February 12: what are the holidays today. Developments,name day and birthdays February 12th.

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Holidays February 12

International Marriage Agency Day

February 12, around the world celebrate the Day of marriage agencies. This
the holiday was established in 2010 by the Ministry of Education
Of Ukraine. The initiative was immediately picked up by other countries: Canada, USA,
Italy, Sweden, France, Spain.

The first marriage office was opened in London in 1650. Her
employees were looking for suitable pairs for their clients.
As you can see, little has changed since then, and people around the world have not
tired of looking for their “halves”.

Abraham Lincoln’s Birthday

February 12, America celebrates its 16th birthday
President, Abraham Lincoln. Although this celebration was united in
1970 of the last century happy birthday of George Washington
grateful Americans persist in celebrating February 12th.

The abolition of slavery and the law on the right of any American to own
own piece of land made president lincoln
national hero. A car company is named in his honor, and his
face looks at us with dollars.

Mardi gras

12 февраля многие страны отмечают Mardi gras (Жирный вторник).
Это праздник католиков, а Mardi gras подготавливает прихожан к
Great post. Although the holiday was “born” in France, but the celebration
similar to our Pancake Day: the same pancakes and pancakes, noise and din,
fun till you drop and fun. The feast ends at midnight from 12
February to February 13 is a prerequisite of the holiday.

International Pancake Day

February 12 is a holiday for all Catholics, in all countries, because
this is the last day before the Catholic Lent when
you can taste the meager dishes and have fun from the heart.
International Pancake Day отмечается там, где нет своих собственных
�”Pancake” holidays. In England, the holiday pancake celebrate 500 years,
And in Kansas, pancakes have been tasted on February 12th since 1950.

International Pancake Day празднуется очень своеобразно, а
�”Blame” to that, the parable of how one hostess at the very beginning
Lent, immediately after February 12, secretly baked pancakes. Suddenly,
someone knocked on the door, and the hostess was so frightened that right from
with a frying pan in my hands and pancakes rushed to the temple to atone for sins.

Since then, people at the festival running through the streets with pancakes and
pans, and even the jury chooses to have it strictly, but
justly appreciated the skill of the “runners” who can not be dropped
pancakes on the ground. On the evening of February 12th, all pancakes are eaten.
starving viewers.

February 12 in the national calendar

Vasiliev day

Vasiliev day или Трехсвятие отмечается 12 февраля. On this day
three saints are honored at once: Gregory the Theologian, Basil the Great and
John the Theologian – hence the name of the feast February 12: the Three Saints.
It is believed that February 12 can not be spun.

February 12, changes occur in nature, and animals begin
choose a pair. Vasiliev day так и называется – «Звериный
wedding master “. While the bestial male half fights for the “lady of the heart”,
February 12, the people sit down at a festive table on which
there are only dishes from the meat of wild animals, wild boar,

На Vasiliev day, 12 февраля, у крестьян были свои приметы: если
Hares come from the forest or wolves howl close to the village – wait
frost if bullfinchs start chirping – wait for the blizzard, trees
frost was covered, and the mice got out from under the snow – it will be soon

Historical events February 12

12 февраля 1864 года открытие Московского

February 12, 1864, a zoo opened on the outskirts of Moscow. Here
There were representatives of 286 species of local fauna and agricultural
animals. Before the October Revolution, the zoo twice turned into
private hands, but no one could adequately contain this difficult
household In 1919, the zoo was nationalized, but funds for
maintenance, feeding and treatment of animals is sorely lacking
still. Территория zoo — это 21,5 га, а живут здесь более
7 000 animals.

12 февраля 1908 года первые автогонки из
New York to Paris

February 12, in 1908, nine crews left New York
riders. They had to go around the globe and get to
Paris, using only own cars. First arrived
the German crew, but the palm was awarded to the Americans,
since the Germans on the road took advantage of the railway service.
The German car “Protos” is still carefully kept in the museum.

12 февраля 1947 года огромный метеорит упал в
Primorsky Krai

February 12 huge fell on the territory of Primorsky Krai
meteorite, called Sikhote-Alin. Mass of it, according to preliminary
calculations, was 70 tons. Entering the atmosphere, the meteorite began
burn and disintegrate: February 12, over the Primorsky Territory
meteor Rain. Bright car was observed in a radius of 400 km, and
dust cloud covered the whole sky. At the site of a meteorite landing, 12
February, scientists found 24 craters, 98 craters, 78 holes and a lot
material for research. Sihote-Alin meteorite was studied
thoroughly, which naturally made a huge contribution to science.

Were born on February 12

Чарльз Дарвин (12 февраля 1809 — 19 April
1882), famous English naturalist, author of the theory of evolution

Charles Darwin, the creator of the new theory of the evolution of the organism, the whole
his life was trying to prove that animals and plants occurred
in a natural way, without the intervention of divine powers. His three
epochal labor about the origin of species and man still
are a “reference book” for modern scientists.

Авраам Линкольн (12 февраля 1809 — 15 April
1865), 16th President of the United States

Abraham Lincoln was elected President of the United States in 1860 and stayed in
This post has two terms. America thanks Lincoln for decree on
the abolition of slavery throughout the United States. President died 15
April 1864 года после покушения на его жизнь. Americans still
have considered Abraham Lincoln the best president in US history
and sacred honor his memory.

Анна Павлова (12 февраля 1881 — 23 января
1931), famous Russian ballet dancer

Since childhood, Anna Pavlova dreamed of ballet and achieved amazing
of success. The dancing miniature “The Swan” (“Dying
Swan “), became a symbol of Russian ballet. World fame Anna
Pavlova acquired after the “Russian Seasons” in 1909. In 1914
Pavlova did not return from the tour, but remained in England. Passed away
ballerina during the tour in The Hague.

Василий Чуйков (12 февраля 1900 — 18 марта
1982), Marshal of the Soviet Union, Hero of the Battle of Stalingrad

Vasily Chuikov – famous Soviet military leader, commander of the 62nd
Army in World War II. His army kept the defense
Stalingrad for a long six months. For valor and courage
the army was renamed the 8th Red Guard, and Vasily Chuykov
commanded her to victory. In 1960 he was appointed Commander in Chief
Ground forces. Vasily Chuikov was buried in Volgograd.
His last refuge was the foot of the monument “Motherland – mother”
next to those for whom he was a personal example in battle and a friend in
short rest time. We owe our heroes an infinite memory.
about them will live in our hearts.

Жан Эффель (12 февраля 1908 — 16 октября 1982),
french cartoonist, artist

Jean Effel, a famous cartoonist, wrote on
political, lyrical and religious themes. His masterpiece “The Creation
of the world ”is a collection of cartoons on the themes of the Old Testament. Based on
the collection was written “Divine Comedy”, translated into
many languages ​​of the world.

Name Day February 12

Vladimir, Ivan, Peter, Fedor, Vasily, Gregory, Maxim,

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