Gout: folk remedies for the withdrawal of excessuric acid is excreted. How to cure gout folkby means of?

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Подагра или подагрический артрит – заболевание,
which men are ill more often than women.

The disease usually affects the joints of the fingers, hands, feet,
elbows, knees.

It is in them that the salts of uric acid are deposited due to:

• hypodynamia

• monotonous food (mainly meat)

• overeating

• heredity

• blood disorders

• renal failure

To establish an accurate diagnosis, you must refer to
rheumatologist who, on the basis of examining the patient, studying
biochemical blood tests draws certain conclusions and
prescribes treatment.

Along with the main therapy, simple folk can be used.
means that can slow down the development of the disease, and in the early
stages – to defeat her.

Folk remedies for gout – medicinal plants

In order for the body to quickly get rid of excess urinary
Acid use broths and infusions of medicinal plants.

1. Листья брусники славятся своим мочегонным,
disinfecting, choleretic action. In addition, the leaves of the plant
have pronounced anti-inflammatory and bactericidal
properties therefore are actively used as a part of medicinal
remedies for gout.

So, for the treatment of the disease, use the infusion, which
cook like this: 20 g of lingonberry leaves, pour a glass of boiling water. Let be
mix a little infusion. Then strain it, cool and take
during the day on a tablespoon.

2. Крапива двудомная – растение, содержащее в
composed of substances that have a beneficial effect on the entire body.
Nettle has a diuretic, tonic, normalizing
metabolism properties.

How to prepare a healing agent from nettle from
gout? Squeeze the juice from the well-washed leaves of the plant and
Take it three times a day for a teaspoon.

Nettle has some contraindications. It can not be used
with hypertension, increased blood clotting, on the last
months of pregnancy, with kidney disease.

3. Листья березы повислой незаменимы при
gout They contain anti-inflammatory substances, because with
used successfully in the treatment of many diseases, including those with

Prepare a decoction of birch leaves. Pour crushed raw materials
(2 tablespoons) boiling water (2 cups) and boil on slow
on fire

Let the mixture stand, strain and drink if you have severe pain.
quarters of a glass (during the meal).

4. Соедините в равных количествах цветки ромашки и
Linden blossom.
Pour a tablespoon of boiling water with a spoon (2
glasses). Let it stand for a healing tool with
which excretes uric acid from the body. Drink
several times a day for half a glass.

Folk remedies for gout – baths

1. Ванна с ромашкой или мятой – довольна
effective for severe joint pain. Both plants possess
powerful anti-inflammatory, analgesic effect.

Prepare the decoction of one of the plants in advance. For example,
chamomile. 100 g of flowers fill with boiling water (10 l). To enhance
effect of the mixture, add sea salt (200 g). Give the composition
brew, cool it and use it.

2. Ванночка для ног из шалфея снимает боль и
inflammation. Fill a pack of grass with boiling water (6 l) and boil, covering
lid, 10-15 minutes. Steam your feet in sage broth for about half an hour.
Do the procedure every day for a month before bedtime.

3. Можжевельник не менее эффективен при
gout Fill 50 g of the plant with boiling water (10 l). Boil the mixture on
simmer, cool, strain and pour into the bath.

Take water treatments in the bath for no more than 40 minutes.
After completing 27 procedures, the treatment can be considered

Folk remedies for gout – rubbing and compresses

1. Измельчите (до состояния кашицы) горсть цветков
Add to them a tablespoon of vinegar and 10
teaspoons of iodine. Mix and rub the sore spots.
alternately: first chicken bile, and then this tincture.

2. Красный мухомор измельчите и, взяв 1 часть
funds, pour 5 parts of vodka. Shake well and
send to the closet on the shelf for infusion (5 days). Use in
quality of rubbing (pre-filtering).

It is important to know! Amanita – poison. Therefore, keep the tincture in
reach of children!

3. Медово-солевой компресс. Connect by
tablespoon both components. Stir and lay out part of the product.
on the gauze. Attach to the sore spot, slightly strung.

4. Severe pain relieves rubbing of inflamed joints
йодом и аспирином. Dissolve in 10 ml iodine 5
aspirin tablets. The result is a healing mixture
which should treat sore spots immediately before
a dream.

The fluid has pronounced anti-inflammatory and
analgesic properties, because it is actively used in diseases

5. Well proven for gout
чеснок. Prepare a compress: for a start make
garlic decoction. To do this, fill a pair of teeth of boiling water, boil
on low heat for about 20 minutes, pour fresh lemon juice into the mixture (1 tea
spoon), mix well and set aside for a while.

Dampen a cloth with a solution and apply a compress to the sick.
places. Cover with cellophane on top, fasten and warm.

6. In the summer period, cover the inflamed joints with fresh ones.
листьями лопуха. The plant is known for its
anti-inflammatory, wound healing, diuretic

Dampen a sheet of burdock in cool water and apply to the joint.
fluffy (seamy) side. Secure. Hold until
the pain won’t stop.

By the way, this tool can be successfully used in the winter.
It is only in the season to dry in the shade the large leaves of burdock, and in
cold soak them with warm water and apply to compresses from

7. Смешайте стакан оливкового масла со стручковым
красным перцем
(10 г). Put to insist in the dark
place days on 9. Use for rubbing sore joints each
day. Shake before use.

The rubbing helps to warm up the nerve endings, which, in its
queue, leads to the weakening of pain and inflammation. Before the procedure
it is advisable to wash the skin well with soap and water, and after rubbing it –
to warm sore spots.

Gout diet

Proper nutrition for gout is an important part

1. Eat regularly. Ideally, 4 times a day small.
in portions. Do not starve or overeat.

2. Lose weight. However, drastic weight loss is not

3. В течение дня пейте не менее 1,5-2 л жидкости в day.
Experts recommend to use, in addition to water, compotes, fruit drinks,
weak tea, broth hips. Drink better between meals.

4. When gout can not eat these products:

• meat

• animal fats

• salted and grilled fish

• canned food, caviar

• all kinds of legumes

• spices

• strong tea, coffee

• confectionery and chocolate

• raspberries, figs, grapes

• alcohol

5. It is recommended to include in the diet:

• dairy products

• vegetables fruits

• dietary meat (chicken, turkey)

• boiled fish, squid

In addition, with gout, you can safely eat cereals, pasta
products. From sweets are allowed: jam, marshmallow, marmalade,
chocolate candies.

6. Reduce salt intake.

7. Eat fearlessly white and black bread. Use
olive, linseed oil.

8. During the period of exacerbation arrange fasting days.

Diet in combination with the main treatment increases the solubility
uric acid and relieves the disease.

General recommendations for gout

1. As a rule, the disease affects those joints that
were once traumatized. Therefore, take care of your big toes and
Try to avoid too narrow shoes.

2. During the exacerbation of the disease, keep the joint alone and, according to
opportunities, in an elevated state.

3. Apply a sachet at the time of severe pain
with ice (10 minutes).

4. Eat enough watermelons during the season.

5. Drink побольше жидкости: травяных отваров, некрепкого

6. Lead a healthy lifestyle.

Если не лечить болезнь, то возможно развитие серьезных

• urolithiasis disease

• renal failure

• pyelonephritis

• hypertension

• coronary heart disease

Curing gout is a long process that requires
a certain amount of patience and effort.

The main thing, noticing the first signs of the disease, ask for
help to the doctor and start therapy in a timely manner. And folk methods
Use as a supplement to the main treatment.

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