Gout – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Apr 25, 2016

Подагра – заболевание, которое в типичных
cases causes painful swelling of the joints. Characterized by
a sharp increase in blood levels of uric acid (hyperuricemia) and
the deposition of sodium urate (salts of the acid) in the tissues of the body. Such
deposits in the joints, mainly in the joints of the toes and hands,
cause extremely painful and severe inflammation.

Most forms of gout are hereditary. Disease
usually observed in women after menopause and in men after 40
years old. Gout is manifested by sudden and rather intense pain,
“heat” and redness in the joint. Generally, gout attacks
happen at night on the background of overeating or drinking alcohol. Repeated
tingling in the affected joint precedes the attack. If a
the disease is not treated, then the periods of exacerbation become
longer and seizures more often. Arthritis affects new joints,
urinary tract and kidneys are often affected.

Gout – causes

Gout is caused by the accumulation of uric acid in the tissues.
organism. Its excess arises for two reasons. With one form
kidney diseases cannot eliminate uric acid, which
produced in normal quantities. The second form is when
uric acid produced in the body exceeds the capacity
kidney to deduce it.

Some patients with the second form of gout have
congenital metabolic defect (absence of a key enzyme),
reduces the formation of uric acid in the body. Excess
uric acid is also an indirect consequence of conditions
which are associated with metabolic disorders (pernicious
anemia, medication or fasting). Gout,
developing in such cases, called secondary.

Gout – Symptoms

Gout is manifested by sudden, rapid pain that
reaches a peak in just a few hours. Usually
attacks occur early in the morning or at night. Almost
instant swelling of the joint and its redness, the patient complains of
fever and “heat” in the bones. The affected joint loses mobility and
a person feels unbearable pain even from the lightest

First of all, a small joint is exposed to an arthritic attack,
located on the foot at the base of the thumb. Pain syndrome
Lasts, as a rule, from 2 hours to several days. With time
seizures become more frequent, arthritis spreads to new
joints, urinary tract damage appears and
kidney with the formation of stones.

Gout – Diagnosis

Gout is difficult to recognize and distinguish from others.
diseases of the joints. Diagnosis is carried out based on
visual examination, studying the history and blood test for
uric acid content. The main test for gout is
arthrocentesis (joint aspiration), which allows to detect urinary salts
acid. Very often for the diagnosis of gout prescribed
X-ray examination to detect around the joints
tofusnye education and determine the stage of bone damage.

Подагра – treatment и профилактика

Fully cured of gout, unfortunately, is impossible. But,
control disease attacks by applying the right
diet is quite real. Of the drugs during exacerbation
gout use anti-inflammatory (colchicine, indomethacin,
Phenylbutazone) and pain relievers, as well as medications that
замедляют образование мочевой acid. Sometimes a doctor may prescribe
corticosteroid hormones (Triamcinolone, Hexacetonide), altering
urine acidity.

Modern medicine uses to relieve gout attacks
blood purification procedure using special devices
(plasmapheresis). All treatments imply
weight correction of the patient and a special diet.

Gout prevention consists of regular level monitoring
мочевой acid. It is very important to adhere to a healthy lifestyle.
It must be remembered that gout occurs in people with high arterial
pressure and overweight. Nutrition with
limiting purine-rich foods is crucial in
gout prevention.

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