Grouse Nest Salad – the best recipes. howcorrectly and tasty to prepare a salad nest.

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Salad Nest – general principles and methods of cooking

Salad in the form of a nest can often be found at a festive
the table. It can be called differently – the nest of the cuckoo, wood grouse,
swallows, etc., it can also be prepared from various
products, but the principle of its design is always the same. This kind of salad
It looks like a bird’s nest, in the classic version of the “twisted” of
fried potatoes, in which are “eggs” made from certain
products. Thanks to its good taste and original
appearance, he is always a welcome guest on a festive
the table.

Because of the fried potatoes present in the salad, he
different high calorie. However, there are recipes in which
This product is replaced by other, more dietary. We, too
we offer you different recipes of this dish, of which you probably
will be able to choose the one that will best suit your taste
preferences and views on food.

Grouse Nest Salad- food preparation

how правило, в салат гнездо входит мясо. His pre
boiled in salted water and cut into strips. Also straws
cut ham and vegetables that make up the salad, because we have to
“twist” of them “nest”.

In the classic salad recipe, nests are made from fried
potatoes cut into thin strips (ideally on a special
grater). It should be fried in a lot of oil small.
in portions so that the potatoes always turn out to be ruddy, and
crunchy so that you can form a nest out of it.

Nest Salad – The Best Recipes

Recipe 1: Lettuce from the capercaillie nest with chips, chicken and

The perfect salad for the holiday table! It is so tasty and
original that will not leave indifferent even the most sophisticated
gourmets. Chicken, ham and potatoes make it very satisfying,
pickled mushrooms give it the necessary light piquancy.
Of course, this salad will have to work hard, but believe me,
the result is worth it!


200 gr. chicken meat; 50 gr. ham; 3 яичных белка;200 gr.
pickled mushrooms (it is better to take mushrooms); 3 potatoes; 3 tbsp. l
mayonnaise; to taste salt, pepper, lettuce.

For eggs:

1 processed cheese; 3 яичных желтка;3 зубца чеснока;3 tbsp. l
mayonnaise; dill,

Cooking method:

1. Peeling and washing the potatoes, cut them very thin
grated and fry in vegetable oil, not
stirring until golden brown appears. Then turning
potato, fry it on the other side.

2. Cut boiled chicken meat into cubes, thin ham
straws, champignons – not too thin slices.

3. Cooking boiled eggs and separating the whites from the yolks, separately
rub them on a coarse grater.

four. Cooking “bird eggs”. Rub on a coarse grater yolks and
processed cheese. Greens, having washed and dried, finely chop. Garlic
we grind through garlic press. Combining yolks with cheese, herbs,
garlic and mayonnaise, mix well the resulting mass and
we make eggs from it.

5. Combine chicken, mushrooms, egg ham in a bowl
squirrels, we fill all with mayonnaise and mix well.

6. Washing and drying lettuce leaves, we covered them with a flat bottom.
plates. Then we spread the salad mass on them, forming it into
nest-shaped and making a small depression in the middle. Then
we put on the nest with fried potatoes to imitate the bird

7. In the deepening of the “nest” put the “eggs” of cheese and decorate the salad

Recipe 2: Salad Nest of Grouse Chicken and Grapes

This salad is attractive by an unexpected combination of products.
(chicken meat, grapes, celery, hazelnuts), which in fact
gives an excellent taste result. Salad is obtained at the same time and
hearty and not overloaded with calories, as it is absent
fried potatoes, as in the previous recipe.


3 chicken breasts; 100 gr. celery; 300 gr. grapes; 70 gr.
фундука;2 вареных перепелиных яйца;3 tbsp. l mayonnaise; several
lettuce, to taste with salt, black pepper, dill.

Cooking method:

1. Cooking chicken breasts in salted water, chop the meat

2. Chop the hazelnuts, cut some of the grapes in half and
cleanse the bones. Celery, peeled, cut into small

3. All prepared products are mixed in a bowl, salt and pepper
and fill with mayonnaise, then mix thoroughly and lay out
on a dish whose bottom is pre-laid with green leaves
salad dressing

four. To make the salad look like a bird’s nest, do it in the center.
slides small recess, decorate the sides with sprigs

5. Boil and clean the quail eggs, put them in the recess
salad and decorate with a sprig of dill. Then даем салату настояться в
холодильнике около получаса и подаем на стоl

Recipe 3: Lettuce Nest of Grouse Sausage and Pickled

This salad is very rich thanks to sausage, and salty
cucumbers and garlic make it moderately spicy. In general, its taste
sure to please your guests, as the products of which
It is composed very well with each other.


3 potatoes; 2 carrots; 250 gr. cooked smoked sausage; four
маринованных огурца;5 яиц;200 gr. cheese; 3 cloves of garlic; 300 gr.
mayonnaise; 0.5 cups of sunflower oil.

Cooking method:

1. Boil the eggs and separate the whites from the yolks, rub them separately
them on a fine grater.

2. Boil carrots in salted water and chop it thin
Straws, just cut the sausage and cucumbers.

3. Cut the potatoes into strips and dry them with a paper napkin.
and fry in vegetable oil so that it becomes ruddy and

four. Смешиваем морковь, колбасу, огурцы и картофель, солим, перчим
and fill with mayonnaise, form a “nest” with them on a platter
recess in the center.

5. Having rubbed the cheese on a fine grater, combine it with grated egg
protein passed through the press garlic and mayonnaise, then
carefully mixed, we form “eggs” and roll them in yolks.
Then помещаем их в наше гнездо – и салат можно подавать на

Рецепт four: Салат гнездо с манго

This salad will certainly appreciate those who are not too welcome meat
на своем the table. It turns out very juicy thanks to mango. Important
detail: after cooking the salad needs a quick serve on
table, as the mango produces a lot of juice.


15 shoots of asparagus; 2 cucumbers; 2 carrots; 8 green leaves
салата;200 gr. cabbage; 2 mangos; 8 fruits of prunes without
pits; 1 star aniseen; 1 tbsp. l soy sauce; 50 gr.
vegetable oil; juice of 1 lemon; to taste the salt.

Cooking method:

1. Cooking hard-boiled eggs and peeling, we pin them with a fork in
several places.

2. Завариваем 3 ч. l tea in 2 cups boiling water, add salt,
soy sauce and star anise. Putting eggs into this mixture,
we keep them there for about an hour.

3. We shred julienne cucumbers, carrots, cabbage.

four. Ошпарив чернослив кипятком, охладив и обсушив, нарезаем его

5. Take out the mango bones, cut it into thin slices.
Половину салатных листьев нарезаем straws.

6. Make a dressing for dressing, whipping vegetable oil with lemon
juice, salt, sugar and pepper.

7. Lining the remaining lettuce bottom of the dish, lay out
on its edge are half mango slices, on top is a mixture of prepared
vegetables with prunes, giving the salad a nest-shaped
recess in the center. Put the remaining slices into this recess.
mango and eggs, make out the nest asparagus shoots. Fill it all
приготовленным соусом, и салат можно подавать на стоl

Salad Nest – useful tips from experienced chefs

If you prepare a salad nest, waiting for guests, then pay
attention to the number of eggs laid in the nest: it must be
no less than the number of participants in the feast so that no one will stay

If the nest is made of fried potatoes, should be before
hot must dry it with a paper towel, otherwise it will not
get so ruddy and crispy as needed.

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