Grandma’s hair beauty secrets: we get recipesfrom the chest

Looking at old photos, you’ve surely turned
attention to how beautiful our grandmothers and
great-grandmothers. And it is not by chance that hair in many fairy tales and epics
referred to as the greatest virtue of a woman.

Our grandmothers knew a lot about beautiful hair. And worthless to us,
if we can’t keep Grandma’s secrets of beautiful hair,
since they are often much more efficient than fashionable tools for
styling and shampoos filled with chemicals.

The best recipes of our great-grandmothers

In the villages, many women still, following popular wisdom,
wash their heads with egg yolk.

  • Rye bread and camphor

There is a recipe for a unique hair mask in Grandma’s chest.
It was used by women who lost their hair after giving birth,
with its help, they restored their beautiful braids completely. Need to
rye bread, the darkest one you find, soak in water, then
stretch your arms, warm and drip a couple of drops in this gruel
camphor oil.

Apply the mixture onto the scalp, but the hair does not
moisturize. Head should be warm.

Wrap your head with cellophane, a towel, and walk around with this mask.
about an hour. Rinse, then rinse hair with shampoo. It is clear that
mask effect must be expected at least several times
applying but gradually she can bring your hair into

  • Hot pepper

Great helper in the fight for beautiful thick long hair
was always for our grandmothers and great-grandmothers bitter burning red
pepper. Better means against hair loss and to speed them
growth is simply not yet invented.

To make pepper tincture, which you then need to rub into
hair roots once a week immediately after washing your hair, you need to insist
two pepper on a bottle of vodka for two weeks. Be
careful when performing this procedure – use a cotton
swab and gloves.

  • Decoction of burdock root

Fashionable hair conditioners now also have a replacement – decoction
burdock root. And do not be skeptical lips purse – this
proven tool best of all cope with confusing
hair Dried burdock root need to pour boiling water,
insist for an hour, then strain and rinse their hair
after washing.

  • Flax seed for laying

There is a grandmother’s chest and an alternative to all sorts of means
for hair styling. If you are trying to maintain the curling elasticity,
then you should use a decoction of flax seed. Rinse with this
decoction hair, dry them, and then twist on a curler or
forceps. You’ll see, your curls will delight you for much longer

  • Anti-dandruff vinegar

Dandruff – a problem that did not appear today or even
yesterday: she and in times of youth our grandmothers badly spoiled
a life. Experts advise to cope with dandruff with the help of fruit
vinegar: we rub hair roots with apple vinegar, we warm
cellophane package and a towel and rest for an hour.
We wash off and enjoy the effect.

  • Kombucha for volume and shine

Remember the wonderful Kombucha that ripens in three-liter
banks in many Russian kitchens? It turns out his liquid –
excellent hair conditioner that can strengthen
hair make them tougher and bulkier. In addition, thanks to this
hair rinse, hair get healthy shine, and their color
It becomes brighter and juicier.

  • Egg shampoo

Even shampoo can be prepared by yourself at home.
conditions: take about 150 grams of water, 1 tablespoon of soda, 2
tablespoons of vodka, and add egg yolk or gelatin.
This shampoo not only washes hair well, but also significantly
enriches them with vitamins and nutrients.

As you can see, Grandma’s secrets of beautiful hair that have come down to ours
days are worth not only to take a closer look at them,
but also to adopt.

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