Getting ready for the New Year: dress yourby hands

New Year is traditionally celebrated fully armed, creatively
decorating the house, setting the rich table and putting on the best outfit. Things
from wardrobe order fed up? Want to shine on holiday in
something new and trendy? Then take the tailor’s ribbon and
needle, and in the head – fresh ideas.

What is it – the perfect New Year’s dress?

Before you start browsing fashion magazines in search
Patterns, imagine what should be your outfit. If you
are going to celebrate New Year in a restaurant or go to visit, where
you are waiting for a formal evening, choose a dress to the floor. This outfit
looks spectacular and visually pulls the silhouette. Look for a dress for
corporate party? Are you planning to dance on a holiday? Sew
cocktail outfit: its versatile length will allow you to actively
participate in entertainment. Ideal for home
Celebrations – comfortable dress-tunic of knitwear.

Determining the model, do not forget about the features of the figure.
If you have a disproportion in physique (dominated by the hips
or, on the contrary, shoulders and chest), create a combined dress,
combining plain and printed fabric, light and dark matter.
In every possible way emphasize your advantages: to owners of fine
the waist is worth looking at the feminine outfits of the new bow, women with
beautiful breasts – to empire dresses with a deep neckline.

What fabric to choose for a dress?

Your outfit will shine beautifully and shimmer if you sew
its from satin, silk muslin or satin. For the manufacture of
A transparent multi-layer skirt is suitable for chiffon, and for decorative
inserts – lace. Deep color and characteristic texture
resembling sheared fur, velvet is different. Chose a model with
draperies? Prefer knitwear. If the dress should
keep a good shape, buy brocade or taffeta.

As for color, here you can be guided by fashionable
trends. In the winter of 2017-2018, mustard shades will be relevant.
cranberries, white wine and flax. For New Year’s attire, you can choose
mustard-honey, deep emerald, amethyst or
turquoise hues. Do you believe the eastern horoscopes? 2018 is the year of Yellow
Earth Dog, so good luck in the New Year’s holiday will bring you
yellow outfit.

Little black dress in a new way

If you do not have a rich tailor experience, and perseverance –
not your horse, take advantage of the idea of ​​fashionable New Zealand
designer Karen Walker. Her charming black dress in the spirit
60s, distinguished by originality and light style, will be fine
sit on a slim (boyish) figure. You can sew it for a couple
hours, having in stock 2m black crepe-chiffon.

платье на Новый год своими by hands, выкройка

Step-by-step instruction:

  • To get the front and back, cut out 2 squares of fabric
    size 0.9 × 0.9 m.
  • Determine the center of the parts (must go along the common thread). From him
    set aside the necessary points and decorate the neckline front
    (green line) and back (blue line).
  • Connect the shoulder sections (5 cm from the neck) and the side,
    process the edges of the dress.
  • Using the remnants of the fabric, handle the neckline.

Since in itself any little black dress
It looks too simple, in the New Year’s image it can be added
spectacular accessories and shoes.

Lace Cocktail Dress

A dress of simple cut can be quite elegant and
interesting if it is sewn of openwork fabric. Pastel lace
shades will make you more feminine and more romantic. Prefer the image
fatal woman? Choose guipure bright and juicy shades.

Necessary materials:

  • Pattern base dress semi-adjacent silhouette;
  • guipure – 1.5 × 1.1 m;
  • fine knitwear for lining;
  • lightning 25 cm

Step-by-step instruction:

  • 1. Make small adjustments to the base pattern: make
    dress detachable along the waist line, issue a V-shaped neckline
    in front, deepen the armhole.
  • 2. Place on the jersey all the details of the dress along the share
    thread, circle and cut.
  • 3. Cut from the guipure the front and back shelves so that the lines
    necklines were held on festoons.
  • 4. Place the patterns of the front and back of the cloth on the fabric
    in one direction, lock with pins and cut.
  • 5. Leaving the scallop open, lay the lining on the guipure.
    Sew off all the grooves, grabbing the knit.
  • 6. Stitch shelves in the center and shoulder sections, follow
    right side seam (there will be a zipper on the left). Overlap the edges.
  • 7. Combine all the details of the skirt. Central seam of the rear panel
    You can not grind to the end – at the bottom you get a cut. Process
    edges of cuts.
  • 8. Sew the skirt to the bodice, leaving a side zip closure.
    Overlap the seam along the waistline. Insert the clasp.
  • 9. Top of armhole make festoons (semi-cups), bottom –
    overlay and hem in the hem.
  • 10. If necessary, process the bottom of the dress.

Venetian dress

Sometimes the seemingly complex in form is simple in essence.
A vivid example is the evening dress “Murano”. It looks like
extravagant and rich thanks to the luxurious wine color
asymmetrical hem and crossover belt, however sew it
not difficult. This will require only a couple of meters of red.

Step-by-step instruction:

  • 1. Given the location of the share thread, cut out of knitwear
    all elements of the dress.
  • 2. Sew из заготовок две детали пояса.
  • 3. Stitch the lower parts of the front and backs along the sides.
  • 4. Do the same with the tops. In the side seams under
    chest stitch belt.
  • 5. Fold the upper part of the bodice along the fold line
    (seamy side inward), make amends. Stitch it to the bottom
  • 6. Pair the skirt with the bodice. If desired, sections of the dress can be
    overlay, although it is not necessary to work with knitwear.

Each time you will be shown a new way by experimenting with
belt that can be tied in different ways. Wear so bright
outfit stands with exquisite jewelry, for example, from Murano
glass Your chosen shoes should not overshadow the dress.

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