Fasting days during pregnancy: to the detriment of ilfavor?

those times when surrounding moms advised future moms to eat
not only for themselves, but also “for that guy or girl” nutritionists
prefer not to remember.

Such behavior could not only spoil the figure of a woman in
interesting position and make it unattractive, but also
to conceal a serious threat to her health during childbirth.

To mommy and the future newborn beautifully yourself
felt, got the whole range of nutrients, enough
provide them with a complete and balanced diet. Fine,
if the pregnancy is uneventful, the woman picks up for
the whole period is not more than 12 kg.

But if the weight increases unevenly, puffiness appears and
some signs of preeclampsia, fasting days during pregnancy
become a pressing need.

The decision on the appointment of a safe weight loss method for women in
position takes only a doctor! Even if the expectant mother dreams
arrange a unloading with a preventive purpose on their own,
The menu of such a day should be coordinated with her doctor.
the doctor!

Are fasting days safe during pregnancy?

In the early stages of pregnancy, with its normal course,
a woman can gain 1-3 kg in weight or remain in the usual
form. But in the first half of the gestation period, the future mommy
gets up to 40% gain in weight, the remaining 60% fall on the period
after the 20th week.

Significant weight gain is not always the result of excessive
or over-calorie nutrition. Sometimes it is associated with lifestyle
a pregnant woman or with the individual characteristics of her body
(functioning of the endocrine system, cardiovascular and

Prescribed fasting days during pregnancy with the following

  • ABOUTдышке во время ходьбы;
  • ABOUTтечности ног;
  • Increased blood pressure;
  • Disorders of the cardiovascular system;
  • Problems with internal organs (kidneys, liver) and so on.

These symptoms may signal poor health.
women, and cause the risk of pathological processes in
development of the fetus.

Medical indications for future discharge

Fasting days for pregnant women are an urgent need.

1. ABOUTжирении различной степени или риске возникновения
gestational diabetes. With elevated sugar or
blood glucose damages the walls of the blood vessels in the fetus and is broken
blood flow. This may further cause the development of diabetic
fetopathy (polysystem lesions, endocrine and metabolic
dysfunctions) in the fetus, as well as injuries during childbirth and
child’s predisposition to diabetes in the future.

2. Gestosis (preeclampsia), expressed by elevated blood pressure, edema.
and the presence of protein in the urine. This condition violates the placental
blood flow and often causes premature labor. Kid
while experiencing oxygen starvation.

3. Rapid weight gain. Weight gain per week
a pregnant woman at 0.3-0.4 kg is considered normal. If
weight gain is equal to or greater than 0.5 kg, the doctor in preventive
purposes (to prevent the development of various complications) designates
fasting days.

The doctor makes such a decision after a thorough examination.
of a pregnant woman, monitoring the history and consultation of related


The main “secrets” of the discharge during pregnancy

Fasting days during pregnancy are held only after
the onset of the 28 week period when vital organs and
fetal systems are already fully formed.

Important! Often, the network can be found three-day
unloading for pregnant women, which is extremely dangerous! Similar tips from
illiterate specialists can inflict a future mother and her child
serious harm!

  • It is allowed to spend one (!) Unloading day a week (7-8
    days) This will help avoid the consequences: deterioration of the course
    pregnancy, nutritional deficiencies for the fetus and possible
    his physical and mental retardation due to
    lack of vital components.
  • For the normal course of metabolic processes in the body
    a pregnant woman needs 1500 kcal per day, so it is this
    the figure is taken as the basis for calculating the caloric content of the discharge
    of the day
  • The entire daily diet should be divided into 5-6 small
    equal portions and eat them one at a time every 3-4 hours.
  • During the meal you can not hurry, you need to chew food
    careful not only to get enough, but also to prevent
    problems with the digestive tract.
  • On this day, you must drink at least two liters of purified
    or boiled water.
  • With an excessive feeling of hunger, you can satisfy it with a glass.
    non-fat natural yogurt or kefir.
  • Exercise on such days is better to limit or exclude.
    It is better to replace them with walks in the fresh air.
  • When leaving the unloading day, you should listen to
    medical recommendations and eat small portions of the lungs

Fasting days for pregnant women: original solutions

The most common healthy foods for unloading in
pregnancy time are considered: apples, watermelon, cucumbers, dairy
drinks, cottage cheese, pumpkin, zucchini, boiled buckwheat without salt, lean
river fish, veal or chicken breast.

They can be boiled without saltiness, baked without adding
sugar, sprinkled with cinnamon, or steamed.

ABOUTтдельно стоит отметить осторожное употребление риса и картофеля
during the fasting days. Increased starch content in these
products can lead to water retention in the body, constipation and
weight gain. Only women with enough can use them.
high metabolic rate.

Fasting days during pregnancy on fermented milk drinks
bring the greatest benefit in obesity and atherosclerosis, cucumber
days – with increased blood pressure (hypertension), and watermelon or apple
good for heart and kidney disease. Unloading with meat ration
– a taboo for chronic diseases of the cardiovascular system and
digestive organs!

  • Famous one and a half kilograms of apples for use in
    fasting day can be partially eaten fresh, another part
    fruit bake in the oven, sprinkled with cinnamon (this dish is ideal for
    women with gastrointestinal problems) – this healthy delicious dessert will be possible
    enter in its normal menu. And you can make a delicious diet
    smoothie (whip the peeled apple with a blender, pour it over the non-fat
    kefir and sprinkle with cinnamon).
  • In the season of watermelons (if there are no contraindications!) You can apples
    replace the pulp of these berries or use other favorite
    fruits. You can also make salads with lemon juice or
    a small amount of low-fat sour cream (without sugar and
    sweeteners!), fresh juices with pulp or smoothie cocktails. Excluded
    for the fasting day only peaches, bananas, figs and
  • ABOUTвощные дни. In addition to fruit, weight loss can be used.
    one and a half kilo of non-starchy vegetables: cucumbers, zucchini, pumpkins,
    bell pepper or cauliflower. ABOUTдни из них можно кушать в
    fresh form or in salads, others also steam, simmer,
    bake (but without salt!) or pour with low-fat natural yogurt
    (in the form of “a la okroshka) and sprinkle with permitted types of greenery.
  • Protein days. A pound of lean fish (cod, hake, perch, pike,
    pollock) or the same dietary meat (veal, turkey,
    chicken) divided into 5 receptions. On this day, you can consume 1 kg
    fresh vegetables (not containing starch) or 1 liter of “zero” kefir.
    The amount of pure water at the same time can be limited to 1.5 liters by adding
    500-600 ml of broth hips. By protein fasting days include
    cottage cheese days. Their menu: 500-600 gr. cottage cheese (4%) and 1 liter kefir
    (natural yogurt).
  • Krupyany days. Cook 300 gr. buckwheat on water without salt,
    divide into 5 servings and eat in 3-4 hours. From drinks – 1 l
    kefir or milk. Water – at least 2 liters. Or brown rice (150
    gr.) boil in the same way, use with apples (3-5 pcs.), 3
    cucumbers, carrots and 1-2 pcs. Bulgarian pepper.
  • ABOUTдин килограмм картофеля отварить и питаться им в течение дня
    together with 500-700 ml of nonfat kefir. Water (1-1.5 liters), green
    drink tea (500 ml) and / or broth hips (500 ml) as usual.

ABOUTдин, грамотно организованный (под контролем врача!)
fasting day during pregnancy helps to get rid of 300-800
gr. overweight due to fluid loss. Its removal helps
lack of salt and sugar in the diet.

Fasting days during pregnancy improve metabolism
the body of the future mother and fetus, reduce the burden on
cardiovascular system and normalize the work of all internal
organs. ABOUTни также идеально подходят для сохранения фигуры и
strengthen health before the most important event in the life of a pregnant
women in childbirth!

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