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Frostberry – General Description

The hellebore is a herbaceous plant of the buttercup family. how
usually perennial. It is divided into two types: species with stems, on
which are the leaves, and stemless species with basal
foliage. The first type is characterized by the formation of a flower from a large
buds, located at the top of leafy shoots, the second type
hellebore includes the development of flowers on low stalks,
that ripen in the center of the basal deciduous rosette.

The flowers are usually large, expressive. The head consists of five and
more (depends on the grade) petals of a correctly-pointed form and
various color – from monophonic to motley. Flowering phase
begins in early spring. It should also be noted that hellebore
is a dangerous-poisonous plant, especially its rhizomes.

The hellebore – types and places of growth

The genus consists of only 15 species, distributed mainly
in Europe, the Caucasus and the Balkans. Russian climate capable
tolerate only a few varieties that are concentrated mainly
in the middle lane of our country.

From Germany to Yugoslavia stretches the most beautiful, popular and
evergreen – black hellebore, having a large medicinal
value. It lives in mountain forests. Characterized by very large
flowers (up to 10 cm in diameter), which have a snow-white color and
pink speck in the center.

A plant with whitish or yellow-green petals belong to
hellebogus Caucasian, inhabiting throughout the Caucasus, as well as in
Turkey, Greece. In Abkhazia, you can find another beautiful view –
The hellebore is Abkhazian, possessing rather large pink-purple
flowers. In Southern Europe, three species grow similar to each other:
The hellebore is green, the hellebore is fragrant, and the hellebore is shrubby.

Planted specimens can be found in the middle zone of the Russian Federation
Caucasian hellebore, Abkhaz and a number of decorative garden
forms, united in one group – the hellebore hybrid. For
existence in harsh conditions the plant must be provided
clay soil rich in fertilizers and regular watering.

Frostberry – healing properties

In folk medicine, the healing power of black hellebore is used.
or Caucasian, which:

– normalizes metabolism and blood pressure, removes slags,
lower sugar and cholesterol in the blood; – have bactericidal, weak
diuretic and laxative actions; – clear the mucous membranes of the digestive tract
parasites, neoplasms, etc., and the kidneys, urinary and gall
blisters – from stones; – completely cure peptic ulcer; –
reduce the number of epileptic and migraine attacks,
relieve headaches; – help with osteochondrosis,
rheumatism, arthritis, radiculitis and other musculoskeletal problems
– maintain the state of the cardiac system, as well as
heart failure; – have the ability to purify the blood,
improve immunity, prevent colds and cancer
diseases. Cancer neoplasms are destroyed in the embryo.

It can be said that the spectrum of possible use of hellebore is very
wide People who occasionally use hellebore live to
old age and almost no ill.

Frostberry – dosage forms

For лечебных нужд используют только ядовитые корневища,
collected after seed ripening (in September). They are washed rough
brushed and dried in chopped form in open space or in
dryers at 40-45 degrees. Shelf life of finished dry
extract – no more than 2 years. For лечения и поддержания готовят
infusions, decoctions and use powder that has more
pronounced effect.

The hellebore – for weight loss

Internal medication based on this plant
promotes weight loss. This is due to a mild cleansing of slags,
laxative effect and getting rid of edema, excess fluid. TO
the same hellebore helps digestion, breaks down fats and accelerates
fat metabolism, which helps to throw off excess body weight naturally
way, without resorting to radical measures of weight loss.

TOонечно, не стоит рассчитывать на чудо в виде 10 потерянных
килограммов за месяц, но используя Морозник для
минус 2-6 кг в месяц вам гарантированы. On
The hellebore does not affect the slim figure in any way, well, only if it makes it
even better!

Frostberry – recipes of traditional medicine

Recipe “for all occasions”: 50 mg (at the tip of the knife) powder
Swallow the rhizomes with a 1/4 glass of water. Use only
on an empty stomach for 9-12 months. After 5 months of intake
it is necessary to take a break of 30 days and only then
continue treatment

Onстой при сердечной недостаточности и для наружного применения:
half a teaspoon of rhizomes of hellebore put in boiling water (300
ml) and simmer in a water bath for 15 minutes. For применения внутрь —
strain and drink on 1 table. spoon 4-6 p. in a day. Onстой можно
rub into sore spots or make compresses of it.

Frostberry – contraindications

– pregnancy, lactation period; – hypersensitivity; –

Overdose is not allowed! She can provoke tinnitus,
heavy poisoning, great thirst, swelling of the tongue and throat, decay
cardiac activity, collapse and cardiac arrest.


Love 04.06.2016 Hello! After childbirth she began strongly and abruptly.
to get better, with height 156 weight stopped 84-85 kg. I ordered a miracle
grass, after reading reviews from women. I drink all month, completely on
instructions, but there is no change in the body. No
expected cleansing, weight loss, and other things in this spirit. Appeared only
nausea in the morning …. I drink further, maybe a miracle and the truth will happen ….
Maria 06.05.2016 Everything is really as it is written. And to all
известны долгожители TOавказа. But it is there that they use
All sorts of herbs and hellebore, including. But! Without consultation with
a specialist, not knowing how to take, do it categorically
can not. Heart failure, no joke, you know … Irina 06.05.2016
Now I will think who will consult on the reception
hellebore. I do not even know where to find such a specialist. Very much
all these descriptions about healing and longevity are tempting.
I really want to never get sick. Nina 05/06/2016 Yes, flower,
really beautiful. And the one that grows in Germany, probably
just beautiful So 10 cm. Diameter! I personally really wanted
воспользоваться свойствами hellebore. But, I myself am very afraid of it.
do. Only after the advice of a doctor. Valeriya 06.05.2016 No, I
categorically against self-use of such dangerous
plants! TOонечно, список заболеваний, которые лечит морозник очень
extensive, yes and lose weight, and just want to keep fit
many. But! This all should be strictly strict.

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