Folk remedies for heartburn – treat the symptomshigh acidity. What folk remedies are effective inheartburn?

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Baking pain, burning, discomfort in the stomach and esophagus –
изжога знакома многим. Appearing only occasionally
unpleasant symptoms may occur after taking some
products and drugs.

If burning in the stomach and esophagus is your constant companion, then
you should pay attention to your health and identify the reason
unpleasant sensations.

Изжога свидетельствует о повышенной, изредка о
low acidity of the stomach, as well as the presence of such
diseases like gastritis, ulcers, duodenitis, cholecystitis.

A burning sensation may also occur after overeating, raising
heavy items. The doctor will help to establish the true cause of heartburn.
gastroenterologist. Along with the prescribed treatment, you can use
simple and affordable tools offered by traditional medicine.

Folk remedies for heartburn – medicinal plants

1. Соедините по 20 г зверобоя и
plantain. Add 5 g of chamomile – universal
anti-inflammatory drugs. Stir and brew the mixture.
a glass of boiling water.

Set the composition aside so that it is present. Then
strain everything and take three times a day for a tablespoon.

2. Тысячелистник славится своими
anti-inflammatory properties. It normalizes metabolism
stimulates the digestive glands, is analgesic and
antibacterial agent.

Yarrow helps to get rid of heartburn. Crush the plant
convenient way for you. 2 teaspoons means pour a glass
boiling water and put aside so that the composition is infused.

Drink it warm a few sips throughout the day, and through
time you forget about heartburn.

3. Prepare a healing fee: combine in equal quantities.
зверобой, сушеницу, тысячелистник. All carefully
knead and mix.

Place 3 tablespoons of the collection in an enamel bowl and
pour boiling water (2 l). Let the mixture infuse. Take
medicinal drug in half a glass several times a day (until
4-5 times).

St. John’s wort is considered a natural antibiotic. He treats many diseases
due to its properties: antibacterial, antiseptic,
choleretic, antihelminthic.

Like any drug, St. John’s wort has its
contraindications. It can not be taken for hypertension, people with
neuropsychiatric disorders, women using
contraceptives, etc. Not recommended for long-term use

Cudweed широко применяется в лечении
gastrointestinal tract diseases. It is famous for its anti-inflammatory,
antibacterial, astringent, sedative properties. Cudweed
lowers blood pressure and is not suitable for people with hypotension.
The medicinal plant has no side effects.

Folk remedies for heartburn – all useful at hand

1. Картофель используют не только в кулинарии,
but also for the treatment of many diseases. The popularity of the vegetable is due
its antimicrobial, anti-inflammatory, astringent,
antispasmodic properties.

Raw potato juice drunk on an empty stomach gets rid of
heartburn. You can cook it using a fine grater or
juicers. Drink half a glass of healing agent
three times a day. Provided that the juice is well tolerated, the dose can be
increase to glass per reception.

It is recommended to drink this remedy for about 10 days. Then сделайте
break for 2 weeks and continue therapy with the healing juice of potatoes
– vegetable, which is available in every home.

2. Оливковое масло в своем составе содержит
substances that are beneficial to the stomach. Use heartburn.
on a tablespoon of the means after the meal. However, not worth it
get involved in olive oil for people with inflammation of the gall
the bubble.

3. Алоэ – растение, которое есть почти в каждом
house. Due to its bactericidal properties, aloe is used in
treatment of various ailments. Tear off 1 leaf closer to the root, wash
squeeze it and juice. Dissolve 1 teaspoon of the product in a glass
warm water and drink in very slow sips if you feel
burning and discomfort in the stomach.

4. Сельдерей используется в качестве природного
лекарства от heartburn. It is not recommended for pregnant and lactating, but
also to people suffering from thrombophlebitis, varicose veins, ulcers and

Take измельченный заранее продукт по столовой ложке за
half an hour before sitting down at the table.

5. To get rid of the discomfort in the stomach will help ordinary
сода, нейтрализующая соляную кислоту. Dissolve in
a glass of warm water a small pinch of soda and very slowly drink
this composition.

Of course, soda is an effective remedy for heartburn, but it
can not be abused. Soda can increase blood pressure.
pressure, provoke swelling, diarrhea, nervousness, anxiety,

Soda is contraindicated for pregnant and lactating people suffering from
diseases of the cardiovascular system that are accompanied
high blood pressure and sick

6. Молоко в некоторых случаях хорошо
copes with heartburn. At the first signs of burning slowly, as if
Savor, drink milk. In a couple of minutes you can expect
positive result. It is worth noting that the product does not help

7. Яблочный уксус, разведенный с водой
избавляет от heartburn. Make a medical solution: pour into a glass
water 2 teaspoons of the product and slowly drink.

Folk remedies for heartburn – a diet

In order not to provoke discomfort in the stomach and
esophagus follow simple rules of nutrition:

1. Discard products with high amounts of acids.

2. Eliminate from the diet of harmful products – chips,
crackers, nuts, etc.

3. Minimize, but rather refuse fatty and fried

4. Eat often and fractionally.

5. Avoid too cold or too hot food.

6. Enter into the diet of green peas, potatoes, cucumbers, zucchini,
carrots, fresh tomatoes, greens, cereals, pasta. Such products
subject to compliance measures positively affect the work of the digestive tract.

7. If there is soup in your menu, add egg
yolk, butter or sour cream.

8. Use low-fat meats and fish in boiled or
baked form.

9. Eat fermented milk products. Extremely helpful
cottage cheese, sour cream, non-fat milk of homemade production.

10. With heartburn, you can eat cookies, dried biscuit and

11. Not recommended sugar in pure form.

12. Give up alcohol, chocolate, foods and drinks with
essential mint oils.

13. Caffeine irritates the gastric mucosa. Therefore, coffee should
refuse at all, and the amount of tea – a favorite drink of many –

Folk remedies for heartburn: general recommendations

Simple recommendations will help you reduce the burning sensation in
stomach, and in combination with diet and treatment of the underlying disease
completely get rid of unpleasant symptoms:

1. If you are taking medications that include
acetylsalicylic acid, then know that this tool enhances
heartburn. The cause of burning in the stomach can be taking
antidepressants, sedatives and antispasmodics.
Therefore, limit their use.

2. Курение и алкоголь усугубляют heartburn.

3. Avoid stress that provokes the problem.

4. Do not take too long drugs against
heartburn to avoid side effects: diarrhea, nausea, constipation.

5. Do not rush to start work as soon as you eat.
Allow the stomach to calmly digest the contents.

6. Do not eat immediately before bedtime. Last meal
should be 3-4 hours before bedtime.

Remember! Heartburn if it is not disposable
symptom may indicate a serious
diseases that can be identified by a specialist.

Folk remedies for heartburn should be used as
additional measures to the main treatment. Only an integrated approach
will help to defeat the disease and, accordingly, get rid of the burning and
discomfort in the stomach and esophagus.

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