum, then tighten another gum and so on
the end. Further необходимо вытянуть волосы межу резинками, создавая
small and neat ball, which should be fixed at
hairspray relief. The resulting balls can be decorated
sparkles, flowers, as long as the decorations were not

Retro hairstyles

If the chosen dress is discreet and elegant is an excellent option
there will be a retro hairstyle. So for example, you can create
elegant beam in minutes using a special roller
for hair. Braid the remaining loose ends into a loose pigtail.
and twist it around the beam. Hairstyle can be supplemented with
bow selected under the tone of the dress. The image will complement the elegant
handbag and gloves.

Hairstyles for short hair

A good solution for short hair is playful curls. Their
также следует делать при помощи бигуди или papillotok. Sure to
basal volume is created so that the design does not look
pinned down. You can decorate your hair with a beautiful hoop with
flowers or small hair clips krabikov.

Если же у girls не слишком короткие волосы, то можно дополнить
strands of curls with small pigtails, which can also be woven
multi-colored ribbons. This hairstyle will look not only
original, but also very easy and playful.

Important advice when choosing hairstyle for prom in grade 4
является то, что не стоит подбирать для girls взрослые модели,
it makes the image heavier, gives it age. On the contrary, it should be
light, airy with beautiful and elegant accessories, ribbons,

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