Fasting days for pregnant women: the benefits and harm.Fasting days during pregnancy: the basic rules andrecommendations

Ср, 27 июл 2016 Автор: Ирина Кандыбина

Nutritionists do not recommend women to eat for two.
Excess weight not only spoils the figure, but can also cause
serious complications during childbirth.

The optimal weight gain is 12 kg during the entire pregnancy. But what
to do if those extra pounds did appear?

There are special fasting days for pregnant women.

But they can be carried out only after consultation with the doctor,
Compliance with all rules is a prerequisite.


Fasting days during pregnancy: safe or not

At the initial stage of pregnancy, weight gain is insignificant –
about 3 kg. The main weight gain starts from 7 months.
The optimal weekly weight gain is 300–400. If the indicator
above, the doctor may prescribe fasting days for prevention
various complications.

Overweight is accompanied by edema, high arterial
pressure, start problems with the stomach and intestines. In women with
a lot of extra pounds are often diagnosed
oxygen starvation of the fetus.

Sharp weight gain in pregnant women is not always caused by excessive
or a very high-calorie diet. Extra pounds may appear
due to sedentary lifestyle, vascular diseases and
heart problems with the endocrine system.

Symptoms for which you need to do fasting days when

• appearance of severe dyspnea with minor physical

• swelling of the lower extremities, face;

• hypertension;

• problems with the heart and blood vessels;

• exacerbation of chronic kidney and liver diseases.

Fasting days allow the body to rest, internal
organs are cleared of accumulated debris, exchange is improved
processes, avoid obesity. Pregnant women often have constipation.
unloading will help to establish the work of the intestine.

During pregnancy, unloading can be done, and in some
cases even need. If weight gain occurs
uneven, pregnancy is accompanied by constant swelling –
fasting days during pregnancy are extremely necessary.

Fasting days for pregnant women: basic rules

A safe method of losing weight for women in position can choose
only doctor Even if the expectant mother wanted to spend
unloading for prophylaxis – she must coordinate this with her
gynecologist. With a properly designed menu for the day can go to
0.8 kg of weight, puffiness disappears, lightness and strength appear.

Any unloading can only be done after 28 weeks.
of pregnancy. At this point, all the systems and organs of the baby
formed, the unloading will not lead to deviations in
development of the fetus.

You can not get involved much fasting days – expectant mother
must adhere to a clear system while losing weight, unloading
can be done every 8-10 days. Fasting day must be
one, otherwise it is a diet. Hard long
ограничения находятся под запретом во время of pregnancy.

Fasting days are not advisable to do with a strong manifestation
toxicosis. Since the constant feeling of hunger provokes seizures

When unloading it is important not only to choose the right menu, but also
stick to the basics of healthy eating. Need to eat
in equal small portions, 5-6 times a day. Intervals between receptions
food should not be long. Amount of vegetables fruits –
no more than 2 kg per day, protein products – 450-750 years.

Compliance with the drinking regime – the basic rule of a healthy
power supply. During unloading, you need to use at least 2 liters
natural water without gas. You should not bring yourself to fit
fainting – if the feeling of hunger causes severe discomfort, you need
drink 180-220 ml of non-fat fermented milk product. During
fasting day you need to minimize the load of any kind.
A leisurely walk in the fresh air is the perfect way to relax.

Разгрузочные дни при pregnancy: примеры меню с калорийными
by products

Fasting days for pregnant women are conventionally divided into “lungs” and
�”Fed up.” When unloading on vegetables, fruits, juices food more
balanced, the body receives vitamins and trace elements in
large quantities. During белковых дней на мясе, рыбе и молочной
product hunger does not torment so much, but with such relief
not always helpful.


• fermented milk days are prohibited for women with atherosclerosis and
severe obesity;

• cucumber – with frequent jumps in blood pressure;

• apple and watermelon – with exacerbation of kidney disease,

• meat – for chronic problems with the stomach, intestines,
heart and vessels.

�”Full” fasting days do not cause a strong feeling of hunger,
daily calories – 700-1000 kcal.

Sample menu for the day

Мясной — отварить, запечь, приготовить на пару
400 grams of meat without fat, bones, skin. Half an hour after each
food intake can drink green or herbal tea without sugar. Not
you should drink diuretic teas – the kidneys and so experience strong

Fish. For him Suitable low-fat varieties of fish.
It is best to use cod – it contains a lot of useful
vitamins, trace elements and fatty acids. Daily diet consists of
400 g of boiled fish, 500 ml of wild rose or 300 ml of tea with
milk, but without sugar. With an unbearable feeling of hunger can
eat no more than 150 grams of stewed vegetables.

Krupyanoy. The best cereals for weight loss – rice and
buckwheat. For unloading you need to boil 150 g of rice, or brew in
thermos for the night the same amount of buckwheat. In each
a portion of porridge, you can add 30 g of apples, carrots, or sweet

Fasting days for pregnant women: how to make a diet from the lungs

The basis of easy fasting days are vegetables and fruits.
The digestive system rests as much as possible, the body is saturated
vitamins, but the feeling of hunger does not leave throughout
of the day

It is best to use apples for unloading;
eat 1, 5 kg. They can be eaten in kind, make a salad with
a small amount of lemon juice, fresh herbs, celery. Fruits
can be baked, but without adding sugar. During the day drink
unsweetened green tea. Apples help with iron deficiency
body, but contraindicated in gastritis.

Арбузы — прекрасное мочегонное средство, они
clean the kidneys. In the day you can eat 1.5 kg of pulp. Drink more
water, because watermelon is a strong diuretic.

For vegetable day zucchini, pumpkin, cucumber, Bulgarian
pepper, cauliflower – they can be used fresh or boiled
the form. Vegetables must be seasonal, daily dose —1.5

Из молочных products для разгрузки используют кефир, йогурт,
Ryazhenka with a fat content of not more than 1.5%. A day to drink equal
portions of 1, 5 liters of drink. You can eat low-fat cottage cheese –
600 g per day. После молочных products чувство голода отступает
for a long time.

The most difficult fasting days on fresh juices and
compote from dried fruits. The menu is completely absent food, you can
drink 1, 5 liters of compote or juice a day.

Properly compiled fasting days improve metabolism.
pregnant woman and fetus. Unloading helps reduce stress
on the heart, blood vessels, normalizes the work of all internal organs.

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