Giardiasis – causes, symptoms, diagnosis,treatment

Mon, Mar 28, 2016

Лямблиоз представляет собой инфекционное
parasitic disease. The causative agent of this disease lives, thanks
master, that is, man. Giardiasis is widely considered
common disease. In most cases, they get sick

The course of this disease is very diverse. It is in the first
the queue depends on the damage to the lamellas of the liver, as well as thin
intestine. It is worth noting that sometimes there are cases
asymptomatic course of the disease, while the person will
parasite carrier.

Giardiasis – causes

The cause of this disease is directly lamblia,
representing a microscopic unicellular parasite,
which refers to the simplest. As a rule, Giardia dwell in
reservoirs with stagnant water, as well as in wastewater.

Giardiasis infection can occur from infected people, to
тому же зачастую это именно children. Quite common
cases when this disease is infected from pets.

The main route of transmission of the disease is water. It is worth noting,
that in the waters of Giardia able to live up to several months. They
very tenacious. Capable of carrying as easily as heating
and freezing, however, instantly die during boiling.

It is easy to get infected with giardiasis.
unboiled water or when washing vegetables and fruits under the same
water In the summer, a person may become infected by swimming in
open water reservoir, which, in turn, is infected with Giardia cysts.
In some cases, you can observe infection of the newborn when

Giardiasis – Symptoms

The incubation period is from 1 to 4 weeks. Worth
note that the disease does not have certain
specific signs, so some
difficulties during diagnosis. At various ages giardiasis
may manifest in different ways. It is necessary to know the fact that
some people themselves may be carriers of this disease. Parasites
may be located in the body without causing absolutely any
changes in human health.

Giardia is usually parasitic in the intestines. From here and follow such
symptoms, such as constant rumbling in the stomach and loose watery stools.
There may also be a slight decrease in mass. Such a hairdryer
observed due to the fact that Giardia in the body absorb
certain amount of nutrients that
intend directly for the person. Sick can
complain of recurrent lower abdominal pain, feeling of heaviness in
stomach, a significant decrease in appetite.

Giardiasis – diagnosis

Diagnosis of this disease causes great difficulties.
For this you need to apply various methods of instrumental and
laboratory research. Also the difficulty lies in the fact that
it is impossible to detect Giardia cysts in feces during laboratory
diagnosis, if from the moment of receipt of feces to the very
research takes more than one hour. The surest way
laboratory diagnosis lies in the serological study
blood using immunofluorescence analysis.

Лямблиоз – treatment

Acute giardiasis implies recovery for treatment
digestive processes. Such antiparasitic drugs may be used.
drugs like trichopol and furozolidone.

Что касается хронической формы лямблиоза, то её treatment проходит
in three stages. The first stage is mechanical removal.
parasites, as well as an increase in the body’s defenses. Wherein
must follow a strict diet. The second stage is
противопаразитарное treatment несколькими курсами. Final stage
implies an increase in immunity, as well as the creation
conditions that prevent the parasite from reproducing

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