Gonorrhea – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Tue, Mar 22, 2016

Гонорея – это один из видов венерического
disease that is caused by gonococcus. At the same time will be amazed
mucous membranes of the urinary organs. Also may be affected:
rectum, conjunctiva, pharyngeal mucosa.

Gonococci are little resistant to the environment, they are not capable
exist outside the human body and are dying at a time when
the substrate dries out, so this virus dies in the water with soap, except
This, on gonococcus have a destructive effect antibacterial and
antiseptics. It is worth noting that gonococci in
the human body is able to quickly get used to various
sulfa drugs and antibiotics.

In general, the disease is sexually transmitted. Also
possible domestic infection, this is if there were violations of hygienic
the rules.

Gonorrhea – causes of the disease

So, we have already figured out that such a disease as gonorrhea causes
gonococci. They are able to settle in mucosal cells and
the urethra, while causing inflammatory
process. During intercourse, these bacteria are transmitted to the partner.
Since these bacteria cannot live in the external environment, the probability
contamination through a towel, washcloth, and other toiletries
accessories are very small.

Gonorrhea – Symptoms

The very first symptoms of gonorrhea infection in men are
highlighting the yellow color of the penis, and can also be
disease when urinating. Such signs may appear through
two to ten days, but there are times when the first symptoms appear
a month later caused by a bacterial infection and caused
inflammation of the urethra. One of the reactions of the body
such bacteria are secretions that look like pus, they can
dirty clothes The most interesting thing is that ten percent of men
the symptoms may be completely absent, meaning that the person
able to spread gonorrhea without even knowing that he
got sick

Here in women, in most cases, such infection
a disease like gonorrhea is completely asymptomatic, so it’s up to
The start of treatment is quite a long time. This term is
Significantly increases the risk that a number of complications will appear,
so, without even knowing about their illness, women automatically
become the distributors of this infection.

Gonorrhea – diagnosis of the disease

In men, gonorrhea is diagnosed through microscopic
research, those urethral discharge after staining
special dye. And the reliability of this method is more than
ninety percent, so from time to time it’s worth taking
analyzes. And those men who have had homosexual intercourse
more and analyzes from the urethra.

But for women, the only way to diagnose –
this is sowing. But in any case, it is impossible to do without cervical smears and
rectum. Also в некоторых случаях берутся мазки с горла.
The main thing is that in our time there is no maximum effective
method of identifying such a disease of gonorrhea.

Гонорея – treatment и профилактика

The most effective treatments for gonorrhea are injections.
penicillin while taking probenecid tablets, which
able to inhibit the excretion of penicillin in the urine. Many centers
recommend more, and treat this disease with an antibiotic – ceftriaxone with

For prevention, it is recommended to regularly donate blood for
syphilis, as well as HIV tests. Besides this, those who
had an act with a sick gonorrhea, for thirty days should in
It is mandatory to be examined, this includes sowing and
to undergo a certain course of treatment, as the probability of getting sick
gonorrhea is great.

Do not forget about personal prevention: use a condom
and if you have intercourse with a random partner, wash the sex
organs with soap and water, and experts recommend visiting
point of individual prophylaxis within two hours after

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