Fasting days on watermelon: how to lose weight withbenefit to the body. Rules for handling days atwatermelon

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Periodic daily “pauses in nutrition” make it easier
the work of the digestive system. Fasting days are spent on rice,
kefir, apples, cucumbers, cottage cheese. But in August and September there is nothing
лучше, чем провести разгрузочные дни на watermelon. And tasty, and
useful and easy to carry.

Useful properties of watermelon

Watermelon is great for unloading the digestive tract. Due to the large
quantities of water and fiber, he quickly and permanently saturates, and sweet
вкус и обилие сочной мякоти превращает разгрузку на watermelon в

Прелесть разгрузочных дней на watermelon — низкая калорийность
watermelon pulp. She is only 27 kcal. Daily consumption
will be only 550-600 calories. Add to this cleansing properties.
melon berries, and understand why in a day you can lose up to 3-5 kg
weight. Of course, it will not be fat, but water. But due to the derived
with it toxins and slags, puffiness removal the process of losing weight
will accelerate.

The benefits of watermelon starvation are the benefits that
able to bring the body striped berry flesh. She possesses
following properties:

• improves intestinal function, increasing peristalsis and
healthy microflora;

• strengthens the immune system;

• enriches the body with vitamins and minerals;

• reduces the level of “bad” cholesterol, preventing

• normalizes metabolism.

В watermelon содержится аскорбиновая и фолиевая кислота, витамины А
and groups B, magnesium, potassium, iron. Therefore, watermelon day – the idea
really useful and very comfortable. The season is gigantic
berry is inexpensive, does not require cooking – eat, cleanse, grow thin without
stress and tension.

Doctors recommend resorting to unloading on watermelons every year in
August-September. This recommendation is especially valuable for those who have
gastritis with high acidity and hypertonic
disease. Useful daily watermelon monodiet for violations
blood circulation, lowering hemoglobin, the initial stage of the disease
heart and blood vessels.

Правила разгрузочного дня на watermelon

The task of any unloading day is first of all cleansing and
removal of the load from the digestive system, liver, pancreas
glands. Weight correction occurs due to the removal of excess water and
slag, but not it is the main purpose of discharge. However
use watermelon day before an important event to
free to wear tight dress, you can.

У разгрузочных дней на watermelon есть свои

• Buy the right fruit the day before so that there is no temptation
disrupt unloading with the wrong breakfast. Good morning mood
will make the mood during the day smooth, vigorous.

• Suitable fruit is a medium-sized watermelon that weighs from
6 to 8 kilograms. Calculate the exact weight of the fetus using a simple formula:
for every ten kilograms of weight there is a kilogram of watermelon
(a whole, along with a crust).

• Store sliced ​​watermelon can only be in the refrigerator, closing

• Drink mineral and normal during unloading during the day.
drinking water. Tea is valid, but without sugar. From coffee worth
abstain, so as not to violate the purity of the discharge.

Unloading on watermelons is convenient: spend time on cooking
not necessary. There are three options for watermelon discharge, about which
will be explained below. But the maximum “slimming” result
дает употребление одной только watermelon pulp.

Жесткий вариант разгрузочного дня на watermelon

In order not to stretch the stomach, divide the mass of watermelon into six
parts and eat during the day. Fractional feeding will not overload the stomach
(watermelon due to wateriness gives a large volume) and does not provoke

Portions will be quite large – about 400 grams. Eat
slowly, with pleasure, every two hours. So in
during the day, the fluid will circulate through the body without stasis,
and nutrients will be regularly released into the blood.

The next morning, the scales will show minus kilogram from the starting
weight. If you feel well and are ready to go further, strict
watermelon discharge can continue. But longer than three days on such
monodiet can not sit. First, it is a big load on the kidneys.
Secondly, the disappearance from the diet of the most important macronutrients, proteins
and fat, harmful to the body.

So that the result you achieved during the fasting days
на watermelon, сохранился, закрепите его. Within a week after
Every day, unload on udin only eat watermelon: a pound of pulp on
каждые 30 килограмм weight.

Мягкий вариант разгрузки на watermelon с творогом

This option is not only softer, but also more complete with
nutritional point of view. Cottage cheese contains a lot of protein
our muscles have calcium, indispensable for the human body
any age.

Unloading rules

• During the day, eat 2.5-3 kilograms of watermelon pulp,
dividing it into five or six parts.

• Supplement the daily ration with 600 grams of low-fat cottage cheese (from
1 to 3 percent fat content), also sharing it quantity equal

• Eat regularly. Hard binding at meal times
No, as each person has his own schedule. But the gaps between
take meals at two o’clock.

• Approximate amount of food per meal: a pound of watermelon and
two hundred grams of cottage cheese (the first three meals). In the second half
eat only watermelon of the day.

During such unloading, the weight will go as well as when
hard version. In the morning, the plummet will be one to two kilograms.

Soft unloading option with bread

The third option involves the use along with watermelon is not
protein and carbohydrates. Transferred to this mode is also very easy,
there is no hunger. Psychologically eating bread means
the lack of a strict ban on food, so the mood for
good day.

What you can eat:

• two kilograms of watermelon pulp;

• three pieces of bran or rye bread;

• still mineral water;

• green tea without sugar and milk.

В течение дня вы потеряете примерно килограмм weight. To he not
returned, follow the recommendations for exit from limited mode
supply data for hard watermelon discharge.

Contraindications for “watermelon discharge”

Not everyone can use the watermelon season to clean
body and lose weight. This method is strictly prohibited.
pregnant women. The load on their kidneys is already very high
to aggravate it with a large amount of diuretic berry is dangerous.

You can not use the useful properties of watermelon in the following

• weakening of the body after a serious illness or operation;

• increased intellectual or physical stress;

• diabetes;

• exacerbation of gallstone disease;

• kidney stones more than 5 mm in diameter;

• gastric ulcer in the acute stage.

Some people are allergic to watermelons, in particular, to
lycopene, which is contained in the pulp. In this case, too, will have
refuse watermelon discharge.

Everyone else should definitely take the opportunity and
arrange the body to rest during the watermelon season. Even
lose weight is not necessary, to support the kidneys, stomach, intestines and liver is very
is useful.

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