Fly Mom: how to do everything while sitting on maternity leave

Mon, Jan 26, 2015

Every woman wants to be a good wife and a great mother. For
all you need is nothing — everything has time. The results of mom’s work,
sitting on maternity leave, both husband and child should be satisfied:
housing should be cleaned, food prepared, and the woman always
should be in good health and good mood. But like everyone else
to be in time if there is not enough time for anything?

It is safe to say that this situation is familiar to many
for women. Trying to solve this problem, a community was created
�“Fly mama”, the motto of which is the phrase “Leading life into
order. ” The purpose of this community is to teach women how to distribute
household duties to have enough time not only to
home improvement, raising a child and caring for a husband, but also on

Becoming a fly mom is easy. First you need to
all look from the side: look and understand: “What am I doing is not
so why don’t I have time for everything? ”The success of the fly moms is
proper daily routine, when the time of cleaning, cooking, other
duties strictly listed. There is a diary of fly-moms, with
the help of which a woman not only succeeds in everything, but also does not forget
do various little things, such as, for example, transplant a flower
or bring a long-broken coffee maker to repair.

The main rule of the flym is the gradual involvement in
system, step by step adoption of its rules. If you want to try
all at once – you can just get confused, do not have time and in
end up just being disappointed. Calm, gradual and
self-confidence is what is needed to hover over
household chores.

But, being fascinated by the fly-moms system, many women begin
overestimate your capabilities and invent too many things
deal with which is simply not valid. In this case, it is necessary
just prioritize: which of the listed
important and requires urgent decisions, and what can go into the column
long-term solution and just wait. No big deal
will be if the fly-mom reassigns someone from the household part
responsibilities, thereby taking time for themselves.

The success of housekeeping flymom is
long-term business planning, and summarizing through
certain periods of time. Such a system will help not only
forget about important matters, but ultimately tell you what and when
it was done wrong, where something needs to be reviewed, and where
to change.

There are quite a few fly-mum rules, every woman
changes and transforms them for themselves. The main principles is
step by step action and non-deviation from the plan: cleaning means
уборка, а отдых — это только relaxation. An important principle is also
building a relationship with a computer: do not get distracted during working hours
on the world wide web, because everyone knows that by going to the Internet
five minutes, you can lose five hours. Also fly moms don’t
several cases at the same time, although many say that women
inherent. Having qualitatively dealt with one case, proceed to
next – no one needs haste. But this does not mean that
fly-moms are slow, suck on the contrary: they do not hurry, but they do everything
quickly and efficiently.

For example, the baby got sick and you invited a doctor. Urgently need
put the apartment in order, the way it will even be minimal. Why
to begin? Of course, you need to take care of the first impression that
will arise from a stranger who crossed the threshold of your house.
So, wipe the mirror in the hallway and put a row of shoes. Nothing
terrible, if the halves of pairs are lost somewhere. For now enough
that the doctor does not have to step over a mountain of boots and

The second is the bathroom, where the doctor will certainly go to
to wash hands. Urgently clean the sink, wipe the mirror and hang
clean towel Thrown clothes are sent to the basket for
dirty laundry or in the washing machine drum. We bring in
order all sorts of jars, check the presence of soap.

The room where the doctor will come to the sick baby should also
be at least in minimal order. Therefore, quickly collect
scattered skins from tangerines, candy wrappers, paper. Attributed to
kitchen empty cups. Check if the beds are made. And the final
stroke – wipe the dust and vacuum.

All will take no more than 20 minutes.

Yes, and it is important not to forget about your appearance. Change bathrobe to
more presentable home clothes

There are a lot of such rules. Guided by them
You can not only have time for everything, but also find valuable time for
yourself, your vacation and doing things you love. And the effectiveness of such
The system is confirmed by a huge number of fly-mums.

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