Features of the composition and preparation of dishes fromwhite and brown rice. The benefits and harms of the usual rice porridge

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The benefits of all cereals, as well as
There are no doubts about cooked cereals and dishes from their grain. Pic in
This row holds a special place: this ancient culture serves
the basis of the cuisine of the ancient countries of the East, Asia and Africa. In many
countries – Korea, China, Japan – even bread is made from rice flour
– the so-called “rice cakes”.

What is the use of ordinary rice porridge, and can it be
harmful so common and familiar to all the product?


Rice varieties

We all have long been accustomed to polished white rice, which in
huge quantities used not only in the countries of the East, but
and all over the world. In recent years, the demand for
brown and even “wild” black rice, which is much more useful
white. What is the difference between them?

Brown rice is not polished rice, the shell of which is not
which is nothing but ordinary bran. During processing with pips
only the hard husks are removed, and the shell, rich in fiber,

White rice is polished during processing, removing healthy fiber. it
still half the trouble, but sometimes the grains are evaporated, subjected to various
treats for faster cooking. In such a rice
virtually no beneficial substances other than fast

IMPORTANT! Wild black rice turns out to be nothing at all with
rice does not have. it дикий злак, который при определенных способах
treatments are eaten, but he got his name “rice”
by chance.

The composition of rice grains

Rees has been known for more than 10 thousand years and still has not
disappointed despite all the scrupulous research
chemical composition and properties. We will understand what are the properties of cereal
valued most of all, and which porridge is more useful – from white or
brown rice?

Углеводы. Both white and brown rice are
sources of carbohydrates “in pure form”, that is, it is a storehouse of energy,
necessary for our body. The main thing is to use it
purpose, so that excess carbohydrates are not stored in the form of fat on
problem areas.

Калорийность. Since in brown rice
fiber is present, it promotes better metabolism,
removes toxins from the body, cleanses the intestines. Due to this his
caloric content is slightly lower than white – 110 and 130 respectively
kcal / 100 g of the finished product – porridge in its pure form without adding
butter, salt, milk.

Гликемический уровень (индекс — ГИ). it
the main criterion by which products are chosen, especially
fans of healthy food and diets. The higher the GI, the more
unused energy settles “heavy load” on the sides and waist.
So, this figure is for white and brown rice
the same – 60, which is a rather high index.

Фолиевая кислота (витамин В9). Participates in
transmission of nerve impulses, and a lack of vitamin B9 in the body
can lead to deep depression. So it turns out that in
white rice B9 content is much more than brown.

• Полезные минеральные вещества. Rice contains
a huge amount of minerals covering the daily need for
they are human. For example, in 100 g of product there are 182% manganese (from
daily rate) – a very important element for strengthening bone
tissue. Therefore, rice porridge is useful, especially for women after
45 years for the prevention of osteoporosis, children and the elderly.

In addition, rice contains phosphorus, magnesium, selenium, molybdenum and

The benefits of rice porridge

Of course, rice porridge is very useful, is the source
complex carbohydrates that permanently saturate the body with energy and
beneficial substances. Although the benefits of rice depend largely on
method and degree of its processing – the more polished and steamed
grains, the less they have useful vitamins.

Rice is a powerful natural absorbent and contributes to
cleansing the body of salts, the removal of toxins and toxic
substances, normalization of metabolic processes. Unlike other cereals,
Rice does not contain gluten – a strong vegetable allergen. therefore
rice porridges are useful for baby food and baby foods with
early age. Nursing mothers should include in their diet
rice porridge, as it increases the amount of milk. Rice based
make up a variety of diets, even mono-diets, regardless of his
considerable calorie.

A decoction of rice is an excellent remedy for diarrhea, especially for
small children, as it does not irritate the stomach wall.

INTERESTING! Japanese, whose rice is
the basis of the kitchen, claim that it has a beneficial effect on the activity
brain, improves memory and helps you focus faster
thanks to the lecithin which is a part. Most useful in this
unpolished rice plan.

A high content of potassium contributes to the maintenance of water-salt
balance, so rice porridge is useful to use daily when
diseases of the joints, kidneys, urogenital system, intestines.

Rice grain does not contain cholesterol, sodium, and cholesterol.
fat, so rice porridge is useful to people with problems
heart disease – atherosclerosis, coronary artery disease, as well as suffering
high blood pressure (the absence of sodium does not provoke
swelling and does not impede blood circulation).

Sufficiently high selenium content reduces the risk of cancer.
diseases, is a good prevention of cardiovascular
diseases, arthritis.

All these useful qualities of the popular cereal are inherent only.
quality product that has not undergone deep cleaning. Sometimes
manufacturers to increase shelf life and improve product
species carry out the processing of grains to the detriment of the quality of the product. Porridge
from such grain does not contain useful components and will be more likely
harmful than useful.

The benefits of rice for weight loss

Rice must be present in the diet of those who decided
lose weight Of course, brown rice is much more useful in this regard, since
It contains a huge amount of fiber and some calories. Cleansing
intestines, brown rice porridge will help reduce

But do not give up on white cereal – the main thing is right
to cook and eat. Pic in сочетании с мясом, рыбой,
chicken, eggs (ie, protein foods) will help increase
muscle mass, properly use healthy carbohydrates. Can
eat rice porridge with vegetables, herbs, fruits, but not with
bread: two different carbohydrates will add extra

What and who can harm rice porridge?

Like any product, rice has some contraindications to

1. Rice porridge is harmful to people suffering from constipation, because
has a binding effect.

2. High glycemic index makes rice harmful to patients.
diabetes and obese people.

3. Brown rice can also be harmful. Bran contains
phytic acid, which prevents the absorption of calcium and iron.
therefore его нежелательно употреблять тем, кто страдает малокровием,
has weak bones, teeth. To fiber brown rice is not
provoked constipation and colic in the stomach, it should be used in
in reasonable quantities and drink plenty of water – at least 2 liters.

Rice is a useful food product that must be included in
diet for a healthy balanced diet.

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