French fries without butter in the oven

Dietary version of french fries, as light as possible,
as much as possible. In appearance and taste is no different from
beloved chips, but wins much
calorie content. Cooked in the oven, completely without oil.

Potatoes фри без масла - рецепт It is better to choose for this.
dishes new potatoes. It contains less starch and its
calorie compared with the old potatoes a little less.

For cooking french fries in the oven we will need
such ingredients:

– potatoes – 5-7 pieces; – egg; – a pinch of salt; – tea spoon
cumin; – paprika; – garlic powder.

Turn on the oven to warm up. Potatoes must be cleaned from
peel and wash. We cut potatoes traditional for french fries
way in the form of straw. Do not make the so-called straw
too thin or too thick. Optimum thickness – 1-1.5

Берем молодой картофель

Нарезаем соломкой

Egg is driven into the plate and with the help of a fork carefully
shake up It is necessary that the protein and yolk are completely connected.
Then add salt, cumin, paprika and garlic powder to the egg. With
If you wish, you can replace these spices with any other spices.
to your preferences. But since the basis for the mixture is the egg
and salt, these two components always remain unchanged.

Замешиваем яйцо со специями Заливаем картофель

Fill the potatoes with egg mixture and mix everything with your hands.
Next, for convenience, we covered the baking sheet with foil. We spread
potatoes in one layer, spread over the entire surface of the pan.
We send baked in the oven.

Печем картошку в духовке

Baking potatoes at a temperature of 180-200 degrees to full
readiness It takes 20 to 35 minutes. Ready Potatoes
will acquire a rich yellow-brown color and crisp.
Serve hot potatoes.

Картошка готова, можно подавать

Despite the fact that potatoes are cooked without fat, without oil, it
remains starchy, sufficiently high-calorie vegetables. Therefore, the dish
fits more to those who support weight, and not to those who

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