Growing peppers in a greenhouse is an interestingoccupation. How to grow peppers in the greenhouse: the choice of varieties, watering,top dressing

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Pepper is unsurpassed and with nothing
incomparable taste. By consuming this product, our body gets
many vitamins and nutrients that contribute to the proper
assimilation of food by our body, also subsequently improves

• That’s only if in summer you can buy pepper at very low prices, then
fall for him will have to lay out a good bag. But from any problem
can find a way out. And in this case, the cultivation of pepper in the greenhouse.
This culture is not difficult to provide a suitable temperature regime, and
we, in turn, get a good harvest with excellent flavors

• To avoid material costs, experienced gardeners have mastered
technology of growing peppers in the greenhouse. This process is not
is nothing complicated, but like other plants, pepper when
growing in greenhouse conditions requires careful attention.
To master it, pepper is enough to grow once, then everything
it will turn out by itself.

Choose a variety of pepper for growing in the greenhouse

• There are varieties of peppers suitable for cultivation in the open
soil, there are those that will give the perfect harvest only when
growing in greenhouse conditions. About the most famous and productive
of the latter we will talk.

Кардинал. Early pepper hybrid suitable
only for growing in a greenhouse. Tall plant
reaching 1 meter. Fruits are purple, large, juicy.

Клаудио. Treats early ripe grades, for
ripening, starting from the day of emergence, 115-120 days is enough.
The height of the bush can reach 130 cm. Fruits of elongated shape
dark red color, large.

Атлант. Variety will give early fruits, because
they ripen from the day of emergence in 105-115 days. Bush height not
reaches over 80 centimeters. Ripe red fruit
large, thick-walled, have excellent taste, flesh

Какаду. The early ripe grade of pepper, reaches for
100-110 days. Suitable only for large greenhouses, because
its height can reach up to 1.5 meters, spreading. Fruit Form
elongated cylindrical red. The distinguishing feature is
fetal size, it can reach 500 grams.

Геракл. Refers to mid-season varieties with
large fruits, weight can reach 500 grams. Differ from
Others are excellently preserved, so the variety is often
grown if they plan to sell pepper. Resistant to

Латинос. Early ripe, tall with large
fruits (up to 200 grams), per square meter per season can be obtained
up to 14 kg of fruit.

Preparing pepper seeds for sowing

• Due to the fact that seeds can germinate long enough
(up to a month), sow them early: in late February – early March.

Important! The seeds of the pepper will well grow only fresh,
seeds of the previous year of harvest have a significantly smaller percentage

Preparatory work:

• seeds must be sanitized. For this use 1%
potassium permanganate solution or ordinary potassium permanganate. Soaked in
20 minutes, washed with clean water;

• it is desirable to soak in a solution of ash (wood) or
stimulating preparation for a day, rinse;

• place the seeds on a saucer, to cover the moisture
gauze. Before pecking, make sure that the gauze is not
dried up;

• Hacked seeds are sown in pots to a depth of 10 mm.
The soil in them must be hydrated;

• cover containers with glass or polyethylene, put in
a warm place is a dark place before germination.

Important! The best temperature for germination
+250 С, minimum – +200 С.

Growing pepper seedlings for planting in the greenhouse

As soon as shoots appear in the tanks, the pots must be moved.
to light, polyethylene is gradually removed.

Water the plants must be regularly and timely, and after 12 days
after sprouting, pepper fertilize with liquid complex

When the first two leaves of the young plants need
Dive one by one into containers.

It is possible to plant seedlings in a greenhouse if:

• its age with at least 60 days;

• buds are visible in the leaf axils;

• height reaches 25 centimeters;

• plants of green saturated color;

• 16-17 full sheets will be formed

• plump stalk formed.

Only such a pepper for growing in a greenhouse will delight fast
survival rate, good growth.

We put pepper in the greenhouse

No matter how carefully we try to handle the seedlings when
landing, for her is a big stress. On how produced
landing, the future harvest directly depends.

The temperature in the greenhouse also plays an important role, it should not be
less than +150 C. Therefore, if the greenhouse is not heated, plant
Pepper can only be in the middle of May.

Tip! If the greenhouse is cold, film, such more
suitable for the cultivation of early-ripening peppers
heated, you can safely land tall, more productive

Now it’s time to decide how we will place the pepper in
greenhouse. The distance between them should be meter, in
between rows – at least half a meter. Density from 15 to 40 cm, everything is here
depends on the variety, how tall the plant is and

Tip! The best time to plant is evening.
Before the procedure, seedlings need to be watered properly.

• For disembarking, it is necessary to prepare the wells, each fill with water in
2 liters per well. When disembarking, do not bury much
the stem, since in this case it will be harder for him to grow
strong root system, as a result of its development and growth will slow down.
Bottom sheets are at ground level – this is perfect.

• After placing the seedlings on the pits the soil should be compacted
hands and mulch with peat or humus.

Greenhouse Pepper Care

• So that when growing peppers in the greenhouse, the plants are strong,
gave a good result, the first thing they need to provide is moisture.
If there is a lack of moisture, light brown will form on the fruit.
spots that are converted to gray mold. Water should be warm
settled water under the root of the pepper.

• An important factor is the humidity of the air. To boost it,
You can water the paths or glass greenhouses.

Modern hybrids of peppers require more frequent fertilizing.
Therefore, with each watering it is better to add a mullein infusion to the water.
or herbal tea. Fresh dung is transported by our vegetables.
destructive. During the growing season to fertilize vegetables with mineral
fertilizer need three to four times.

Air must come to the root system, but also to loosen the ground
around is undesirable because their root system
superficial. Therefore, it is better to mulch the soil around with sawdust,
grass, humus ball in 3 centimeters.


Unfortunately, no matter how hard we try when growing peppers in
greenhouse completely protect it from disease, it will not succeed.
Most often have to deal with aphids. In addition, due to
excessive watering leaves may peel off.

No, even polycarbonate greenhouse is not able to protect
plant from pests, so growing peppers in a greenhouse, you do not
do without biological preparations that can prevent
rot, bacteriosis and others.

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