Feeding in public places. Pro etcontra

Fri, Nov 04 2016

In Russia and abroad, pickets and flash mobs are increasingly being held,
urging society to pay attention to the needs of young lactating
mothers and their children. Least radical activists come out with
colorful posters, fierce fighters for the rights of babies to receive
breast milk in any place and at any time spend open
simultaneous feeding sessions or show nude
chest assuring that this part of the body is no different from a bottle
for feeding.

The society itself was divided into two irreconcilable camps. First
recognize feeding one of the most intimate processes, and protest
against the public demonstration of this sacrament. The second call for
physiology, recalling that breast milk is not
dessert and not a delicacy, but a necessary condition for life and
the health of the baby, which due to age cannot be offered
be patient or go in search of comfortable places hidden
from other people’s curious glances.

The main arguments of opponents of feeding in public

  • Naked chest attracts the attention of passers-by. it
    is a violation of both ethical and aesthetic norms,
    taken in society. First, many fear for their
    growing up children who are no longer small enough to perceive
    breasts like a pacifier for a baby, but not old enough to
    gently turn away. Secondly, some find the spectacle of women
    breast during lactation rather unattractive: increased
    size, stretch marks and veins – all this should be hidden from view
  • Every mother is able to correctly count the time for
    daily activities and walks with the child. Need to feed out
    home due to frivolous attitude to the mode of the day. At the extreme
    case, the expressed milk can be poured into a bottle and take with you
    to the walk.
  • TOормление в общественных places не соответствует правилам
    personal hygiene. Together with milk, baby’s mouth gets
    microbes and bacteria, as polyclinics, train stations, airports and
    Stores are a source of infection.

The facts cited by supporters of feeding in public

  • For the period of infant feeding the breast from the erotic object
    It becomes only a necessary appendage, no different from
    Bottles or nipples.
  • Far from every woman lactation affects the size and external
    appearance – many retain elegant forms.
  • Feeding is a natural and peaceful process that cannot
    cause feelings of protest or disgust. Great artists wrote
    their masterpieces, creating the image of a nursing Madonna – so why
    society, recognizing art, simultaneously condemns modern
    the nurse?
  • Not all children eat on schedule. Currently, neonatologists and
    pediatricians strongly recommend not sticking
    graphics, and feed the baby on demand. After all, besides
    hunger baby may be thirsty, besides the process itself
    soothes pain from cutting teeth, relieves stress, helps
    fall asleep and satisfies the sucking reflex.
  • The argument about the need for mandatory preparation for feeding
    It has been refuted by doctors. Frequent washing of the nipple and areola contributes
    removal of natural lubrication, which causes cracks. TO
    In addition, the conditions of life have changed – a daily morning shower and
    clean underwear keeps breasts clean.

TOто прав, а кто виноват в этом извечном споре? TOак и в любых
hot discussions, both sides forget about objectivity.
Opponents do not take into account the individual characteristics of other kids,
which can refuse mixture, nipples and bottles with expressed
milk, and supporters forget that it will take a little time, and
the ability to publicly bare himself will seem awkward and

Of course, no mother will listen to her hungry cries
child, and not finding the right place, feed him where
will cry crying. But there are plenty of opportunities to do this in any
place without attracting attention to the process: special underwear, sling
or stole allow you to enjoy intimacy with your child
completely unnoticeable to others. At the same time and opponents
publicity should treat nursing mothers more tolerant, because
it is much easier to look away to an adult than to suffer flour
hunger baby.

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