From fathers jocks are born masculinegirls

Wed, 30 Nov 2016

Physically strong men have always attracted women. Moreover,
it was believed that it was from such men that strong ones would be born,
health glittering kids. However, scientists debunked this sustainable
delusion: you don’t need to rely too much on the pumped men in

A study by Scottish scientists has shown that
beautiful parents the probability of having children with a pleasant appearance
70% higher relative to those parents who say what is not
went face out However, it is necessary to make a reservation: all this is strongly connected
with a baby floor. The boy usually inherits external signs
father, becoming strong and masculine.

In the event that her father has a “heave” daughter, she also
inherits the father’s appearance – broad shoulders, masculinity. All this,
subsequently, will cause ridicule at school, in such girls
there are problems with personal life, there are numerous

�”To give birth to a beautiful child, you must marry
handsome man. This is an axiom, ”says study author Tim
Bates However, if a woman chooses a man, based on his
masculinity, she must be prepared for the fact that her children, outside
depending on gender, genetically inherit all external features

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