Finnish police have selected a computer from a 9-year-oldgirls for “piracy”

Wed, Nov 23, 2016

The Finnish Police Department was to conduct a search,
ended with confiscation of property in the house where she lived for nine years
suspected girl accused of computer
piracy This incident became known due to the message

During the search, law enforcement officers seized
juvenile delinquent laptop by which, according to
the police, from the Internet, the files were downloaded in a pirated way.
As noted on the TorrentFreak website, the child’s laptop was decorated
touching baby sticker winnie the pooh. In the course of further
clarification it turned out that the incident occurred approximately in
October 2011. An overwhelming desire seized the little girl
listen to one of the albums of your favorite pop singer,
known as kisu.

Suspecting nothing, the child entered the appropriate name in
search engine that instantly issued a link to the Torrent portal under
called The Pirate Bay. Illegal Download Attempt
was instantly fixed and promptly tracked by the Finnish
management, designed to deal with computer piracy in the country
(CIAPC). Father, as head of the family in whose name was
registered contract of use with an Internet provider, in
a penalty of 600 was issued as a punishment and warning

His master refused to pay, because, according to him,
pirated files downloaded from the internet failed to run
and play. It only annoyed the girl, so on
the next day, dad still had to go to the store and buy
license disc that was so eager to listen to his nine-year-old

Police actions, in particular service inspectors
CIAPC, caused a lot of noise and criticism from organizations
responsible for protecting the rights of the population. In addition to the conviction
This incident was joined by the Finnish Pirate Party,
promoting free access to downloading files from the Internet,
stating that it is not such a terrible offense.

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