First days at home

Thu, Feb 20, 2014

During the first pregnancy, the woman experiences many
fears and anxieties: is everything in order with the baby, how will the birth be held,
breastfeeding will improve. But there is one more concern – a
Will the young mother cope with the care of the little man? After all
the experience of motherhood is not yet, the newborn seems so fragile and
defenseless, and his life and health are completely dependent on you.
Frequent feeding, proper hygiene, ability to recognize in time
alarm signals from the baby and much more. With what with
ease cope more experienced mothers, expectant mothers
It seems almost magic. And if you can get out of the ordinary
women instantly turn into multi-handed Shiva without falling from
tiredness? And how to learn that spell, thanks to which all
movements become agile and skillful, double strength and
is the great secret of motherhood revealed?

Manuals and guides – does the theory help?

Fortunately, the gained experience and knowledge are ready to share and
parents of large families – such as the Sears family, already
repeatedly passed the fire and water of childcare, and
pediatricians (famous Dr. Komarovsky). Most
women in response to the news of the imminent addition of the family
becomes a real assault on bookstores – because there are nine ahead
months for careful study of benefits, which means that
really get ready and appear before a newborn fully armed
wisdom and knowledge. But no matter how so – what seemed logical,
well-structured and clearly written can be
absolutely useless, and a clear guide to caring for the crumbs on
business turns fake, not containing the correct

Совет: не относитесь к такой литературе как к
panacea. Some tips may be useful, and some –
completely inapplicable to your baby. Do not forget that
practice is very different from theory, primarily because
the result promised in the books is not guaranteed at all, and others
recommendations should be adapted to your situation.

Grandmothers experience

Of course, the entire waiting period is caring older generation
will be happy to transfer entire layers of accumulated skills.
But what seemed to them so right, useful and undeniable,
often does not withstand the verification of limitations. After all с того
the moment they brought their own squeaking parcel from the hospital
you or your spouse, more than a decade has passed. Some
advice, with a sincere desire to help you, seem wild, and
some do contradict modern norms and

Совет: тем не менее, не спешите подвергать
grandmothers opinion of total criticism. Learn to separate the wheat from the chaff.
Of course, sheer obscurantism – rejection of disposable diapers or
hiding the baby for long weeks “from the evil eye” should be avoided. But
some knowledge – how to calm a newborn with
swaddling, colic massage or your own know-how can suddenly
prove to be very effective.

Tips girlfriends

Your friends who overtook you can be really priceless
well of useful information. After all они уже прошли тернистый путь
the first months of motherhood, while their experience is fresh and
modern. They know exactly which gadgets are good for saving.
time and energy of the mother, and which are unnecessary tinsel. Girlfriends
well aware of the efficacy of medications and
medications and can help assemble the correct first-aid kit, prompt how
choose the first wardrobe crumbs and even lift the veil over the secret
unexplained crying baby.

Совет: Слушайте и учитесь, но делайте скидку на
individual characteristics – because your children will be different, exactly
just like you and your friend.

Maternal instinct

We specially saved this magic wand for last.
Perhaps the maternal instinct is thus the secret
able to turn a confused woman in the present
pro And fears that the most powerful natural mechanism will not work
it is in your case that they are completely unfounded. After all
the best child will help and guide you
a mentor who is able to teach all the wisdom of motherhood in
few days.

Text: Vera Guler

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