Fukutsuji technique is just the wayvisual slimming

Thu, Feb 27, 2014

How many different weight loss methods exist! Quite
Recently, another one appeared in the network – Japanese, which requires
wanting to lose weight just a terry towel and five
minutes of time a day.

The essence of the diet is reduced to the so-called exercise Fukutsuji.
The towel is rolled up and put on a flat surface.
Then you need to lie on his lower back, stretch his hands behind his head
palms down – fingers should touch each other
little fingers, and legs apart – his thumbs. In such
an uncomfortable pose, the author of the methodology recommends lying for five

According to sports doctors, the Fukutsuji technique is only
way to stretch the spine under its own weight. WITH
it is impossible to lose weight with it, however, improvement is possible.

However, in Japan there is a different opinion. After all, a lot of people
after the first lesson, they reduced the volume of their waist by 2–3 cm.
However, this is due only to a decrease in waist due to
stretching certain parts of the spine. In this way,
методика Фукуцудзи — всего лишь способ visual slimming,
which is also dangerous for those who have various diseases
spinal column.

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