Feng Shui Kitchen

Sun, May 25, 2014

If you decide to build a house according to the rules
Feng Shui, then you need to start from the kitchen, because it represents
one of the most important parts of a house, often a woman
spends in it most of the time. Feng Shui says that the kitchen
personifies prosperity and health. So, consider the main
principles for its arrangement.


It is not always possible to influence the location of rooms
however, if you build your house, it’s best when the kitchen
located in the back of it. If this is not possible, then
at least make it so that when you enter the house you do not immediately come across
to the kitchen. It is believed that this will help save you from problems with
digestive system. If your kitchen is still located in
front of the house, you should not sound the alarm. There are simple
Receptions: Curtain the kitchen door. Also diagonally from the kitchen
you can arrange something bright, for example, a picture so that
entering the house, the gaze was first of all turned to her.

Color palette

Avoid orange, red and pink
all their shades. It is believed that they contribute
the emergence of quarrels and disputes. So if you and your spouse
often argue in the kitchen, look around: perhaps the matter is
wall color. Prefer light and cold shades –
for example, blue, white or light green. Kitchen unites in
elements of Water and Fire, so the most successful option is white
Colour. By the way, stainless steel kitchen sets also
promote balance between these elements. Concerning
lighting, fluorescent lamps should be discarded – they
flicker constantly, reflecting poorly on the state of the nervous system and
view. However, their popularity is due to the brightness and
cheapness. If you still decide that you can’t do without such light
if you can, then at least complete it with a regular daylight lamp
with light.

Kitchen interior

The most important rule in the kitchen is that a person
who is engaged in cooking, should occupy
dominant position. So, standing at the stove, you should be
facing the door only face. However, in modern
apartments to achieve such an arrangement is very difficult, therefore
Feng Shui experts recommend hanging a mirror over the stove or
something else with a reflective surface. Mirror size may be
any, but the more, the stronger the impact

By the way, fine, if you are the owner of a spacious
kitchen, especially with a wide doorway. In such circumstances, the hostess
gets rid of the feeling of isolation from the rest living in
house. In this respect, studio apartments are ideal,
which is not divided into the living room and kitchen. Thanks to this, the kitchen
acquires the status of “center” at home.

Feng Shui consultants are of the opinion that to equip
the kitchen should be according to the rule of the triangle – a refrigerator, a sink and
the slab must together form the corners of this triangle, moreover
the required distance between them is one and a half to two meters. Such
the location will provide maximum convenience. Yes, moreover, in this
Situations Water elements (sink and refrigerator) are separated from
Fire elements (microwaves and stoves). You can isolate them when
Wood elements (plants or furniture).

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