Garlic oil: the benefits and harm. Applicationgarlic oil in medicine, cosmetology and cooking: the benefits andharm

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Enough for a long time, over 4,000 years, one of the most
popular spices in cooking was garlic. It was added to
as a seasoning in salads, pickles and various marinades. The ancients
the Romans and the Egyptians learned how to make garlic oil from it
has the same beneficial qualities as vegetable oil,
and as rich in vitamins and minerals as the “well
health “- garlic. The shortest list of vitamins and minerals
which this “miracle plant” is rich in and is useful for human
The body includes:

1. Vitamins – A, B1, B3, B5, B6, B9, C, E, D;

2. Minerals – calcium, potassium, magnesium, zinc, sulfur, selenium, iodine,
manganese, sodium, copper, phosphorus, iron, germanium;

3. As well as essential oils and volatile.

Even in ancient times, people knew about the miraculous and healing
properties of garlic, used it to treat various diseases,
deserved calling it “the main cure for diseases.”
Used for this compresses of dried garlic, added it
in a mixture for inhalation and used as a tasty and healthy additive
in food in the form of garlic oil.


Garlic oil – what is it and how to cook it?

Garlic oil is a garlic extract based on
vegetable, olive or flaxseed oil. Every consumer
chooses oil “to taste” and price. Nowadays it is butter
used in the two most popular areas: medicine
(cosmetology) and cooking. Cooking recipes for this or that
goals are a little different. Of course it is worth mentioning the possibility
buy this product in the store in finished form in the amount of 300-500 ml
for adding it to food and in capsules for medical purposes. But how
The first and second options are quite expensive. Small
A bottle of 300 ml of oil will cost about 400-500 rubles. BUT
its quality and benefits are in doubt. After all, what could be better
and more useful than what they cooked. Especially if
we ourselves have grown this garlic!

The recipe of cooking and the benefits of garlic oil in medicinal

In medicine and cosmetology use the so-called “cold
butter”. The method of its preparation is quite simple. For this you
will need:

– glass bottle with a volume of 0.5 liters,

– garlic,

– vegetable oil.

First you need to boil the glass container. Then
fill it with 3/4 chopped garlic, pour it to the top
vegetable oil and put in a cool and dark place for 2
of the week. Shake the bottle daily. After 2 weeks we filter
the resulting mixture and get healthy and rich in vitamins and
minerals garlic oil that can be used in homemade
medicine and cosmetology.

Cooking garlic oil

The popularity of this oil is as great as the medicinal one. AT
cooking it added as a base for dressing salads,
side dishes, appetizers, it is good to fry meat, simmer rabbit and,
sprinkle a couple drops, bake white varieties of fish. Differ
cooking methods. Table garlic oil has a more complex
recipe. Sterilize the glass jar, pour garlic cloves,
which are pre-cut in half and pour warmed up on
fire vegetable oil. Next, tightly close the lid and put in
dark and cool room for a couple of weeks. After 14 days
filter and eat!

What diseases effectively and beneficial garlic

AT связи с тем, что сам чеснок имеет хорошее антибактериальное
action, garlic oil is useful to add to food at various
catarrhal diseases. It also has other useful
properties for the body:

– has wound healing properties;

– removes toxins;

– helps to get rid of worms;

– enhances the immune function of the body;

– relieves diarrhea;

– can be used as an anesthetic

– reduces blood pressure;

– can be used for hearing loss;

– has antioxidant properties;

– is a good stimulator of growth of hair follicles;

– it is useful both for a female organism, and for man’s. AT
the first case – garlic oil is useful in menopause, in the second –
increases sexual desire.

AT связи с тем, что чеснок имеет ранозаживляющие свойства,
garlic oil has found its use in the treatment of various types
skin diseases. Compresses soaked in this oil are applied
to the damaged area of ​​the skin (with calluses, insect bites,
boils, purulent wounds and warts). Garlic Butter Tampons
will be useful as an additional treatment for such skin
diseases like psoriasis, eczema, scabies and dermatitis. AT
cosmetology this product is used to add to various
creams and hair masks for baldness and just for healing

There is a benefit of garlic oil for the circulatory system.
a form of lowering cholesterol. But this treatment is enough
specific because if you already decided to use this
product for the treatment of blood vessels – then you need to understand that you will
do it all my life. BUT готовы ли вы на такой шаг? Yes, and for
lower cholesterol there are other more effective
products. So – it can be as extra good
the quality of garlic oil that will positively influence when your
choosing oil for salad dressing.

Most of the beneficial properties of garlic oil can be felt when
regular use of it. Some of its positive effects
may manifest faster (wound healing properties,
antibacterial and anthelmintic). But, as in the first case, and
in the second you need to be patient and assiduous. Besides,
помимо полезных качеств, чесночное масло имеет так же и harmные

Как же может наharmить нашему организму чеснок: harm чесночного

Этот продукт несет harmные свойства для нашего организма только
with prolonged, regular use and in large quantities.
Самый основной harm этого oils может быть связан с его
antibacterial properties. AT связи с тем, что чеснок убивает
microbes and bacteria that have a negative effect on the state
our health, it can also destroy the beneficial microflora
our stomach. It is forbidden to eat oil with the addition of
garlic during various gastrointestinal exacerbations, such as pancreatitis,
gastritis, ulcers. AT особую «нишу запретов» необходимо
include the use of this product pregnant and lactating
mothers. ATсе, что употребляет мама в пищу, отражается на полезных
and taste properties of breast milk. It is worth remembering that garlic
масло несет harm при желчекаменных болезнях, так как имеет
choleretic action. And it is worth being very careful when
using it as a skin compress. If you overdo it
lotions and compresses or apply the wrong proportion – you can
get burned Therefore, you need to be careful when dosing in cream
and hair masks. And, of course, it is worth remembering about extravagant
smell this product.

Often, garlic oil at home is used to
prevention and treatment of colds, lowering cholesterol and just –
to enhance immunity.

Самое полезное применение чесночного oils — добавить его
a little bit in a salad dressing and enjoy life!

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