Growing edible mycelium is possiblewhether to make it at home? How to get high myceliumqualities

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Growing a mushroom mycelium and not buying it is a dream
many mushroom growers. Now you can buy it without problems, but find
quality product is not easy. The reason is that its manufacturers
grow mycelium on an industrial scale and sell it
wholesale batches, as a result, monitor the quality of the product
often do not have time.

To get a decent harvest of mushrooms, you need a good
seed material. Getting mycelium is difficult and may not
succeed at the slightest deviation from the technology. Basically
grow mycelium on the grain, it is obtained by sowing grain
cereal substrate uterine culture.

Mycelium growing technology

Growing mycelium used to grow mushrooms
requires 3 phases:

1. • Uterine mycelium. Product obtained from spore fungi in
specially created laboratories for this. Each batch is strictly
control for real compliance with the declared strain;

2. • Intermediate mycelium. Pre-prepared masterbatch
culture, transplanted from test tubes into a special nutrient medium,
so get a special culture that is needed for further
receiving mycelium;

3. • Sowing mycelium. Necessary for the cultivation of marketable mushrooms,
sometimes it (as the carrier of the required strain) is used instead of
uterine mycelium. Produced on a cereal grain substrate.

Quality mycelium comes only from laboratories, mycelium
среднего qualities можно вырастить и в домашних conditions.
This will require special materials and laboratory

• Test tubes;

• Tweezers;

• Thermometer;

• Pipettes;

• Agar-agar.

During the preparation of equipment and premises first
hygiene needs to be created and sterilized

Self-growing mycelium is done in 2 ways.
The first is on a full cycle. Grow uterine mycelium from
clean spores or particles of the necessary fungus.

To obtain uterine mycelium from the cap of the fungus, in the area without
rot cut out a small piece. Before replanting the spores in nutrient
Wednesday, I omit it in hydrogen peroxide to kill pathogens
microorganisms. Next in a test tube with agar-agar put a piece
fungus, this operation is carried out over the flame of an alcohol burner.
The tube is tightly closed with a burned stopper; during the operation,
can not be put on the surface of the table. The tubes are transferred to the dark.
a room in which the temperature is maintained at 240 degrees.

You can prepare a nutrient medium yourself, for this
you need to take carrot, oatmeal or potato agar-agar. Him
poured into clean tubes and sterilized, then tubes
placed obliquely so that the liquid occupied the maximum
square. When the tubes are cool, they put the particles of the fungus.

The nutrient mixture that is needed for growing
mycelium, can be prepared in another way:

• Another hot solution of agar-agar is distributed into Petri dishes, in
each measuring with a pipette 10 ml of nutrient composition.
It is necessary to pour it so that at the bottom of the bowl the mixture
distributed evenly;

• After that, the cups with a solution sterilized for 20
minutes, putting them in an autoclave, and keeping it at 120

• You can then sow spore nutrient solution
the fungus.

When performing such work it is necessary to maintain complete
sterility. The table is treated with a solution of sagrotana in concentration
2%. Work is done sterile or burned on open fire.
tools. All work needs to be done in an organized and maximal manner.

Then the resulting mycelium needs to be propagated – grow clean
intermediate mycelium. You must take 1 share of the grain and pour it 2
shares of water, all boil for 15 minutes. Then the grain is dried and
Calcium carbonate and gypsum are added to it. In a glass jar on 2/3
pour the prepared grain and sterilize everything. In grain jars
укладывают несколько частичек uterine mycelium. Crops will be
develop for 2-3 weeks, this substrate is able to be stored at
temperature 0-10 degrees 3 months. If necessary, you can
Pack the resulting product in polyethylene bags.

Intermediate mycelium – a special substrate with developed on it
fungal hyphae are used to grow mycelium, which is used for
receiving commercial mushrooms. Developed product looks like
white bloom with the smell of mushrooms.

Get the sowing mycelium on the same technology as
intermediate. On a jar with a capacity of 1 liter is enough to make 1 spoon
intermediate mycelium. This product is required for seeding.
субстрата, который используется для receiving commercial mushrooms.

What should be the room

It is necessary to choose a suitable room, it must be
clean and it was convenient to restore order. To receive
quality seed needs to maintain a certain
humidity level, best in the range of 60-70%. Excess
the amount of moisture in the air will cause the development of pathogenic
(malicious) microorganisms. In addition, you must maintain
indoors, the required temperature is in the range of 20-24 degrees.
The working area should not be less than 2 m2, but an excess
spacious room will not bring benefits, it is more difficult to disinfect
and it will be difficult to maintain cleanliness.

It’s important not to forget that a lot of dust gets into the air
harmful microbes, for this reason it is necessary to eliminate any
source of dust, and often do wet cleaning. In addition, in the fight against
dust will help powerful artificial ventilation equipped with a good
air filter. Mycelium production will be required
comfortable table where you need to install a powerful lighting

What are spores grown on?

As a nutrient composition for growing mushrooms, mycologists
(scientists studying fungi) recommend the use of such media:

1. Сусло-агар. Enter 20 g of agar-agar in
liter jar of beer wort, the mixture is cooked until the agar-agar is completely
will not dissolve. The resulting mixture until it is cold, distribute
in test tubes (1/3 of the total volume is poured). Sealed with cotton
traffic jams and kept in an autoclave at a temperature of 101 degrees and
pressure 1.5 atmosphere 1/2 hour. When the tubes pass
sterilization they are placed on the table obliquely, so that
the liquid did not reach the cork a few centimeters and at
freezing occupied the maximum area;

2. Овсяный агар. Mix agar 15 gr., Oatmeal
flour 30 g, and diluted with all 970 ml of water. This composition is boiled 1
an hour, constantly stirring, and then pass through the filter

3.•Морковный агар. Mix agar-agar 15 gr.,
carrot extract 400 ml, and diluted all in 600 ml of water. All cooked
30 minutes then pass through the filter.

In addition to these nutrient mixtures used to obtain uterine
cultures and several other less common formulations. More often
Whole grown mycelium on wort agar. Once finished
the mixture is completely cooled, it is seeded with spores of mushrooms in sterile

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